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China exposes its new powerful Aircraft Carrier..

China's only aircraft carrier has returned home after a long three-week training mission during its combat power, which has been tested and the speculation has risen over the role of the future amid China's growing military ambitions.

The Ministry of Defense said the 60,000-ton Liaoning Eastern Qingdao port on Friday along with its combat group sailed the included destroyer, frigate, a supply ship and anti-submarine vessel.

The ministry quoted the group commander, Konteradmiral Chen Yueqi, the saying que the drill actual fight simulated the close and the possible "all reached the goals for him." China commissioned the company in 2012 and declared it ready for the fight in November, shortly after which they launched their first live fire exercises.

The cruise que Begun on Christmas Day Redbourn him over the Miyako road, south of Okinawa, Japan, and then the Bashi channel Taiwan from the Philippines until it joined the controversial South China Sea que China practical…

Google will release Android Wear 2.0 this February 9

The next version of Google's smartwatch operating system will arrive on February 9, according to well-known and generally trusted Evan Blass.

Wear Android 2.0, originally announced in May, looking at the operating system to completely renew and help watches rely less on the phone. In addition to a redesigned interface, the update is an application store expecting Add and integrated keyboard. There is also support for Android Pay (mobile payments) and Google Assistant that contain intelligent voice assistant, which debuted on Google pixel smartphones.

Unfortunately not all Android Wear watches will be updated to the new version. Earlier, it was confirmed that both the Original Moto 360 and LG G Watch will not support being upgraded to Android 2.0.

The report also states that the update is with two new LG smart watches released together: LG and LG Sport Style Watch. Both watches have a circular OLED display, 4GB of internal storage and similar to the Apple Digital Watch crown.

It i…

Obama shortens Chelsea Manning’s sentence who made a leak conviction.

President Obama switched to every four months in jail Chelsea Manning, intelligence found Army analyst of a guilty 2,010 leak who discovered diplomatic activities and military world, interrupted the Obama administration and brought WikiLeaks global prominence, addressed these disclosures.

Obama's decision saved the woman Manning, who tried last year, the Fort Leavenworth, Kansas military jail caught twice killing an uncertain future as a transsexual woman. It's almost seven years and his 35-year sentence has been stuck by leaks by far the longest sentence ever imposed in the United States for a conviction.

While Obama's phrase Mrs Manning, an enlisted soldier rocked low range at the time of his escapes, he even forgave James Cartwright, the retired navy general vice president and former of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, pleaded guilty in his conversations with reporters before Fed to be leak of confidential information on cyber attacks on Iran's nuclear program to investi…

Do you beleive in flying cars???Airbus is making them this year!!!

If something 2000 and beyond much disappointed us the unfulfilled promises of flying cars. Of course, there are plans that can be driven on the streets of the city, but they are not exactly ordinary, and not as impressive as what science fiction films of the 80s have led us to believe in anyway. Now Airbus, one of the world's biggest aviation brands, promises to make its share clearly jams with independent taxis, and plans to have a functional prototype of high flying by the end of this year.

According to Reuters, said Airbus CEO Tom Enders, the company plans to develop within its division in Germany City Air Mobility to continue a stand-alone vehicle by one person to a recent technology conference. "We are in a period of experimentation, we take this development seriously," Enders said. "One hundred years ago, underground urban transport has passed, now we have to go technical means above the ground."

Enders therefore cited the potential of flying cars to provid…

Mom, dad, son all celebrate their birthday in same day!!!

Lucas and Hillary Gardner never feel problems to remember each other's birthday as they were born on the same day. And so was his son, 27 years later in December.

The odds that are happening at a 133,000, statisticians say. And this is much less likely to take on their lives at some point by a flash that someone put in around 12,000.

He did not intend to put a birthday when his son Cade Lee Gardner was designed, Luke Gardner said, a vicar at a Baptist church in northeast Mississippi and a student at a nearby Baptist Theological Seminary campus in New Orleans.

"I really didn't even put it together until we got pregnant," he said in a telephone interview Wednesday. "Then we realized, 'Oh, wow!'"

With the help of smartphones application, he told that his wife measured an expiration date on December 15, along with three days before his birthday. Your obstetrician for December 19 called.

So the couple Baldwyn, Mississippi have to try some practice to rush the…

American people will wait for the big and beautiful wall on the border..

Since he referred to it as "The Great Wall of Trump".

Of all the promises made during his insurgent presidency candidacy Donald Trump, the promise of a "beautiful big wall" along the US border with Mexico was to build, they tend to remember more voters. "It's not an end," the president-elect last week reprimanded a reporter during his press conference before the opening with a simple finger. "A wall."

In towns and cities on the border and near Canada claims that excited during her search for the White House for 17 months, said in Mexico, the billionaire of New York, in each campaign stopped on the wall. He considered it not only vital to restrain illegal immigration and the flow of drugs, but the country's hardened terrorist criminals and "God knows who else" to protect - people he said were on the southern border and many more stroke, Unchecked.

Had often varying height, ranging from 10 feet to 20 feet, and sometimes superior…

Xavi believes that Messi could've earned more money away from Barca

FC Barcelona legend, Xavi Hernandez revealed that the star himself if Lionel Messi booked more money could have won.There were rumors that Messi is not sure if a new contract in Spain to sign expires with his current business in 2018.
But Xavi believes that the Argentine will not be motivated by money offers from other clubs because he has rejected similar offers in the past.

The Al-Sadd midfielder told Fox Sports,"I have no doubt at all that Messi will sign a new contract with Barcelona." "Over the years, I'm sure he has had many chances to earn more money with clubs that have billionaire owners, but his heart is at Barcelona."It is a love affair between him and Barcelona, and a relationship that I see continuing for many years yet."There will always be noise when it comes to Messi."He is the best player in the world, people will always want to write about him. But there is often noise without any truth and I am sure this is one of those times."


Did Lindsay Lohan change her relegion to Islam???

Dina Lohan is denying that her daughter Lindsay has converted to Islam spread quickly after the word on the social networks that the girl had made to the party militants the change of life. The LiLo religion liner began after the star removed all its Instagram posts and left a message that "Salam Alaikum" reads - Arabic for "Peace Be With You".

Many social media users congratulated the Star Muslim and received in faith.

But Dina Lohan told Gossip Cop that although the news rumors provoked conversion, her famous daughter is to take a break for social networks and began with a message in Arabic writing. A representative of the actress also said Gossip Cop: "You did not become [to Islam]."

Rumors conversion does not come from nowhere. Lohan has shown interest in Islam for some time. In April confirmed his representatives who explored religion after he was told that the sun, he read the Quran.

The actress, who was best known for her wild fashions, has often visit…

Five people were killed and a dozen more injured in shooting at Mexicos's BPM Festival

Five people were killed and a dozen injured when gunshots erupted on the last night of BPM Festival, an EDM music festival in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

"No one wants to die on the tour." A look at the safety of the concert
"The concert industry must respond and adapt and develop a plan," an important director of travel says.
The shooting took place at 03:30 local time in front of a place called Blue Parrot, which hosted the closing party of the BPM festival.

BPM said in a statement that "The violence began on 12th street in front of the club and three members of the BPM security team were among those whose lives were lost while trying to protect patrons inside the venue."

"Someone has come into the club in Playa del Carmen and opened fire. 4-5 dead and many wounded. Stay in ur fuckin hotel if you're here at BPM," Jackmaster wrote.

However, contrary to previous reports, the shooter did not enter the Blue Parrot, and a rumor of a second shoot…

3 wolf puppies were born at Little Rock zoo!!!

Little Rock Zoo has announced the birth of three wolf-maned boys.

The zoo said on Wednesday that a male and two females were born on December 21 and now weighs about two pounds.

Carnivore curator Debbie Thompson at the zoo said it will take about six weeks until the pups are issued regularly, but visitors can see them briefly as their mother moved to a nearby hut or back to her cave.

Puppies are covered with black leather with white tip tails, but when adults have a red, tall coat and erect ears, a pointed muzzle and long-tailed white tails and thin black legs.

The animals are native to South America.

The searching mission for missing Malaysia Airlines has came to an end..

Deep-water search missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 ended Tuesday without a trace of the plane was found disappeared in 2014 with 239 people aboard the three countries said included in the survey.
The MH370 flight location has become one of the biggest mysteries in the aviation world since the plane, a Boeing 777, disappeared on the way to Beijing from the capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur.

Australian and Chinese authorities said,"Despite every effort using the best science available ... the search has not been able to locate the aircraft".
"The decision to suspend the underwater search has not been taken lightly nor without sadness."

The latest research vessel left the area on Tuesday, according to the three countries, according to the area of ​​120,000 square kilometers (46,000 square miles) to explore the Indian Ocean seabed, which was the focus of almost three years.
Malaysia, Australia and China agreed in July to seek $ 145,000,000 to be made when the pla…

A fight between rival groups killed 26 people in latest Brazil jail

The latest dead in a series of brutal massacres of prisoners with alleged gang members in Brazil 26 prisoners, most of whom were beheaded, officials said on Sunday.The carnage was there Saturday night in the overcrowded Alcaçuz prison, in the northeast of the state of Rio Grande do Norte. Similar in other prisons in Brazil left about 100 in early January violence killed prisoners.

"Twenty-six deaths have been verified," the state's public safety manager, Caio Bezerra, told a news conference. The authorities had earlier estimated around 30 were killed as they gathered bodies and body parts, he added.

The local authorities said that security forces stormed the prison at dawn and restored order after 14 hours of violence.Officials said of two drug gangs members clashed violently after coming out of different parts of the prison.

"The (prison) director even said he could not do anything" when told an uprising was looming, said Adriana Feliz, the sister an inmate.

Topless babe gets surprised when she sees a giant anaconda on her body

The clip shows the brunette bombshell catching the rays on a beach-side bed.With a towel covering her face, she fails to notice a bloke dropping a mammoth snake beside her.It begins to slither around while she continues to sleep, but then the cruel lad decides to take it a step further.

As the cameraman bursts out into hysterics, the snake handler lifts up the reptile and casually puts it over her face.For a few seconds, the babe remains asleep but as the snake begins moving over her, she finally awakes.

Immediately pushing the creature aside, she jumps up and lets out a high-pitched scream.Both cameraman and handler continue to chuckle at the prank, clearly having absolutely no regrets.It’s not clear where the prank took place, but incredibly it’s not the first time it’s happened.Serial prankster Derek Deso woke up his terrified girlfriend by dumping two enormous snakes on top of her.

Understandably, she was less than impressed and burst into tears during the horrifying ordeal.