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Massive 10 Years Study Says That Diet Soda Has Dangerous Side Effect As Strok & Heart Attack !!!

So you have decided to take control of your diet and try to live a healthier life but simply can not withstand soda. In your mind, you rationalize the decision and decide that you can drink to be maintained while you alternate diet soda instead. It is an option, make the millions of people every year, as a smart departments of large soda marketing companies, we are convinced that the completely healthy alternative diet change.

The reality is that these claims are not simply true! Use Most of the soft drink manufacturers to call an artificial aspartame sweetener, to replace the sugar.

A new study from the University of Iowa has shown that this chemical is led to an increased likelihood of joint heart disease.

Consumption of refrigerant

The study, led by Dr. Ankur Vyas, was one of the most comprehensive of its kind, to participate with 60,000 women in nine years. Known as the Supervision of the Women's Health Initiative, found in the survey that participants who drank two or more se…