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Windows Phone is dead, so Microsoft wants to buy these new Samsung Galaxy S8

Windows Phone struggling to maintain a significant market share, but fortunately, Microsoft has a custom version of the Samsung Galaxy S 8 store its brick and mortar launched.

Microsoft is now the Samsung Galaxy S8 for sale at their local Microsoft Store in the United States.
Synchronizes Microsoft Edition and available on both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 +, the new exclusive smartphone comes with several Microsoft applications equipped.
Of course, Samsung has a handful of Microsoft key applications (such as Skype, onedrive, OneNote and more) included in their Galaxy phones for some time.
However, the Microsoft edition takes things a little further.
Galaxy S8 and S8 + Galaxy special variants include a number of unique features including Cortana.
Enough for Samsung that include the Microsoft virtual assistant on the Galaxy S8, developed a phone to show their own intelligent assistants Bixby efforts, it is a bit disturbing.
Out of the box, you'll find nothing else, Microsof…