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Pregnancy Beyoncé Album: The singer presents baby neck underwater photo session

The singer broke the Internet earlier this week, given how he announced he is expecting twins with her husband Jay Z.

And now he's done it again, this time to start a personal collection of photos on the official website.

Titled "I Have Three Hearts," the underwater Beyoncé album shows lifting, wearing nothing but carefully arranged with a strip of cloth.

The brooches have a Mother Earth feeling, hovering seen with the 35-year-old in the water.

The design was inspired by the famous birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli.

Along with the work of the dream, Star wrote: "Venus falls, flowers grow where love touched, this is like a new person."

Beyoncé fans - the self-titled Beyhive - have gone crazy over this latest update of their personal life.

Sharing his enthusiasm on Twitter, a fan said, "The most beautiful Beyonce pregnancy photo album I've ever seen."

Another fan told her followers: "I'm going BRB, I'm going to be the Beyonce pictures looking…

WhatsApp is vulnerable: are they snooping?

For those who shed their darkest secrets, this is bad news. Earlier last week reported The Guardian that encrypted messages can be sent and received via mail intercepted by people who send this costly message never thought. The report exposed exposed, a "back door" in the way that WhatsApp implements its end encryption to the end, which means that third party agencies can read and then advance messages without their knowledge.

The service is promoted by billions of people - some who live in repressive regimes and diplomats - "a great threat to freedom of expression" and privacy activists, the back door have called for

The current WhatsApp encryption method depends on a number of unique keys generated by the protocol signal that can be reliably absorbed supposedly original.

However, the problem is that WhatsApp does not have the path to generate offline has to encrypt the keys again and then to resend undelivered messages without notifying the user in advance, or givin…

Switzerland, the fascinating land of snow and ice!

After leaving behind Germany, we went to the impressive Swiss and we see that they graze several cows in open pastures. Frontier with Switzerland, the beautiful waterfalls of Schaffhausen. I love the intimate experience of the impressive Rheinfall, Europe's largest waterfall. In view of the falls, we inevitably brought ashore by the hordes of tourists both approaching angle margins looking for their cameras. It is a boat that takes us on this stone in the middle of cases. The performance of the constant flow of water to the roar is incredible, but the view is very scary!

We drove to Lucerne, a picturesque town in Switzerland and the test at the Art Nouveau Hotel Terrence. It is located in a majestic mountain landscape, is a landmark in the Engelberg, a beautiful traditional Swiss village. The new free tunnel system in the hotel comes from the village to the Terrace Hotel in just three minutes. The hotel has a very innovative way to reach the lobby through two tunnels and elevator…