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NAKED restaurant opens in Spain - guests can eat dessert of nude models

If you've ever been discouraged to go to a restaurant because you dress up, then we have news for you.

A new restaurant opened in Tenerife bare - the largest of the Canary Islands in Spain - this week.

The congenital restaurant encourages guests to remove the kit while enjoying the increased libido gourmet meal.

The idea was inspired by a restaurant that appeared last summer nude in London and drew a waiting list of more than 46,000 people, according to owner Tony de Leonardis.

The restaurant will also have the option of separating, as they have their smart phones on the door to check before taken to a dressing gown bathrobe.

Diners then go to their tables while completely starkers again the "orgasmic environment." Above

Bamboo partitions separate the tables so that customers can be bare without the fear of being seen by strangers.

The menu includes specialties such as the "aphrodisiac" menu served on female models that feature like naked male and human tables.

The mod…

You can buy an island in Indonesia and call it yourself - that's how

If you are a little jealous of Necker Iceland by Sir Richard Branson have always been - your own private island - then you may be about to end this envy.

Since you can now also own an island and name it after you too.

There are more than 4,000 unnamed island in Indonesia - only about one-third of the 13,500 to 18,300 islands in total - and the Indonesian government announced last week its plans just what to do with them.

On January 11, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs of Indonesia, announced to allow foreign investors unnamed islands to manage.

"You can give [the island] any name, let's go while they do," Luhut said in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Luhut said there is a huge potential of foreign tourists through the system and foreign investors can attract to the development of the islands, but stressed that the islands remain with Indonesia.

On January 11, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs of Indonesia, announced to…

Eat chocolate at least once a week, you can change your brain

Good news for your taste! According to a recent study, eating chocolate at least once a week can increase your cognitive abilities. True, you have to get permission and go eat chocolate!

In ancient times, chocolate was used as a medicine to "reduce fever, to treat childhood diarrhea, to promote strength before sexual advances, to reduce" female complaints "to increase breast milk production, promote sleep and help It's different.Learn to find out what a superfood makes chocolates for the brain.

How our cognitive chocolate skills changes

The study at the longitudinal center of Syracuse Merrill Elias studied more than 1,000 people: researchers a number of different cognitive tests on people who never or rarely eat chocolate and gave the same tests for those who ate chocolate at least once a week. People who had chocolate had better results in cognitive tests and performed simple tasks like remembering phone numbers with more regularly eaten success.

"We found th…

Facebook Caution: to view and delete your videos possible without you knowing this error people

He discovered a new Facebook vulnerability, fragility, users to access and remove allows your videos without your consent.

This means that you can lose precious memories, worrying, it is easy to find performance and can be abused by anyone, not just those with knowledge of coding.

Discovered by researchers and computer general Boffin, Dan Melamed, of the vulnerability and Videos comments can be used to remove loaded by another on and off.

So what is the problem, and how can it be misused?

Well, Melamed found that he could take to upload his own content in the process control of the videos of other users.

When you submit a video for an event, manually change the ID number of the video in the publishing medium to another existing video, it again loaded the movie and gave the final new control sent.

This meant that Malamed was able with the video of the other person to fiddle with all authority, whether it was his.

That means you could turn off the comments, or if the video completely desired …

This is something that gynecologist will never SAY! This ingredient ALWAYS disappear bacteria and fungi

Experts say that all women sometimes or frequently suffer from a vaginal infection in the course of our lives. There are measures to prevent these infections, but occasionally they occur in the same way.

As a woman, we know how important it is to keep our intimate parts healthy and clean. That is why we are always looking for different types of intimate cleansers that offer us many things but ultimately do nothing.

Aside from the fact that these products are sometimes very expensive, in many cases, they are counterproductive to our health as they prevent the vagina, it is naturally regulated, which can cause more problems than benefits.

Usually, chemicals are created for personal cleansing that affects our vaginal flora, infections and fungi have can cause rapid, dry conditions such as.

However, the battle is not lost, because Mother Nature offers us many allies who can help us balance our innermost part.

It will be with these natural washes so you can kill fungi and bacteria from the in…