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Some facial masks recipes that you can try at home

The experience of relaxing with a facial mask on the skin is like no other. This is why most women you know will have at least a few different facial masks in their bathroom cabinet. The subtleties of temperature and texture excite the senses. Will the texture be smooth or gooey? Thick and rich like Carrot-Coconut NutraMoist Mask or light and refreshing like the Fresh Petals Mask?
The scents waft over you and can carry you on a sensory journey over glorious earthen clay with the Green Clay Rose Milk Mask, a fresh glint of citrus with the Radiant Orange Mask, or a soothing waft of florals with the Agave Rose Anti-Aging Mask.Enjoy the journey to beautiful skin as the treatment masks in this chapter improve your skin, visibly sucking the excess oil and toxins out of your pores
or boosting your cells with vital nutrients and moisture. Removing the mask reveals fresh skin that’s smoother, plumper, clearer, and more radiant than before. You’ll be glowing from the inside, and your skin will …