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Best rated restaurants in the world worldwide REVEALED

It seems that eating only hot food places in today's world is not enough. So, anyone who likes dinner business decided to match everyone's favorite pastimes - food and sex.
Here we look at some of the crisp restaurants.
Geisha House Steak & Sushi, Las Vegas
Sushi is best eaten the body of a naked woman.
This is the mantra of the Geisha House in Las Vegas, anyway.
Nyotaimori - body for you and for me sushi - the Japanese practice of sashimi or a woman's nude body sushi.
It is a big hit in their home country, but further west and Geisha House is a growing restaurant that drives the movement.
To avoid hygiene problems, all sushi is placed on a sheet and then the skin of women.
And there are strict rules - models are expected generally do not speak for the guests and the guests will bring only chopsticks Sushi allowed.
If you are desperate to try this way to raunchy sushi, you do not even have to travel to the US
The Bunyadi, London

There is a simple dress code in the Buny…

Europe's Biggest Tits Model Shakes Fans With Transformation - Take a Look at Her Now

Martina Big, that states that her 32S son is the largest in Europe, has had tanning injections to turn her Caucasian white skin a deep shade of mahogany brown.
Fans have been surprised by their new "so intense" that their transformed complexion into only three jabs.
But she does not have any of her control tanning addiction - Martina says she wants more than injections to increase melanin.

Platinum blonde also that she still admitted using a sunbed at her house in Trier, Germany.
Martina said, "Nine Weeks ago, I had only three tanning injections.
"I did not expect to be so dark, but it worked so well, I love it and I really want to push it to the extreme.
"Now I just want to be darker and darker and SEE the limits, I love the contrast of my shiny blond hair and my dark, crunchy brown skin.
"I love to see people's Reactions, I can see their eyes Big when I step in front and their faces surprised thinking, 'How is this possible?
"At first, my …