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A B C of League of Legends

About League

League of Legends is a very fun-oriented, team game with multiplayer battle arena and  very competitive game and now have their own list. This is the best strategy game I ever played and most played too.

Its easy to download, fast install and update and start at arena Lvl 1. The game is free to play, but the characters, runes,EXP boosts,runes page need IP which can be earn inside the game.Champion skin sherd, ward skin and summoner icon take RP to buy and you need to buy it from the store. This is a amazing game which you can play with your friends and other player around the world. There are many servers such as NA for Americans,EU for Europe and Garena for Asia.


There are so many mode in this game. Normal mode,Aram,Domination etc are regular mode. each team, five players needed to start a normal game. When they are ready first they choose their champion for the match. After loading a while the match begins and each team starts from their base. There are 5 ro…