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Josie Cunningham Punished Herself With A Huge Baby Shrine Arm Tattoo For Aborting Her Baby

Josie Cunningham must have paid tribute to the 2-year-old baby, a miscarriage before a tattoo on the arm sleeves.
The controversial model, who has four children, has decided to have tattooed a variety of models, data and sentences on his arm to remind the boy, who was never born, according to a new report.
Josie, 26, made headlines in 2015 when he decided an unplanned pregnancy of 12 weeks for demolition undergoing nose surgery after a surgeon said it was too risky to have the procedure while waiting.

According to sources, now they mark "biggest mistake" of his life and, in an attempt to always remember what happened, several drafts had covered in his arm.
"She refers to her manga tattoo as her" sanctuary "for her unborn baby.
"Many people bury their shame and try to forget the decision to finish their son, but Josie thinks it's something you'll never forget.
"It's as if they themselves punished," a source told OK magazine.
In addit…