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You must avoid this things during your period..It's too dangerous.

By referring to "time of the month," some women are blessed with a simple time, but others are going through a very difficult time. If one of the WOMEN ARE WITH PERIODS pain treated THERE some things to do.

1. having unprotected sex - 
It is highly recommended, not sex, to have it while on time. However, if you do decide to do it anyway, be sure to avoid using protection infection.

2. Skip meals -
Going mealtime at this time of month is a bad idea. It has to lose a lot of blood, so you need to eat properly, maintain your energy.

3. Physical Work -
When suffering from stomach or back pain, you should avoid any physical work. This way you will avoid more complications and more pain.

4.Eat fast food - you can get more than usual to eat, but make sure it is not junk food. Also, evening in the middle of eating fast food may seem like a good idea, but your stomach may not agree with you.

5. Work - For many women, this is not possible. But if you stay at home for a day or two while on time…

Living together is a good solution for women's emotional health

Studies have shown that significantly enhances the joy union for life. But new research suggests that even people who live together and do not choose to be able to do as their association more formally these benefits to see.
A new study by researchers at Ohio State University found in the Journal of Family Psychology published that for women who move with a romantic partner for the first time to create a similar decrease in emotional stress when they first married.
Men, on the other hand, have only a significant increase in emotional health when they first marry. And both sexes are even happier when they live together, and then take the step of getting married.
When it comes to the first significant finding of a second relationship, men and women have similar increases in emotional health when they move or marry together.
Claire Kamp Dush, co-author of the study and professor of human sciences in the state of Ohio, said that the results of social stigma may reflect declining cohabitation …

Many Woman are affected Fungal Infections but it may be possible to cure them At Home

Rosemary tea is effective against burning and pruritus, which is the result of a fungal infection. It can also be used as a tool for daily intimate hygiene. If you suffer from yeast infection, you owe one to four cups of this tea per day.

In the fight against fungal infections, drink sugar-free cranberry juice several times a day. You can also extract blueberry pills or eat take dried cranberries, and the results will be seen soon.

Oils have strong anti-fungal properties. Soak a tampon in a few drops of tea tree and put it in the vagina and let it to work for two or three hours. Repeat twice a day.

Oregano oil has a similar effect can be applied superficially, or diluted in olive oil. It can be consumed orally in the form of two capsules per day. The problem with yeast infection can be solved in a few weeks with this treatment.

Eat garlic if you have a yeast infection. One way is to make a paste of garlic and apply it to the infected area. In addition, they can use a mix…

A simple Home Treatment that cures your Skin Tags

The spots on the skin represent small skin by the friction of rubbing caused growths. They occur mainly in the armpits, neck, face, chest and groin. In most cases, they are not harmful, but sometimes they may present a more serious problem and the need to visit a doctor is a must.

However, they cause discomfort and make you uncomfortable feeling you, but Dr. Doug will offer a simple and easy way to them very naturally get rid of.

Dr. Doug will provides an easy way to get rid of a natural way of skin tags and stop discomfort and unpleasant feelings:

Apple cider vinegar is an extremely advantageous and versatile in kitchen items, and can help in skin blemishes, acne and moles.

Here's how to use it:

You will need:

1.2 tablespoons cider vinegar
2.Cotton ball

Wash the area with soap and water and dry the skin with a towel. Then dip cotton in apple cider vinegar, over tightening liquid and apply to the affected area. Repeat a few times during the day.

Apple cider vinegar is acidic…

How to remove bad smells from kitchen by using Lemon

Lemon is a versatile fruit with many health benefits that can significantly improve your health. In addition to giving our food and drink a strong flavor, your heart health, hair and skin and served to improve your immune system. But did you know that lemon is a great odor too?

Today we will show you how to use a lemon to get rid of unpleasant odors in the kitchen. Cut a lemon into 4 parts, but be careful not to cut all the way through the fruit. Add a little salt in the lemon and put it in the middle of the kitchen. This will absorb all the odors in the room and leave a fresh lemon scent that will last for days.
Lemon can also be used to disinfect the kitchen surfaces - just the juice of 3 lemons lemon mix with a little soap and a salt Spray bottle and spray it, the mixture, to keep it clean on surfaces.

Other ways to remove bad smell-
1.Bicarbonate of sodium 
One of these cheap signs, of course, sodium bicarbonate neutralizes the pH, effectively by way of cutting odors. Keep an open c…

If you turn on your light at night,it may disrupt your sleep and health

These are just some of the darkest days of the year - or will be when we live as our ancestors to light with nothing but the stars and the moon way between sunset and sunrise.

Instead of street lights and illuminated houses most of us live in cities and towns with lit lamps, ceiling lights, cell phones, tablets, computers and TVs. For the 15 million Americans who work the night shift, the lights stay on all night long.

The artificial brightness Everything has advantages. We can use our e-books, post on Facebook or read live at any time. But there are potential health risks if we get too much of the wrong kind of light on the wrong team.

And that's exactly what many of us do some research suggests.

"Light is a stimulus tail can affect health, wellness and performance," for better or for worse, says George Brainard, professor of neurology at Thomas Jefferson University.

Light has this power as our central biological clock increases. Ideally, the generated at night in a pr…

Researchers develop a "fire extinguisher" battery

Researchers have developed a series of lithium-ion batteries, developed a fire extinguishing material that is released when the battery is very hot.
A triphenyl phosphate flame retardant (TPP) is inside the shell in the electrolytic liquid. The shell melts when the temperature reaches 150 ° C (302F), the chemical release is.
In the tests, the battery fires were extinguished in 0.4 seconds.
Lithium-ion batteries that power many devices, but they are a known fire hazard.
The research team's role at Stanford University has been revised published in the journal Science Progress.
The TPP attempts earlier turned off the batteries shells without integrating the output.
If the cell charges the lithium-ion battery too fast or manufacturing small glitches through the network may lead to a short circuit - which can cause a fire.
In February 2016, the US National Transportation Safety Board issued a warning about lithium batteries in freighters, which he describes as "the source of ignition fir…

Blockchain licensing race is the indication of Technology's Promise

For fans of digital currency Bitcoin, the year had a volatile start. On January 5, a Bitcoin changed hands for about $ 1150 almost most of the record in September, three years ago. Since then, it has reduced by 33%. In other parts of the country of coins, things are moving more slowly, but soon, there will be problems: potential patent war hovers over the block chain, authentic distributed row book and records all Bitcoin transactions.

Discussions on intellectual property are not new in emerging technology markets. But since Beheerder This is expected to shake every block chain as valuable diamonds are traded guaranteed to the way the stocks could mainly be fierce fresh battles.
Given this fact, the block chain is not easily lend itself claims to the intellectual property October mentoring. The creator of Bitcoin, known only by his pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, published an article about his innovative invention coding the first application and then disappeared which means that the cor…

Technology never take the place of human touch

Wherever you go these days, there is talk of replacing the automation of people. Technology is at a rapid pace, certainly help, and sold around today's media, sensationalism, but only because technology a means of labor can not replace what we always want. In some cases, even if the technology can do a proper job, we want to do with a person.

While a machine can perform a specific task efficiently, often more than us, what is lacking is the art of activity, the unique human ability to meet the needs of individuals. The Protocol may propose an approach, but a person who understands well in their jobs, if they define and subtleties necessary.

The recent Obama report on the possible economic impact of artificial intelligence and automation than the element, at least partially through a political prism. "If AI leads to unemployment and rising inequality in the long run depends on technology not only in itself, but also on the institutions and policies that are in place," th…

Morning coffee can slow down your aging

The old question "is bad coffee for you?" Researchers are in greater agreement than ever that the answer is a resounding "no." A new study published in the journal Nature Medicine published, found that older people with low levels of inflammation - which leads to many, if not most, major diseases - surprisingly had in common: they were all caffeine drinkers.

"The more caffeine people consumed, the more protected the chronic state of inflammation was," says study author David Furman, a consultant at the Institute of Immunization, Transplantation and Infection Stanford University. "It was not the limit, apparently."
In the study, Furman and his colleagues analyzed blood samples from 100 young and old. Older people tend to in which the inflammation associated with the younger group's comparison gene have more Several context of activity - not surprising, as people age, tends to increase inflammation throughout the body. Chronic diseases of aging,…

Sitting too much isn't good for health

However, the exercise may find, according to a new studySitting too much during the day was associated with a number of diseases in the compound. From Obesity to Heart Problems and Diabetes and Early Death It is not difficult to understand why: it can contribute to inactivity to weight gain, which in turn is a risk factor for heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and levels of Healthy blood sugar.
Above all, it is published deleterious effects on cells at the biological level, according to a new report published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.
In the new study, led scientists from Aladdin Shadyab, a postdoctoral fellow in Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of California, San Diego, the effects sit on tracking chromosomes. You Redbourn blood samples older about 1,500 women who participated in the women's health initiative, a long-term study of chronic diseases in postmenopausal women, and focused on the telomeres: the ends of the DNA in each sealed ce…