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To surprise the hidden dangers of oral sex

Foreplay is a natural warm up before sex but it does not mean that they come without risk.According to health experts, oral sex is an increase in STDs refueling because it is not just enough to wrap a condom before Low.

Participation in sex puts you at risk for a number of sexually transmitted diseases that are more common than gonorrhea, genital herpes and syphilis.

Fortunately, all three of these STDs are curable. However, they are also very at risk of HPV and herpes infections and these can only be treated and cured.

If this was not scary enough, even oral sex puts you at risk for Chlamydia, HIV, Hepatitis B and C and genital warts, although these sexually transmitted diseases are less common and have a lower risk.

Last year, health experts warned before the STD rates on the bad practices of safe sex are rising due.

The British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) has revealed that it has caused the jump to par of the most difficult cases of STIs such as genital herpes, ch…

Kylie Jenner almost gets Out of Bikini: See The Pics!!!

If you love or hate him or just feel great compassion for them, you can not deny that Kylie Jenner is an attractive person.

Impressive, is not it? No alternative will change that fact ...

You might want to play with my lips to stop, or maybe you'd rather give him all the heavy makeup of a break.

But still, at the end of the day, you know, it's good. And you know you never look away from a picture of this girl's bikini.

You see, Kylie's keep that in Costa Rica at this time on the great family vacation with the Kardashians audience.

But unlike Kim and Kourtney Kourtney has to take care of children.

And unlike Khloe, she does not keep a body in revenge.

So, what is a girl in paradise, to take, plus countless selfies!

Interestingly, some of these photos of your account on Instagram were shared and then removed, which is unheard of Kylie.

Those who wore the black and red Louis Vuitton bikini briefly appeared on the social network, can only be wiped.

Weird is not it? Finally, there is…

A reality show star did prostitution as part time job !!!!!

The Serbian beauty Senate Nurkic made the revelation surprising this week and insisted that she not "embarrass" her body for the sale of her decision.

To be the 24-year-old who tried a singer and model and Maca Diskrecija is called, which translates as "at the pussy's discretion," she said that her family is aware of her work and said "it is no different Of any other person is ".

She said: "Prostitution is a job like any other job that is nothing to see wrong with it ..

"The members of my family, including my mother Enesa, support me in my decision to work as prostitutes.

"I have to sell my body to survive and help them with money, I do not see anything wrong with it."

Prostitution is illegal in Serbia, but the beautiful brunette explains that he has nothing to fear for his political friend.

I'm not afraid of the arrest, "he continued.

"Those who want me to have to block in prison those who help me pay the bills and make mon…

An unbreakable iPhone will be released next year for life, flexible displays for Apple

Apple is planning major changes for future iPhones and recent reports suggest that the company is working on flexible devices.

The reports have introduced new flexible displays for light smartphones, according to Japanese manufacturer Japan Display, one of Apple's main supplier partners.

Nicknamed Full Flex Active is flexible displays prevent the headphones from dropping broken, which means the next iPhone can be unshakable.

Flexible screens for smartphones have discussed a coveted feature and a lot in recent years.

Although Samsung and LG have already launched flexible phones for life, the degree of bending has less.

However, according to new reports, the first flexible Apple phone could introduce a heavily manipulated screen, allowing users to turn their phones at will and bow.

More than just a part of the game, the flexible display has to do a robust number of practical advantages, especially telephones.

Replacing supported by traditional LCD displays, new plastic panels used on both …

Seven Hidden Signs Of Lung Cancer That You Should Never Ignore

About 46,000 people are diagnosed annually with lung cancer in the UK according to Cancer Research UK.

And although 89% of cases are preventable, it accounts for about 36,000 lung cancer deaths per year.

The lungs are part of a complex apparatus to bring about expansion and thousands of times a day relaxing in oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide.

There are many types of lung diseases including pneumonia, asthma, tuberculosis and lung cancer.

Smoking is the leading preventable risk factor for lung cancer, associated with an estimated 86% of cases in the UK.

It is estimated that 89% of lung cancer cases in the UK linked to lifestyle factors: such as occupational stress (13%) and ionizing radiation (5%).

But what are the early warning signs of lung cancer? Here are seven things you are indicating, could suffer from life-threatening illness:

1. Chronic Cough
A cough that will not go away after two or three weeks or a cough for a long time, which is worse.

This is an important early symptom that…

Offer the ultimate luxury adventure pods Antarctica South Pole: The remote hotel in the world

Forget about diving on the Great Barrier Reef and the Inca Trek test, you need to add Antarctica to the dream vacation list.

If you really want to stay out of the way and have an exciting adventure like no other, this final icey landscape should be the next on your bucket list.

And you do not even have to harsh have a new luxury hotel opened like a pod, just a short walk to the South Pole.

White Desert a luxury resort for six cozy Schoten is there. From the outside, the white domes are mixed with thick snow and protruding icebergs, but inside it has all the amenities of a five star hotel.

The capsules have a plush sitting area, beds and comfortable bathrooms and gourmet meals each evening covered in the dining room.

And the "furthest from the planet hotel", and it was from people like Prince Harry Bear Grylls and visitors.

But while the property itself is incredible are the adventures that really get your heart racing.

From exploring blue ski kite caves and visiting penguin colonie…