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Logan's Costume Changes In Every Phases Of Wolverine Movie (Best to Worst)

Logan hit cinemas now, there has never been a better time to obsess mutant symbol "Wolverine" was that says "bub". In this article, the goal is to focus on the segments.

Wolvie, played by Hugh Jackman 99% of the time and Troye Sivan following X-Men Origins opening: Wolverine had his fair share of facts during his long life, big screen, tasteless Natty up.

The black leather is how it all started, with the first X-Men fun movie "yellow spandex" a snarky line of dialogue. Years later, the legend came very close to a U-turn this. And, interestingly enough, the trend of super leather suits dropped a good deal over the same period.

Each is the favorite Logan of his 17-year career in the theater they seek, and have decided to sort the suit are the signature of each film and some of the other notable ensembles that have appeared only a brief. Here, each costume is rated best Wolverine film getting worse.


And finall…