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The most dangerous roads in the world. Did you drive it?

1.Guoliang Tunnel  China A 1200 meter long tunnel runs through the mountain literally!The village was named after volatile rebels during the Han Dynasty, who fought an overwhelming imperial power to an impasse with the extreme local terrain. Before the construction of the access tunnel to the neighboring village of Guoliang was limited to a difficult road in the mountain. The village is situated in a valley surrounded by high mountains cut off from civilization.

In order to facilitate residents' access to the outside world, a group of villagers led by Shen Mingxin in 1972 made plans to sculpt a road on the side of the mountain. They sold their cattle to buy means to buy tools and materials. Thirteen residents started the project, with one death during construction. Without access to power tools they committed to building mostly with hammers and chisels. At the most difficult stage, the tunnel pitch at a rate of one meter every three days. It is 1.2 km (0.75 miles) long, 5 feet (…

Iceland's stunning photos that are completely out of this world

Iceland, is a dream destination for migratory lusts everywhere. It may not be a tropical island, but it has a lot to offer. Its natural wonders are the reason why so many people from all over the world to visit the island.Como nation flock under the images, it is Iceland moments full and majestic landscapes. It is difficult that the beauty in these images really exist prisoner to believe! They are sure to desire to travel to awaken in you.

1.On Top of the World

There are plenty of hiking spots in Iceland and all of them will leave you with incredible views like this.

2.Aurora Borealis

Iceland is one of the best spots on Earth to see the incredible Northern Lights. It’s a once in a lifetime experience that everyone should have.

3.Incredible Views

When traveling in Iceland, you will most likely have to pinch yourself because everything looks like something out of a dream. It’s going to be hard to believe that views like this one are real life.
4.DC-3 Plane Wreckage

The plane crash-landed in I…

Ashley James blatantly blinking pure lace nipples with grouping transparent bra

The former star of In Chelsea had to turn around the odds for You Win's debut again on the red carpet - the story of the Bee Gees in London.
But while fans are usually the impeccable makeup admire and sets blond uber-edged, this time, it was their attractive assets that downtown.
Confused, the fox decided to form with an equally elegant bra a completely transparent T-shirt.

The result? Many nipples on display.Posing with her hands in her jeans, the 29-year-old girl are not disturbed when the cameras shone fragile dresses.

She accessorised with gold rings and a pair of black leather boots with Tartan fringing twist for a rock chick.

Meanwhile, she wore her golden curls in messy curls falling over her shoulders.Betting makeup, a naked pout connected with shadow and stroke marker by its angular face apples.

The insolent selfie to the Instagram before the coup, she wrote: "Bella blue cry to make such a good bra, I had to show this."
Suppose, we doubt that the band was all their und…

shocking pictures of Danielle Lloyd's messful boobs sergery that caused to explode!!!

The failed breast surgery in 2012 almost killed them.And now they have revealed shocking pictures of ex-Miss England's breasts.

Danielle appeared in celebrities mended competent authorities that the 33-year-old with his seventh boob job in an attempt to saw the damage caused by the previous catastrophic surgery to correct.

The scenes on Sunday were issued when the model is opened as it almost died after the deployment Boob blew up.

The doctors fought to save her life after they found a blood clot and were forced to remove the two implants, she from a D to AA cups.

Danielle confessed that her confidence received a devastating blow after the surgery.

"I had a blood clot in his chest and he almost died, I lost six liters of blood, he was serious," he said.

"I was completely devastated and I knew I had no breast I just had sagging skin - it was disgusting"

Danielle continued, "He's affected my marriage - I would not feel safe, I would not want to see myself naked…