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"Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 '' Final Adventure mean by ............. What !!!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell In Tales we flew with his new trailer on Thursday. But most of all, we were surprised when the title cards formed the phrase "The Last Adventure Begins." What does this mean for the future of the franchise?

We learned that the Disney Pirates had more movies in the works. In fact, it was generally assumed that Dead Men Tell No Tales is the beginning of a new trilogy, although the study has not already been said. It seems natural that the franchise will follow the example of Star Wars with new characters throughout restarting the classics.

But the trailer released Thursday indicates that "the last adventure begins," bring a sense of purpose and to start the next movie. If Disney is finally ready to let you finish the Pirates franchise? Or have a much darker story than expected?

Here are some ways for what the followers could mean by "ending":

This could be the last movie in the Pirates franchise

This seems to be the le…