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The first symptoms of ovarian cancer that every woman should know

Currently, cancer is the leading cause of death in almost every country in the world. In fact, the blame is more than 30 percent of all deaths in Canada alone, more than any other disease. As estimated by ovarian cancer Cancer Canadian and American Societies had 2800 new cases and 1,750 deaths in Canada and 22,280 new cases and 14,240 deaths in the United States alone in the 2016 year

What is ovarian cancer?
Ovarian cancer occurs when the cells are ovarian tumors are malignant. Often called a "silent killer" because it shows few or no symptoms, which are very difficult to detect with screening. Although it is more common in postmenopausal women, who recently became influenced in their 30s and 40s, younger women started. According to recent research, early detection of cancer greatly increases the chances of survival, so are regular examinations for.

Unfortunately, there is no reliable test. CA125 blood test may give false negative, while malignant cytology cells are incapable of being detected. However, there is another problem. Many of the symptoms are often confused with those associated with other diseases like irritable bowel syndrome. Thus, the tumor in step 3 is determined when it is too late.

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

Signs of cancers of ovarian cancer for each woman and each of these symptoms may vary due to non-cancerous conditions. Since the ovaries are located near the bladder and bowel, gastrointestinal symptoms often occur. When present, the most common symptoms of ovarian cancer may include:
1.Persistent swelling, indigestion or nausea
2. Changes in appetite, often the appetite or feeling of discomfort behind
3.Feelings pressure on the pelvis or lower back
4.Needs to urinate frequently
5. Changes in bowel movements
6. Increased waist circumference
7. Feeling tired or low energy

Consciousness of how your body feels normal and pay attention to symptoms that can last for several weeks to help your decision, they see a doctor. Many signs of ovarian cancer, such as bloating, can take place before gastrointestinal problems. Talk to your doctor about ovarian cancer, which is part of the problem.

Most important symptoms that may be signs of ovarian cancer

 Floating Persistent

Consistent and frequent swelling that lasts for more than three weeks, often showing a tumor growth of cancer.

Abdominal and pelvic pain

Although menstrual cramps and pains are normal during menstruation, persistent pain that lasts longer than three weeks may be a sign of ovarian cancer. Premenopausal women should be especially careful because these symptoms are easily go through the pain of time.

 Essen Difficulty/ FAST BRUSH

Decreased appetite, blue leaves and lasts longer than three weeks may be a sign of various diseases including stomach, bowel and bowel problems are the most common. However, it may be a sign of cancer, so you should consult your doctor.

Need for a greater urinary

If you visit Bad much more often than before without any change in terms of hydration, it is very likely that you have the early stages of ovarian cancer. Another sign indicates ovarian cancer is to urinate with an urgent need and the inability to obtain.

Most of these symptoms can be easily mistaken for diseases and problems with the gastrointestinal tract. So if one of them and you have not done it before, it is important to monitor their endurance and frequency. If you do not disappear within a few weeks, consult your doctor and get it as soon as possible.

Remember that our health to monitor and learn to recognize the symptoms, is the key to early detection and a better chance of survival.

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