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How to remove your problem with pimples and minimize pores naturally

A problem is usually caused skin with pimples, acne form due to clogged hair follicles. These acne are black when. In contact with air

What causes pimples?
Each hair follicle contains oil and hair secreting glands. A harpsichord, gathered in the skin appears when the dead skin cells, dirt and meet oil in the opening of the follicle. If the skin is opened, the air causing oxidation and pimples appear.

The following things can cause pimples:
• insufficient skincare
• years
• changes in hormone levels
• inheritance
• The amount of oil produced

Signs of pimples
This form of acne is not accompanied by pain like pimples. These dark hump located on the nose, and sometimes on the back, shoulders and neck.

Removing blackheads
To remove pimples should daily to clear the use of natural treatments for the skin.

The Correct Way to Clean Your Skin

Cleaning your skin is important if you have pimples. For example, wash your face twice a day, the appearance of pimples to reduce.

Every morning and…