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Movie Review : A Cure For Wellness !!!

After receiving funding CEO Pembroke (Harry Groener) at a Wall Street firm, the new CFO Lockhart (Dane DeHaan) will recover by the board of the company in order to rectify a lucrative merger agreement. Two weeks ago, Pembroke took a vacation at a sanatorium in Switzerland and became disillusioned with his career in New York, a mysterious and crazy letter to his colleagues about writing, as the institution has illuminated what is most important in life. Pembroke has no intention of returning to the United States, but if you do not sign the agreement your company will fall into chaos. Lockhart travels to Switzerland and plans the night to Pembroke to arrive on a red-eyed flight.

Unfortunately for Lockhart to stay in sanatarium is over if he is in a car accident and breaks his leg. Lockhart, a patient in the center is under the care facility director of Dr. Heinreich Volmer (Jason Isaacs), where they remain until she recovers. As a healthy Lockhart and waiting to see Pembroke to discuss…

Where the Moonlight Rate Among the Recent Best Film of the Decade???

The shock still did not fade from the Oscar on Sunday where moonlight took Best Picture for La Land Land was wrongly announced as the winner. Moonlight won the best film award at a time when the best Oscar prognosticators won and determined by the varied landscape, since these prizes are to be stunned. As for the decade's best previous decade film they gain from the conventional challenging that have changed artistically.

So where does he moonlight among the winners of the best movies? Let's look at the most popular film of winners, in the order you probably remember the story, you had less than the most remembered.


Of the various films that have won the best picture this decade, is the film's artist is likely to hold, at least in memory - can only be raised when people want to talk about Hollywood than rewarded, or he is a prototype winner of the best image . These arguments are not indicative of the quality of the film, but how many silent films in bla…