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Movie Review : Beauty And Beast !!!

Once upon a time in France, an egotistical and egocentric prince (Dan Stevens) is transformed into a horrible monster and a powerful spell placed in his castle and servants after the prince of an old beggar away seeking refuge - are unaware that the woman Is indeed a mighty witch. Years pass and life goes on in a small village in a short distance, where a sympathetic singer named Maurice (Kevin Kline) lives with his daughter, Belle (Emma Watson): the young independent-minded woman whose love for literature and progressive form And way of life makes among the more traditionalistic members of the village an outcast them.

When Mauricio accidentally stumbles Prince's castle, he ends up in prisoners is taken from the animal, pursues only Belle, forcing the animal to make its prisoner. Despite the animal's hostile behavior to Belle when she first arrives after showing kindness and care begins, turn Belle (with the support of the Zauberschloss team) to acknowledge that her captor mo…