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Review For The Movie Life

After the success of a Mars probe to recover return, the crew of the International Space Station is now intrigued to discover that a sample of the red planet has - which contains a body that represents the first evidence of life beyond Earth are available. ISS team, including a Dr. David Jordan (Jake Gyllenhaal), Dr. Miranda Norden (Rebecca Ferguson) and Rory 'Roy' Adams (Ryan Reynolds), to maintain strict compliance with the security protocol to ensure that nothing goes wrong when Body proves harmful or fatal to humans.

The Mars-organism (the "Calvin" is named after an elementary school in the world) begins in the ISS laboratory to develop fast, but seems otherwise benign ... until one day, after an accident in the laboratory "Calvin" is suddenly hostile and is an immediate danger to everyone on board. While many people struggle aboard the ISS, they contain this new threat and remain in the living process, there is one thing they agree on: is this creatur…