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Top 10 Animation Movies You should Watch

Moving a piece of paper to (the old way) or ink with billions of pixels (the new one) has made some of the greatest films of all time. Of the Persepolis Giant Iron,  critics had Selected top 10 movie of time ,here the movies are....

1.Waltz With Bashir

This extraordinary and extraordinary Israeli filmmaker Ari Folman Animation is the story of dm era, he sees as amnesia and his nation in Sabra Shatila dying during the Lebanese civil war. The title "Bashir" is the internationally admired Phalangist leader Lebanon, Bashir Gemayel, who was involved in Einem complicated diplomatic and strategic dance of Israel with protested in 1982 in the country Israeli calf raids instructed Syrians die will contribute to encourage and PLO die,

Assassinated Gemayel's dignity of pro-Syria three months after the Israeli invasion forces, was, but for the killing of Palestinians die unduly assigned. Were killed in the mysterious atmosphere of fear, anger and revenge, half Israeli troops in the stockpile districts and Sabra Shatila in Beirut near the terrible reprisals slaughter Christian militias in Lebanon the ease of dying civilians counted to 3,500 Palestinian. Israel declared to give Bad power not directly guilty; Kahan Commission accepted the blame or partially indirect Its; PLACES matrices and by Folman, because dying is historical fact is never completely resolved in collective consciousness information or the nation absorbed threatens Worden and always dying SURFACE to break the Save. Obviously, he chose to die from funds for animated film, digital video-derived live rotoscopy techniques like Bob Sabiston.

It is and hyperreal, unreal at the same time: Strange landscape in a reality dying of dreams Between two and three dimensions something is. Flit surfaces and airplanes and die harder with hit, sharper colors and brighter than reality. It seems a long hallucination, SO and perfectly recovered to the memories of Folman's trauma. This is his journey through acid storage, die Apocalypse and He could have even created by Israel.

It begins with themselves as directors of the self show: middle-aged, a beer having a man with military service in IT did Israel Defense Force. Friend says IHM be it through a dream of repeating persecuted harassed himself by wild dogs and says he thinks he deal with DM slightly in the 1982 Lebanon war. The director noting that there is much of the memory purveyors of their own participation at these events removes hat. Everything is blurred.

It begins with the appearance of the director as herself, in middle age, have a beer with a man who has made the Defense Force with him the military service in Israel. His friend tells him that he is plagued by a recurring dream of being pursued by wild dogs and says he thinks there is something to do with the 1982 war in Lebanon. The director notes that he has far from his memory of his own participation in these events. Everything is blurred.

Thus, he begins to seek out his former companions, to ask them what they remember, and therefore the animation takes a bit of oral history and psychoanalysis, and personal drama. They say strange and scary consequences on the screen type: sometimes it is not clear if these episodes were real, or if he dreams are traumatized, but tell the dreamer something important.

However, the director does not know what he remembers, Sabra and Shatila or even if he really exists. As they move to their investigation moves closer to the truth, and the experience is always painful and confusing.

Waltz with Bashir appeared in 2008, seven years after Richard Linklater's Waking Life, which uses a similar technical animation; It came to spread or not popularized, as it had become "handmade" by Japanese master Hayao Miyazaki Pixar and DreamWorks style in his golden decade of digital animation and not a personal signature like the work. But it's distinctive and compelling - and fits just one movie.

2. Fantasia

The popular view of Walt Disney is that it is a pragmatic war; Even die youngest quasi-biopic Saving Mr. Banks, the company's own sieving was published, showing the legend of pre-printed animation autographs to distribute the theme park. But the peak seamers popularity Set the Disney of the abstract films of New Zealand artist Len Lye inspired a great art concert film recognize dying Silly Symphonies thirty years of the series have come to a place to do the dignity where "rule implanted imagination." He knew how to risk dangers he nahm, told the New York Times, "not if someone does, new things to break have movies would not be where today is an idiot ... to be someone's Hat."

Even with today's 1940's fantasy features is a remarkable company, the music of Bach, Tchaikovsky, Schubert and Beethoven with hand-drawn animation, calves teams of 700 people mixing, an innovative sound system to die for - Fanta who would Die Illusion A whole orchestra in the film, But Disney's war plan, not that the music die images accompany, but are invited instead, perhaps die most extraordinary sequence of the film to make the soundtrack - literally magnetic stripe on the white A separate film Receives surreal reacts Various instruments.

From this stage of the approach move made in the studio marketer, RKO, nervous as the Disney way the movie in which Roadshow die calm days released, from city to city to move, proved to be an expensive mistake. Disney's regular fans did not die to get narrative, expert and classical music in the hated its literal. However, on time it is time for Disney to decline; Once known as your failure, now is your high watermark. In fact, his most famous section of the wizard's Mickey Mouse is not only a great work of art of the twentieth century is populist but also die apotheosis of thinking calves Creator Who would have waited to die that Uncle Walt Goethe brought masses?

3. Up

The economy, grace and order protection "Married Life" can be up to four minutes early in the film, it is one of the best performances of the animation. At the height of their flawless strips in the mid-Pixar 00s they ventured with the delicate, energetic and wildly uncontested adventure of Carl Fredricksen and Russell, alongside South American Explorers remain unusual. Up is dumber and more committed, showing that some other great animated films, but with the famous and rigorous narration of Pixar along with an animation indicates that it brings everything - from perfectly caricatured dramatic humans - to life roaring.

Up is a story that could not exist outside of the animation, show with a flight of the house and talking dogs, but also the moments more realistic the value of the medium; Carl tired of moving through his house chia, vivid colors, thrown to the ground, balloons, the cliffs of South America were twisted and pulled wild. The film follows a tense border between fantasy and reality, so that the pilot dogs are as important and real as Carl's hunting pain. The emotional climax comes when the house is perched on top of Paradise Falls - the victims and joys of marriage and truly literal age powerful.

The animation is made for kids in Hollywood still almost exclusively, which means that most of the big screen cartoons have similar soporific problems of self-acceptance and triumph. By doing well, but slips into deep rich editions since its inception, both an exploration of life's deceptions and regrets majestic Paradise Falls.

4. Spirited Away

The Japanese animation Hayao Miyazaki has to scare the leadership of Lewis Carroll to the gods of this rite rite of passage on the adventures of a girl in a bathhouse. For a moment, Chihiro 10 years is charged in the back seat, to be stuck on the way to a new home. The following, obviously, her parents are pig, she forgot her name and asked for a scrub "stinking spirit", who reserved an appointment. Sitting somewhere in front of a dragon and a witch.

In a perfect world, children would be more movies like Chihiro's Voyage, which has a kind of dream logic, shake up an extravagant universe, but runs its own rules. Most filmmakers install their player as fixed notions of good and evil to sustain. Miyazaki, but sends jumped like troublesome and scary pinballs, so that the dead "faceless" Flowers on a carnivore all that consume. Spirited has the same list and volatile pace. It's a magic spell, a trap, a disaster for a happy ending.

5. chicken Run

Why did British artists cross the street? An agreement with signature Steven Spielberg. Has Aardman Animation, the claymation studio before "stop-motion" Bristol, an offer similar to Disney's few years rejected Spielberg's DreamWorks has occurred. "It used to be that the best we could hope for summit of our ambitions was to do something like Wombles or Paddington Bear," Peter Lord said, the first feature film by Aardman, Chicken Run with Nick Park Co-Regie. The Aardman / Dreamworks wedding after disappointing returns further dissolved the Flushed Away co-operation and The Rabbit's Curse. But Chicken Run, the first outside of the cooperative, was a success.

At the same time, computer animation, smooth and thick, threatened obsolete, making old techniques, this film was boldly against the grain to the whole world, as if everything was done in someone's yard. It is essentially a film Pow chickens, rather brave British soldiers, rubber tips instead of hard top board. There is the efforts of Ginger (voice of Julia Sawalha) and her fellow chicken trail of Tweedy Chicken Farm - a fight that a boost from the arrival of Rocky the rooster (Mel Gibson) is replaced, the fled the circus and is recruited chickens To teach express

Even in their most ambitious sequences as involved a scary machine to make cake, in which chickens are allowed to fall just emerge ready for the supermarket shelves, at the other end, Hand has the image of the earth made after the first Aardman shorts. You can feel the care that has gone into it. More than that, in practice, you can see fingerprints.


The German-Iranian graphic novelist Marjane Satrapi co-wrote and the film adaptation of his own co-director Persepolis, based on his memories of growing up during the 1979 revolution. His youngest colleague on the screen, Marji is a brave, rebellious sprite, Who adores Bruce Lee, the breeze with God and shoot prophet believed. His family includes the overthrow of the Shah's regime, but Marji acknowledges that Iran does not change for the better. By offering Hope and Glory John Boorman, the ultimate vision of life during the war, Persepolis honor the small concerns of its protagonists. Even with the escalation of the Iran-Iraq war and missiles to destroy the environment, Marji's main concern is to win a game of "My uncle was in prison when his father already" or a copy of Iron Maiden's new album score.

Persepolis has a light touch on weight issues, while the designs accurately capture Marji's confusion in his rapidly changing world. If you made your uncle in a Dissident visit to the cellar Gothic cellar charcoal stained, soft and clear lines of his own body to make it look as if he had diverted a strange comic. At school, scarves and veils transform Marji and his companions into the rows of Russian dolls, peering shyly at shoulders from behind.

The visual contact of the image is wonderfully refreshing. Lines or blocks of darkness veiled with white details (such as gas masks with silhouettes with two moon-circles for the eyes) diffracted simple blacks, are simple and poetic. Satrapi and co-director Vincent Paronnaud, do a little more: snow spots in a landscape soot Tehran show noted that it is not necessary to conjure David Lean an impressive sense of place. It is very gratifying also learn about using a top-level, monochromatic, almost minimalist animation describing a theme as chaotic as modern Iran.

7. Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine the fourth Beatles movie in the space of four years and was in the summer of 1968, two years after the band stopped touring in a shower of gelatinous babies released. No, Not Only Physically: In light of the band's growing contempt for its advertising machine, this ambitious animated film is based not only on the hypothesis of the three previous Fab Four films, in which it interpreted versions of themselves as characters , They take the logical extreme inside, even voice.

After their seminal album Sgt Pepper and Monkees pretty well surreal prevent to head for several months, they somehow managed the Beatles psychedelic aspects of the movie about the general public to pass. In fact, the film was quickly accepted by children who responded by Lee Minoff's script simplicity, which appears in the extraordinarily rich face that later claimed that his only influential pieces of songs were repeated Yellow Submarine and a date with Paul McCartney, Moptop voiced the Hope that the movie would contain "a monster".

Pitiendo attacking the band against the killer music aversion to the Blue Meanies, the Pepperland and leaving frozen there in a state of limbo, the film was directed by the producers of Canadian experimental animation George Dunning with a budget of only 1 million dollars. Dunning's masterpiece was installed in the illustrator and art director Czech Republic and Germany Heinz Edelmann and the noble artistic creations that remain in the head, especially the sequence of Eleanor Rigby with its bombed streets of Liverpool and the brain Abstract Landscapes Lucy In the sky with diamonds. That says a lot about the band's careful treatment of their own image Yellow Submarine is still their favorite of their three feature films for United Artists. But perhaps it says more than the following year Let - the only movie of the "real" Beatles to catch on the verge of collapse - is not currently available on DVD.

8. The Iron Giant

If the new Star Wars movies were announced, there was a brief glow of feelings when Brad Bird's name was discussed. It is not hard to see why. While Mission: Impossible IV and The Incredibles showed that the bird style could bring in 1999 giant kinetic pieces also showed that what is missing for over 30 years of Star Wars: Colossal Heart.

A loose remake of Ted Hughes's tremendously sad modern fairy tale Iron Man, The Iron Giant failed in publication. This is, of course, absurd. The movie has been called one of the best animation such as Disney, and the review is difficult to argue.

Hogarth, a young boy discovers a huge metal robot that fell out of space, erased his memory. Hogarth teaches exclusively an ideology of the childhood world and the open eyes. The giant learns about good and evil, about death. It is a kind of local popular hero, but it falls against the military. At the end of the movie, after bird has the broadest courage Hughes and pacifism forced through their own retro-futuristic prism themes, has the heart strings drawn and tears were unsuccessfully caught.

A hidden treasure in every respect, the huge iron was perhaps a little ahead of its time. Five years after its introduction, Vogel had made cornered to the power Pixar's Incredibles; An impressive film that shares many of the key messages of the huge iron. If I had suffered a few years and given complete CGI treatment, there is no doubt that the giant would have conquered all who have been in their way

9. Grave Of The Fireflies

Animation in Japan because they used an adult and raised status as in other parts of the world to some extent with the dark dare to employ as Disney-Pixar play themes: politics, metaphysics and of course the event in the Japanese history of XX century definition - nuclear annihilation. While the supernatural, the end of the days of Akira millenarianism (1988) was crazy a little crazy immediately 200,000 inhabitants of two bombs, Isao Takahata grave response to losing fireflies - published the same year as Akira - is another question: the human response Affected in how the war two normal children.

The mission of the young Seita to her younger sister Setsuko worrying about a former bomb shelter after her parents are killed is irresponsible and proud - you can not stop yelling "for your bad aunt to come back!" While frogs think of eating to stay alive, but it is a kind of real heroism, the film is not reflected in the actions of selfish adults. See Seita Setusko and, as the rest of the country to normal slowed back; But his adventures of Robinson Crusoe, despite being condemned, have a merry purity condemned the hypocritical status quo.

Although the animation of Studio Ghibli, a bit can be dated now, and this shows how you can draw what it would cost to capture on the camera: worm drop from burn victims, yes, but also the physical details of a girl's life - Oscillating bravely to face from side to side with the separation from the side of his mother, holding the remaining three drops eat only fragments of sticky fruit. There is a pathos that an actor four years could never convey. Do not think that a movie about child hunger was so edifying, or so beautiful.

10. The Tale Of The Fox

The Mutt Fox does a number of tricks hidden in his neighbors of the gullible animal kingdom with a frightened rabbit and a wolf. . The king of the animals, a lion, subpoena charges face, but the fox is any trick, including the king himself, when Ladislas Starevich this story told in the 1930s, was by no means new: the versions of the story of Reynard in the Europe was for most of a millennium in circulation, but the funds were to say, from scratch. Animation for 18 months 1929-1930 (and released after a long delay in 1937 in Nazi Berlin), the film Starevich seductive is often cited as one of the first animated films of all time; It is certainly one of the first properties made up of stop-motion animation.

What is surprising is, eight decades later, how demanding it is. In 1930, 20 years of stop-motion tapes had conductive Starevich - began short films with dead bugs to make what is now Lithuania; After the October Revolution, he emigrated to France and then to the sixties to make films there. The fox is a testament to his abilities as an artist: the humanized form (an unspeakable badger Baron, cat courtesan Queen eyes) is remarkably expressive and film to make inventions. In the process of fooling the poor old wolf, née Gourmand evokes a vision of the sky, the imaginative flights of Georges Méliès (whose studio neglected in Paris Starevich used after arriving in France) recalls. There are extended dream sequences and in their heyday, when the king was angry at a total military action, extended high Burrow many roles and resonant strains comic siege involved. It's hard to imagine that Wes Anderson, in preparation for the Fantastic Mr. Fox, did not see the film Starevich with a watchful eye, and pick up a trick or two in the process.

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