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Naked woman tries to steal police car

That a naked woman told police that she was raped - a statement she later retracted - Approached a quiet police officer and asked her for stealing clothes from her vehicle and taking the authorities on a 70 mile pursuit at high speed, new shows the Videos published.

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Vice Francisco Campillo discovered Lisa Moon, 31, of Mesa, Ariz., Completely Naked when she 5 on S. Butterfield Road at Gila Bend on Jan Walked.

"Hey, are you okay?" She asked him. "Where are all your clothes?"

Moon initially said the officer who was raped - which she portrayed in prison - but said she was fine, as she moved away from Campillo and to his pick-up, while the representatives of a question "jacket or something like that . "Campillo was fetching moon ceiling If you jumped on the truck and drove away, which triggered a 70-mile chase that several law enforcement agencies involved.

Moon was arrested after the control of the stolen truck collided with a…

Dozens of dead dolphins were found in Florida!!!

Ninety-five fake dolphins were known whales dead stranded in the United States recorded on a coast in Everglades National Park in South Florida found this weekend in the largest mass. Subsidence occurs when marine mammals are trapped on Earth and often die of dehydration.

Researchers at the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration said they had found 81 dead dolphins, and when they arrived on Monday for the remote shore called Porpoise Point in Monroe County. Ten had to be sacrificed by veterinarians because of their irreparable critical condition.

Like many other marine mammals in the United States, fake orcas are marked monitored electronically. Thirteen of the dolphins remained untold since Tuesday afternoon.

Monroe Country is on the island of Key West is located 165 miles southwest of Miami.

The brutal scene was discovered by a spectator, the United States Coast Guard warned Saturday afternoon. A team of researchers from the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Commission for the …

Winners List of People's Choice Awards 2017

People want to know Who won the popular vote at the 2017 People's Choice Awards? The awards were presented on Wednesday (Jan 18) in Los Angeles.

Captain America: Civil War
Finding Dory -- WINNER
Suicide Squad

Kevin Hart
Robert Downey Jr.
Ryan Reynolds -- WINNER
Tom Hanks
Will Smith

Anna Kendrick
Jennifer Lawrence -- WINNER
Margot Robbie
Melissa McCarthy
Scarlett Johansson

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
Captain America: Civil War
Deadpool -- WINNER
Suicide Squad
X-Men: Apocalypse

Chris Evans
Liam Hemsworth
Robert Downey Jr. -- WINNER
Ryan Reynolds
Will Smith

Jennifer Lawrence
Margot Robbie -- WINNER
Scarlett Johansson
Shailene Woodley
Zoe Saldana

Bill Murray in The Jungle Book
Ellen DeGeneres in Finding Dory -- WINNER

Chrissy Teigen basically go out of the pants..

Chrissy Teigen, with his daughter Moon, wearing short shorts that made him look as if he had left without his pants on.
At first glance it seems that recurring Chrissy Teigen lived the worst nightmare of every Monday: leaving home without pants.

However, if you look closely, you can detect super-short black bars from your jeans shorts. Ugh, do not scare us like that, Chrissy!

Teigen wore the suit in a black felt hat and a long black lunch jacket at the Au Fudge with her husband, John Legend and her daughter Moon. Under his coat, the model wearing a beige sweater that almost covered his black pants, With the exception of a few pieces of strips a sigh of relief for any incitement that had seen the image.
Teigen loves these bold legs looks. The only parts of his long legs that were covered were his legs thanks to a pair of Givenchy leather wedge boots, for $ 2k - are from now on.

By wearing a Teigen suit that uncovers a shocking amount of leg so it sounds familiar? Oh yeah, because that…