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Attacks on Trump totally a fake news..

President-hand Trump his first day in office on Saturday a bitter attack on media journalists to invent BOTH breaking between accusing him of trigger and false intelligence and underestimate aware of the size of his inauguration crowd.

During a visit to the Central Intelligence Agency's support for the secret to show, Mr. Trump criticizes his own public statements repeatedly ignored the intelligence community, the group compared the Nazis with just over a week in August.

He also asked reporters "to dishonest people on earth" and said that up to 1.5 million people had participated in his possession, photographs that claim refuted.

Later, at the White House, he sent Sean Spicer, a spokesman in the conference room in the west wing, where Mr. Spicer scolded the press and made a series of false statements.
He said that news organizations deliberately misrepresented the size of the crowd at Mr. Trump's inauguration on Friday in a divisions attempt to sow at a time, Mr. Tr…

Heart keeps streaming with squeeze from robotic sleeve

Scientists can develop a soft-bodied robot to surround a diseased heart and gently squeeze to avoid pumping.
So far, it has only been tested on animals, to improve blood flow in swine. But these "soft" robot device mimics the natural movement of the heart beat, the strategy for the art treatments of fatal heart failure.
A team from Harvard University and Artificial Children's Hospital Boston muscles injured thin-skin silicon so that it alternately twists compressed and relax under the synchronization with cardiac tissue.
This is a totally different approach than current therapies, and finally, when detected in humans, can provide or perhaps even help in the recovery of a new alternative to heart transplants.
More than 5 million Americans and 41 million people worldwide suffer from heart failure, increasing numbers of people are aging. The left ventricle, which was damaged by a heart attack, to pump high blood pressure or other conditions progressively weaker and did not fit…

It may raise willingness to smoke seeing others

By Lisa Rapaport

(Reuters Health) - New versions of the electronic cigarette known as Vape pins not much conventional cigarettes might look like, but as someone using synthetic gaskets triggers the urge to smoke, a new study suggests.

Like other types of electronic cigarettes, vaporizers or vape pens are battery-powered devices made with a heating element that converts liquid nicotine and aromas into a vapor cloud has inhale user. Vape pens are larger, produce larger clouds of steam and look less like traditional cigarettes than other e-cigarettes.

In a laboratory experiment, 108 young adult smokers randomized researchers to a person to interact with Vape from either conventional cigarettes or springs. Both scenarios led to a similar increase in participants' request to smoke a cigarette but never tried a vaporizer pen.

These findings were a surprise and doubts about the possibility that electronic cigarettes stop smoking as a help for smoking, said study author Andrea King, prof…

To prevent sunburn It is better to use sunscreen rather than umbrella

On the beach under a substitute umbrella to wear sunscreen sitting, a new study shows.
Approximately 78 percent of people who used an umbrella to protect themselves from the sun during the few hours on the beach were sunburned the next day, compared to only 25 percent of people who used sunscreen with a protective factor (SPF) of 100 researchers.

But while sunscreen more sunburn prevented than the great umbrella, no method was 100 percent effective.

"It's nice to have a holistic approach," said senior author Hao Ou-Yang. "You need a combination of measures to think about."

Or-Yang and co-author of both work for Johnson and Johnson in Skillman, New Jersey. The company partially funded the study and is the parent company of Neutrogena, which uses sunscreen in the research produced.

Or-Yang told the Reuters man how with a high SPF sunscreen, wearing clothes and a hat, a combination of approaches to be used, and looking for shade.

Hours for the new study, research…

Nintendo Switch-The new home video game system from Nintendo

The Reader tries to counter some of the new Console Criticism as Nintendo, and Argues That Power Graphics MUST NOT matter.
Wow, it has not been very loose, once the switch Nintendo announced last week.
The hardware looks like the small and beautiful kit. Feedback on the Current Device HAS BEEN Almost always positive. Innovative drivers of São Paulo, whether it is declared as a decoy or NOT. Everything That Is NOT As Classified To Padrao No Console And As Considered Decoy. However, a Nintendo Way has shaped the Game Industry in MANY Aspects of greater base of ideas with New.
Like OR NOT console Controller setup pattern HAS SEVERAL Features that were once considered A Nintendo Trick Tail It has become popular among masses.
OS Graphics in Current Generation Systems Are printing before. But with INSTALLATIONS AND UPDATES FOR Hard Disk To Fill Means That The Middle Owner HAS To Eliminate The 60GB Game To Install The Ne…

Gravity Rush 2: A 'stunning' sequel in an overlooked series

Players control Kat, the hero of the original game, who gets his deep forces from the violent gravity storm again. Kat players can fly through the manipulation of gravity through the card - a feature provided by their companion cat Dusty -. And discover several missions around the vibrant city

The game includes various influences and Japanese RPG action, combined to play with a vivid comic-like visual style. Kat skills can be upgraded by collecting the all-out gems map scattered while the new customs a more personalized experience.

But Can Gravity Rush 2 is about the success of the original and fans build up expectations?

Forbes said that the first installment was unfairly forgotten in the PlayStation Vita, but the PlayStation 4 version Remastered "this fixed part."

Fortunately, he added, Gravity Rush 2 is a "fantastic sequel" thanks to its "unique gravity technology."
Players have a "tremendous amount of side quests," which are "almost al…

Lamborghini :How can Lamborghini maintain stellar momentum?

ROM, January 18 - The past 12 months will be remembered as a record year for Italy's Lamborghini supercar flamboyant builder, but have what you are being planned to keep YOUR customers satisfied in 2017?

For the first time in its 54-year history, Lamborghini has sold more than 3,400 cars in a year. With China as the desirable market for the cooling of one of the world's most exclusive and cars, Lamborghini managed 3457 cars for sale; Which is a year of seven percent over the year plus sales and more than 200 percent more revenue than recently as of 2010.

"It proved in 2016 Lamborghini to be in excellent shape for," said the CEO of the company, Stefano Domenicali. "This new historical record is eleven plus a confirmation of the substance and sustainability of our brand, product and business strategy."

There is phenomenal growth, but in the biggest competition with rows of the automotive market in the most violent in decades like Lamborghini cares push THIS …

How to recover a broken IPHONE Screen???

Confusing how to you recover broken iPhone screen? Want to live with it, get it fixed, or try to fix it yourself? Many people would face this problem, so Apple gives you some options to get your iPhone screen fixed, but it isn’t too cheap or expensive. So, how can you fix your broken screen,let's look at some ways.

How do I recover my broken iphone screen??? 

Many people choose with a broken iPhone screen to live with it. Maybe your iPhone is out of warranty and they just do not want to pay for repairs, or maybe you are thinking of upgrading your phone soon, so they do not see the point in fixing. Of course, if your iPhone screen is completely broken and parts missing, or if it does not work, then you have no choice but to fix it. However, many users have only one tear or two, and the damage can not interfere with the normal use of the iPhone.

Note that once cracked, the iPhone screen is weak and highly susceptible to larger damage. It is smart to invest in a screen saver to help ke…