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Review For The Movie Life

After the success of a Mars probe to recover return, the crew of the International Space Station is now intrigued to discover that a sample of the red planet has - which contains a body that represents the first evidence of life beyond Earth are available. ISS team, including a Dr. David Jordan (Jake Gyllenhaal), Dr. Miranda Norden (Rebecca Ferguson) and Rory 'Roy' Adams (Ryan Reynolds), to maintain strict compliance with the security protocol to ensure that nothing goes wrong when Body proves harmful or fatal to humans.

The Mars-organism (the "Calvin" is named after an elementary school in the world) begins in the ISS laboratory to develop fast, but seems otherwise benign ... until one day, after an accident in the laboratory "Calvin" is suddenly hostile and is an immediate danger to everyone on board. While many people struggle aboard the ISS, they contain this new threat and remain in the living process, there is one thing they agree on: is this creature on earth can not allow even if it means that their own sacrifice lives on Do it.

The latest addition to the long list of films that are made from the classic Ridley Scott, Alien, Life is an incredible offer midway, the talent caliber wrapped into account on both sides of the camera. While the movie takes the formula formula for a story about well-trodden mixing people who are not so friendly alien life in outer space, it falls a bit short to meet those goals. Despite some promising elements such as the life of a horror / sci-fi thriller medium (and derivatives) I never realized its potential.

Written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (Zombieland and Deadpool fame), life is partially successful in the already well-known concept of people in a space station / space ship caught with a strange monsters take (even pioneer Alien) changes in the process of narrative. The problem is that in order to achieve this goal, life ends, some contain units of action, their twists and turns are accidentally easier to predict and reduce to make their various human characters from the development perspective. Likewise, the "monster" in life is scary and innovative in some respects, but it does not always work according to a consistent set of rules (or develops logically) in the same way as creatures like Xenmorph and Predator do. This reduces stress in life, so it is easier to predict when the "monster" finds a miraculously lurking to gain the advantage over humans.

"Calvin" CGI is a solid creation, which kills its victims in a disturbing fact of life, is one of the most unique elements of the film to do. Director Daniel Espinosa and director of photography Seamus McGarvey (Godzilla, nocturnal animal) do a laudable job of the visual image of the interior design of the International Space Station, so that life maintains a unique claustrophobic Calvin atmosphere in the unfortunate movie astronauts. At the same time, life recycled a number of techniques in other science fiction current offerings use defined in space (eg, extended gravity extent type) without their services in terms of proper quality and / or bring a lot of it Back on the table. Life, not a rich sense of atmosphere and a striking visual style to establish itself, more like a mashup of elements from other films as a result, rather derive with their own identity.

Similarly, the three main actors in life - Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal and Rebecca Ferguson - give solid performances in their own right but are overwhelmed with characters that are never fully reflected in the film. As Rory Reynolds / "Roy" is one of the most memorable players in the film, despite a standard deviation of Reynolds being tried and tested dirty smart mouth character. Gyllenhaal, now offers excellent performance as ISS residents, David, but the character never (also with regard to the reasons why David draws life into outer space for Earth) develops two-dimensional beyond being. Ferguson is firmly disciplined in his own right and Buch Miranda to play, but does not leave his character much of a lasting impression.

Ariyon Bakare (Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell), Hiroyuki Sanada and actress Olga Belarussian Dihovichnaya have completed the main part of life, play more crew members of the ISS, which crosses with Calvin. In typical horror fashion movies, players of life support basic archetypes that are with a small amount provided the emotional depth (Hugh Derry, for example, Bakare is a scientist who was in a wheelchair when he was on the ground ) To get the audience invested in their goals. As such, it strives to give life to the body in its secondary signs - made it even clearer that in the film they are not hunted mainly by Calvin, neither more nor less.

Although sex makes passable entertainment alone, life is a routine horror / suspense science fiction than the sum of its parts corresponds to less. While the cast and crew of life in providing more successful gender-inspired films in the past, life fits into the alien cast and does not have the personality as a memorable addition to the subgenre to stand out. Those who are in the mood, however, see some innocent people have a close encounter not so friendly to the third class, you can find that life is doable task, the supply of goods and still want not to take a sure look at Some time in theaters).


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