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Your personality controls the immune system, according to Science

A new study shows that the personality, or more specifically, how it is processed, the emotional moments of your life together, how your immune system protects the body from disease.

How we react to stress is just a personality trait, we know that it can affect our health. For example, if you are a reactive personality type, you may suffer poor health in the form of high blood pressure. Although the link between stress and health is well known, it is the connection between our personality and our immune system something that was able to find only recent research.

YOUR IMUNE verifying your personality, new study finds
There are many personality traits that we see in the different people we know. Psychologists investigate the personality traits that are during our stable adult life, for example, we have the most introverted or outgoing, optimistic or pessimistic tendency, and open or closed mind.

Controlling personality traits of operating your immune system
Researchers say that a numb…

You Will Surprise to see 6 Swoonworthy engagement rings that went down in history!!!!

For centuries the hearts of men, women stolen by presenting a symbol of luxury of their deep affection and commitment throughout life: the engagement ring. Worn Until death do us part, the engagement ring was a basic FAQ often gems and jewelry intricate designs through swarms and celebrities are the exception to this rule.
With huge diamonds and sapphires to none, we're inviting you to the most extravagant engagement rings in history to take a look.
Jennifer Aniston
Known for her role as Rachel in Friends, Jennifer Aniston took the spotlight after her giant engagement ring in the eye of the public blink. With a whopping 8 carat diamond cut radiant in a simple gold band, This Jennifer Meyer design is designed for a whopping $ 500,000 - more than most homes! We are sure that this time will work for Jen.
Jay Z Took in 2007 on the knees and proposed, Queen Bey with a dramatic rock that was similar to Elizabeth Taylor Stein. BeyoncĂ© said yes to the eleven rappers having 18k em…

The woman who predicted the fall of the Twin Towers bad news for 2017 and more!

Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova, known as Vanga, born in the territory of present-day Macedonia, a country that has previously been a bone of contention for a long time between Serbia, Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece. She was buried in the cemetery of the church of St. Petca in the Rupite region in Bulgaria.

During the two world wars, the Serbs and Bulgarians were fighting in their home country in separate areas. This woman was one of the great visionaries of the twentieth century is known, since it accurately predicted many important world events. He was also known as "Nostradamus of the Balkans".

At the age of 12 Vanga lost vision in a tornado swept. When they found her, she was alive and with stones and earth covered, and her eyes were full of sand, leading to blindness.

His predictions began at age 16 when he helped find a sheep stolen from his father's flock. Vanga was an accurate description of where the thieves had hidden the sheep. But after 30 years of service, his powe…

Proof of aliens? Tourists pop the hotspot near area 51 to contact and capture Martian UFOs

"There are aliens and it would be arrogant to think we were alone," a NASA boffin said earlier this week. Leroy Chiao former astronaut who records nearly 230 days in space, believes the beings of the universe. The 56-year-old said: "My opinion on extraterrestrial life for the most part to be surprised.? "I think there is life throughout our universe, as is the height of arrogance could think that we are alone." And if the number of sightings of aliens in the United States is something that happens, it looks like he's right. Tens of thousands of UFO sightings have occurred all over the world. Most of them appear in the US and there are certain particular states happen which boils with extraterrestrial life will claim. While California has most of the recorded sightings - 11,896 to be exact - Nevada could have the most convincing evidence that we are in the universe is not alone. The western United States is known for its vast expanse of desert and 24 hour Las Veg…