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10 books so intense it will leave a lasting impression

All the books are different. Some of them are almost immediately forgotten after switching to the last page while others come to stay for many months with you, you can give an insanely long hangover and heavy book. Such books are difficult to put down because your stories are so captivating that you forget that you are reading a novel straight.
Brightside has published a list of 10 amazing novels, grab your heart since the first chapter and will remain after the end of them in memory for a long time.

Maggie Steifvater The Scorpio Races
It comes at the beginning of every November: Scorpio races, a ruthless competition in which riders try to keep their horses water long enough to reach the finish line. Some pilots live. Others die. Both Sean Kendrick, four-time world champion, as Kate "Puck" Connolly, a newcomer to races, will travel this year, and they have more to gain - or lose - like all previous years. But only one can win.

Alice Sebold The Lovely Bones
Susie is a 14-yea…

20 Psychological Tricks That Will Help You To Communicate With Someone !!!

Sometimes we find a wrong chord with someone, or feel uncomfortable asking someone for something.
Today we will tell you the techniques that you build can help a good relationship with someone.

1.If the answer does not fit - for example, the person you're talking about something not said, was not clear, nor lie - do not ask again. Instead, you look calm and attention to your eyes. This technique is corralling, and the person will still be forced their thoughts.

2.If someone yells at you, make an effort to stay calm, stay absolutely still. The first reaction is usually anger honk may lead to their behavior, but it is fading fast. Then the following reaction will disappear - blaming your challenging and aggressive behavior. The most likely is the insulting excuse the first.

3. If you know a person you criticize (make comments or blame), muster up your courage and try to sit next to him or her or stand up. In this case, the person will turn around and say less negative about you, th…