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The royal couple, who inspired Beauty and the Beast: The groom was completely covered with hair like a wolf

While waiting on the altar for his beautiful bride, Peter Gonsalvus shook his head.
As many as sixteenth century friends, he had never seen the woman who was about to get married and this sensitive French courtier had more reason to worry.
Then, when the door of the chapel opened, Peter turned his eyes on the future Catherine to close. What he saw as he must have broken her heart ... a look of terror, panic and aversion.
Since he found looking in the face of how she was an animal - a monster, a freak of nature, the mythical Wildman said that feeding babies alive.
Catherine managed to control her terror and married this ugly "creatures" toe-covered head with hair like a wolf.

But even more remarkable, he saw it happen in the open and love the good man ruined by a cruel and misunderstood illness. They had seven children and lived happily ever after for 45 years.
You know that? That's because Peter and Catherine inspired one of the most famous stories, The Beauty and the Beast.
French writer Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot wrote La Belle et la BĂȘte in 1740, and millions of young people will see Emma Watson and Dan Stevens give new fable life when the latest Disney movie tuneup to come.
But the true life story really shows the moral of the story - beauty is only superficial.
Petrus Pedro Gonzalez was born in Tenerife in 1537, with his face and body with thick hair covered, which gave him the appearance of a male mythical wolf.
We now know that he had inherited hypertrichosis condition, or Ambras syndrome, growing thick hair across the body sparks.
The rare genetic mutation is also known as "werewolf syndrome" and only 50 cases have been reported since the Middle Ages - Peter is the first.
Little is known about his family, but his appearance provokes fear, fascination and equally superstitious theories.

One of the Wild Forest, babies lurking in the dark of night and eating them alive - was seen as a monster, "an angry recluse."
But the whims of nature were seen as status symbols of Royals and nobles. When Peter was 10 years old he was captured present for Henry II and Queen Catherine of Medici for France and to crown.
Upon arrival, King's doctors and scientists pushed him and shoved himself rumbled to see. Instead, he surprised to whisper his name. He was in jail to hold more "evidence."
The researchers reported that the savage was a child and showed no signs of aggression or magical powers. So Henry decided to run an experiment.
Peter was allowed to keep his name, but in Latin - Peter Gonsalvus. He had good clothes and the right training for the son of a nobleman. Henry wanted to see if I could make a Lord out of the wild.
And then demonstrated quickly learned to speak three languages, which remained under the protection of the king, showed visitors and foreign nobles. The artists came from afar to paint.
The Italian historian Roberto Zapperi who wrote a book about Peter says: "It was a nobleman He dressed like he was in court ..
Someone who had lived through these rules to get married. The challenge was to find a woman willing to marry a man who looked like an animal.
In 1559, the king was killed in a fair fight. Catalina came widow who decided, in 1573, her experience in getting married and raise little wild Petrus.
She started looking for a girlfriend and a woman strong enough wanted the shock of seeing Peter on the altar in order to survive, but enough to wake the animal inside the animal.
She chose Catherine, the daughter of a court official, whose name is still unknown.
What happened on the wedding day is not known, and probably saw the wedding night spent in the Queen of doctors, eager to see the mating ritual of the beast and beauty if he survived to watch.
But to the surprise of the court, Catherine and Peter left in a happy marriage.

Catherine then had two children, Paolo and Ercole who did not inherit their father's condition.
But the next, Orazio Enrico and two did, and the queen was delighted. The couple also had three girls - Maddalena, Francesca and Antoinetta - had all hypertrichosis.
The family was traveling for an international sensation and allowed Europe to stay with other nobles. They settled in Spain under the auspices of the Duke of Parma.
Zapperi explains: "The situation is was strange, were not caught or released and were very well paid."
The Duke had Petrus treat a farm near Parma, but then sent his furry children as gifts to other Dukes. Antoinetta was a toy for the duke's lover.
It was another blow to Peter and his faithful wife. Lives in its closure, the couple finally found peace on Lake Bolsena Capodimonte, Italy, in one of Duke's stalls.
They were treated as ordinary citizens and respected and known to Peter, participated in the baptism of his grandson in 1617
It is assumed that the following year, he died 81 years. Catherine's death was recorded in 1623, but it seems that the real story is not as happy an end as it could have had the fictional beauty and the Beast.
Peter had proven to be a loving husband, a loving husband and a dedicated father.
But on his deathbed, he was with the sacred oil to anoint denied in the last brow rites.

This meant that he could not be buried in the holy land. Even at the end Peter was seen as an animal.


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