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Pour Listerine Into Cotton Ball & Rub In Your Shoulder And See The Magic

Have you ever heard that you dip a cotton ball into a Listerine and rub your armpits with it can be beneficial? You probably have not done it and probably think it's silly. However, the girl thought the same, but still trying. Once they did, just five minutes later, he could not not believe in their own eyes. Read the full article for more information. One might think that Listerine can only be used as an oral antiseptic, but still, its inventors had much more in mind.

Listerine was formulated in 1879 and was originally developed as a surgical antiseptic. History suggests, however, that it has also been used for a number of other things. Listerine was not marketed to combat bad breath in the 1970s. Many people do not know that you have a number of advantages, such as eucalyptus, alcohol and thyme ingredients.

Therefore Listerine is used in a number of creative ways. For more information, see the following.

1. Rub under your arms

If you have not used Listerine under your arms, mayb…

Folk Emperor of Bangla Song - Shah Abdul Karim

Shah Abdul Karim (February 15, 1916 - September 12, 2009) was a Baul musician from Bangladesh. He is a Legend of bangla music. He was awarded the Ekushey Padak in 2001 for outstanding musical performances. He also received the Kotha-Shahitayk Prize Drouhee Abdur Rouf Choudhury in 2000. He died in Sylhet on September 12, 2009 due to respiratory problems. He has written thousands of bangla folk songs. But the sad fact is, his songs got very popular in cities before some years of his death.

Early in life

Shah Abdul Karim was born on February 15, 1916 in the village of Dhola Ujan, Dera Thana in Sunamganj in Sylhet. Growing up in poverty and facing difficulties, he began his thoughts and feelings in a very early musical expression. Ektara (one-string instrument most often used in traditional music from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Egypt), a traditional stringed instrument was only his constant companion. However, poverty forced him to seek employment to work in agriculture. As he grew up…