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Some Facts About Cleopatra That Should Known By People ......

On August 12, 30, a. BC committed queen Cleopatra Egyptian suicide in a Alexandria mausoleum. For more than two decades as the last independent king of Egypt, they were engaged in ruthless power struggles with their brethren, he fought against the future Roman emperor and assumed military alliances and passionate affairs - with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. It is considered one of the most brilliant and seductive figures of antiquity reminds, but many details of his life are unknown or obscured by myth. Check out 10 amazing facts about the legendary Queen of the Nile.

Cleopatra was not Egyptian.
While Cleopatra was born in Egypt, they followed their family origins to Greece and Ptolemy I Macedonian, one of the generals of Alexander the Great. Ptolemy assumed the government of Egypt at the death of Alexander. C, and was a dynasty of Greek-speaking rulers, which took almost three centuries. Despite his not ethnically Egyptian, Cleopatra embraced many of the ancient customs of his count…