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The royal couple, who inspired Beauty and the Beast: The groom was completely covered with hair like a wolf

While waiting on the altar for his beautiful bride, Peter Gonsalvus shook his head.
As many as sixteenth century friends, he had never seen the woman who was about to get married and this sensitive French courtier had more reason to worry.
Then, when the door of the chapel opened, Peter turned his eyes on the future Catherine to close. What he saw as he must have broken her heart ... a look of terror, panic and aversion.
Since he found looking in the face of how she was an animal - a monster, a freak of nature, the mythical Wildman said that feeding babies alive.
Catherine managed to control her terror and married this ugly "creatures" toe-covered head with hair like a wolf.

But even more remarkable, he saw it happen in the open and love the good man ruined by a cruel and misunderstood illness. They had seven children and lived happily ever after for 45 years.
You know that? That's because Peter and Catherine inspired one of the most famous stories, The Beauty and the B…

Bamboo Bra Reduces Brest Cancer Risk

Breast cancer patients are willing to promote a new bamboo bra to ensure extra healing and comfort after surgery. The pioneer of underwear, which will be available on the NHS are available, is a natural fiber, soft woven bamboo plants. Has been found in clinical trials, has antibacterial properties.

Studies show that up to 10 percent of women who undergo 20,000 mastectomy, surgery to remove breast tumors and reconstruction each year can develop an infection around the wound. In many cases, they are susceptible to infection with estimated health costs $ 1,443 per patient because their immune systems have already been weakened by chemotherapy drugs.
Fight infection, the time it takes to recover from surgery and hospitalization time. But the new bras that can be used immediately after the operation to support the damaged tissue can be protected against scratches to prevent the spread of bacteria through the skin.

Fiber helps in absorbing moisture from the skin, useful for women with bre…