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The man who planted a tree and raised a family of forests::::::::::::

As Antonio Vicente bought a piece of land in the state of São Paulo and said he wanted to use it to plant a forest, people called him crazy. It was in 1973, forests were seen by many as an obstacle to progress and profit.
The then military government of Brazil encouraged the rich, extending generously subsidized to invest in modern agricultural techniques, as the generals who govern the local farmers hoped to increase.
But the water or imminent the lack of it, was Vincent's concern when he noted with concern the expansion of animals and industry, the destruction of local forests and population growth and rapid urbanization of the state.

One of the 14 children, Vicente grew up on a farm where his father worked. He had to command the owner to cut down the trees observed, grazed for use in the production of coal and more land to clean cattle. Finally the dry springs farm and never came back.
Maintenance of forests is essential for water supply because trees absorb water at their roo…

The story behind the first anti-AIDS drug

Nowadays, if someone is diagnosed with HIV, he or she can choose from 41 medicines that can treat the disease. And there is a good chance that with the right combination, given at the right time, HIV drugs can keep levels so low that one never gets sick.
That was not always the case. It took seven years after HIV was first discovered before the first drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States approved the fight (FDA, for its acronym in English). In these early years of the epidemic anxious millions of people infected. Only a few thousand died on the hour, but public health officials competed, which the tips to maintain mortality - when people who tested positive, not treated with the inevitable result of something.

As it had turned out, its first weapon against HIV was not a new compound, scientists from scratch to develop the new, was one that was already on the shelf, but abandoned. AZT or azidothymidine, was originally developed in the 1960s by an Ameri…