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It's getting just everything faulty with HTC U Ultra

HTC, since the most beautiful manufacturer and  sounding the Android phone for miles, has been in a slump in the last three years. Its flagship 2016, the 10th, was a very good phone that did not stand out in any single area (although initially sold for an absurdity of $ 800, which is why I gave a bad review), and latest from the Taiwanese company , OR Ultra probably will not take the company out of the crisis. In fact, I think the phone is almost wrong.

First of all, is HTC selling a Snapdragon 821 phone with 4GB of RAM in 2017 for $ 750? The 821 is a much smaller update on the 820 - the latter is more than a year old, and the first will look very dated in a month or two when LG and Samsung launch their flagship which will likely run on Snapdragon 835 Com More than 4GB of RAM too). Many Chinese companies, including Xiaomi, have already launched the Snapdragon 821 phones (four, five months ago) for about $ 400. Apple and Google can get away with placing a phone with lower specs and stil…

Tornado snatches southern Mississippi and found 4 dead

At least four people were killed in southern Mississippi early Saturday when a destructive tornado roared through the Hattiesburg area, leveling homes, ripping off roofs and tossing trees into roadways across the region.

The city of Hattiesburg on Twitter and Forrest County emergency management confirmed the deaths. Forrest County Coroner Butch Benedict said two of the fatalities were in a trailer park.

According to Benedict, the victims were identified as Ernest Perkins, 58, and David Wayne McCoy, 47, who were found in the trailer park, Simona Cox, 72, and Cleveland Madison, 20.

Numerous injuries were also reported in the city of 48,000.

The tornado tore the area around 4 a.m., with strong winds causing extensive damage in various blocks of Hattiesburg. As dawn broke, city dwellers awoke to find trees, huge limbs, and poles wrapped in rubbish-power lines in the streets beside decimated and severely damaged houses. Almost 15,000 houses and businesses were without power.

"The tot…

One million women protesters make oath to resist President Trump!!

More than 1 million people gathered in Washington and in cities around the country and the world Saturday to set up a roaring replica for President Trump's inauguration. What began as a Facebook post by a retired Hawaii wurde the unprecedented international disapproval of a new president has made cities packed large and small - from London to Los Angeles, Paris from Park City, Utah, Miami to Melbourne, Australia.

Organizers of the Women's March in Washington, originally seeking a license for a 200,000 rally, said on Saturday that up to half a million people participated.

Many in the country's capital and other cities Said theywere inspired to join Due to Trump's division campaign and its depreciation of women, minorities and immigrants. In signs and cries, they mocked what they characterized as Trump's vulgar language and sexist behavior.

The marches provided a balm to those eager to delve into a sea of ​​like-minded citizens who shared their anxiety and disappoin…

The toppest turned on beautiful news anchors in the world...

1.Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly currently anchors the "America Live" daytime news program on the Fox News Channel (FNC), which was released in February 2010. She had already established a successful career before switching to television. She graduated from law school in 1995 and practiced for nine years before changing her career course. In 2004 Kelly moved to Washington, D.C. for a general reporting position with and affiliate of ABC. She later joined the Fox News Channel where she covered breaking news and reported live major events including the Virginia Tech campus massacre in 2007 and the Democratic and Republican national conventions in 2008. Kelly currently anchors America Live and Despite her questionable political bias, She could definitely get it. Kelly co-anchored Fox News Channel's election night alongside Bret Baier, a night that delivered more than 12 million viewers and finished second among all the cable and broadcast networks. She also co-anchored FNC primetim…

Woman fighting with brain tumour, AIIMS says surgery only in 2020

65-year-old Ramarati Devi who is battling a brain tumor and needs immediate surgery was given at 20 in early February to today, 2020 AIIMS doctors, citing "lack of availability" of beds. (HT Archive)
In a twist of fate, 65-year-old Ramarati Devi who is battling a brain tumor and immediate surgery needs a date was added to the beginning of February 20, 2020 doctors at AIIMS, citing beds "unavailability."

A native of the district of Bihar Chapra, Devi was called to the Patna Public Hospital in the Department of Neurosurgery Institute of Physicians.

His son Thakur Gulab Bauer says: "The AIIMS doctors said surgery is necessary, but given February 20, 2020, citing the lack of availability of beds.

"It's going to be very late ... my mother dies.I'm a poor man.I do not have money for an operation in a private hospital."

The Thakur shot has been making rounds, hoping to get a date close.

She says her mother is suffering from "headaches, loss of…

BLU VIVO 5 Smartphone -5.5" 4G LTE GSM Unlocked - 32GB +3GB RAM - Silveris available in Price:$199.90 & FREE Shipping in amazom

BLU VIVO 5 Smartphon is equipped with  metal design, 5.5" display + vivid HD AMOLED Color+ Corning Gorilla glass 3; with Immediate Upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow via OTA
32GB Internal memory 3GB RAM and Micro SD up to 64GB .The handset have 13MP Main Camera with LED flash and 5MP Selfie Camera with Wide Angle + PDAF technology and Blue lens by a 2 GHz Snapdragon 625 octa-core processor along with driven an Adreno 506 GPU. It comes with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory (expandable up to 256 GB via microSD, use SIM 2 slot).It have great cmpability with 4G LTE, (2/4/7), 4G HSPA+ (850/1700/1900/2100). GSM Quad band: US compatibility Nationwide on all GSM Networks including AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket, MetroPCS, Straight Talk, Pure Talk USA, and others. Please refer the User manual before use.
In addition V5 comes with a 16MP rear camera with an f / 2.0 aperture, autofocus phase detection and LED flash. The front of the dual device configuration 8MP + 20MP with an f / 2.0 …

Trump's beginning speech looks like 'Batman' villain Bane !!!

A small part of the US President Donald Trump's inaugural speech was somewhat similar sounded the dialogues of "The Dark Knight Rises" villain Bane popular.

During a side-by-side comparison showed to make Deadspin Timothy Burke indicated that a part of Trump's address which was similar to the people of Gotham Bane said after taking control of his city, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"Today's ceremony, however, has a special significance because today we are not only transferred power from one administration to another, or from one party to another, but we give power transmission from Washington, DC, and he Back to you, the people "Trump told the Washington DC crowd in his speech.

And what was Bane Said on the black door steps Prison Gotham: "We Gotham refrain from corrupting the rich the oppressors of generations who kept it with the myths the way and we give to you, people .."
"A lot has a small group of our nation's Capitol r…

Apple describes Qualcomm as a Shady Monopolist in $1 Billion Lawsuit!!!

Apple Inc. came in with a (Rs.6808 crore or less) demand for $ 1,000,000 accused against Qualcomm Inc suppliers on Friday, a day after the US government's chip maker to use anti-competitive tactics to Maintain the monopoly of the most important semiconductors used in mobile phones.

Qualcomm is a leading supplier of Apple and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd to the chip "modem" We will connect the phones to wireless networks. The two companies together accounted for 40 percent of Qualcomm's $ 23.5 billion in revenue in its last fiscal year.

Was on appeal for the District Court filed for the Southern District of California, accuses Apple overcharging Qualcomm chips and refuses $ 1 billion rebates promised to pay. Apple said in its complaint that the refunds of Qualcomm, because Apple's negotiations with South Korea's antitrust regulator, the Korea Fair Commission withheld.

"What happens if it is not enough, then tried to change their answers Qualcomm Appleinto …

President Donald Trump on Friday night signed an executive order to roll back Obama care

Sworn in within hours of ingestion, President Donald Trump signed on Friday night issued an executive order aimed at trying one of his passionate electoral promises fulfilled: RollCare returns.

The multipart specified Executive Order that the official government policy is the Affordable Care Act "quick search revocation" - but at the same time should continue, which emphasizes to preserve the law.

With his signature, Trump sends out a strong signal on the first day of his presidency: His priority in the Oval Office, the Health Act covers about 20 million, Americans will be dismantled.
The order does not change the law, but it could have a significant impact however.

He directs the Minister of Health and Social Affairs and other agencies to interpret the rules as loose as the financial burden on the people authorized to minimize insurance, health care and others.
He pointed out that agencies "waive the movement exemption of or delay making a determination or requirement…

Researchers invent a soft robot that can control your heartbeat and blood flow

Researchers at Harvard University and Boston Children's Hospital have a breakthrough "soft robots" developed this device could bolster a heart attack in order to survive their chances. Unlike the mechanical devices used in heart valves it is wrapped around the outside of the heart, which pumps rotational and cardiovascular function to help. "Most people with heart failure have not left some function, one day Robotics sleeves their heart work can help well enough that their quality of life can be restored," says co-author and cardiothoracic surgeon Frank Pigula.

The device was possible soft robot inspired through the heart and their own thanks to recent advances. Like another recent robot, silicon thin pneumatically adjustable actuated actuators placed there. Powered by an air pump, it has expanded a number of actuators and contracted in a pumping motion, while another twist spiral layer to get it moving. The result is a movement that is the true heart is very si…

Today's Hot:Welcome to Donald Trump's Ignorant America

The day before the opening of Donald Trump, the President of the United States - a real event leading in the universe we live in - news management plans broke the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment eliminate the humanities. And I wanted to scream

This is Donald Trump's America: One where things like art and books and science and the careful consideration of complicated problems are considered useless and pushed aside. This may not be surprising after the Trump we saw in the election campaign, the man who never answered a question with a touch of intelligence or depth. In an interview this week, I could not name a single book I was reading. He has appointed a secretary of education who wants to destroy public schools. He would have offered a notorious anti-vaccination activist a position that led to the investigational commission vaccines. I called Global Warming a Chinese fraud.
Of course you are getting rid of the NEA and the NEH. What use does Donald Trump h…