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"Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 '' Final Adventure mean by ............. What !!!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell In Tales we flew with his new trailer on Thursday. But most of all, we were surprised when the title cards formed the phrase "The Last Adventure Begins." What does this mean for the future of the franchise?

We learned that the Disney Pirates had more movies in the works. In fact, it was generally assumed that Dead Men Tell No Tales is the beginning of a new trilogy, although the study has not already been said. It seems natural that the franchise will follow the example of Star Wars with new characters throughout restarting the classics.

But the trailer released Thursday indicates that "the last adventure begins," bring a sense of purpose and to start the next movie. If Disney is finally ready to let you finish the Pirates franchise? Or have a much darker story than expected?

Here are some ways for what the followers could mean by "ending":

This could be the last movie in the Pirates franchise

This seems to be the least likely option because the Caribbean franchise pirates raised more than $ 1270000000 in domestic box office, and it is one of Disney's most successful companies to date. Johnny Depp also has his availability while Captain Jack Sparrow to play as the audience wants to do it - and the audience is thrilled to see him again, to play the role.

But very bad to do with Stranger Tides among critics (although worth noting that made more than a $ 241 million at the box office), the study can not escape, warn that people tired of money hijackers little substance. Would make the dead men do not tell tales an amazing ending definitely a divisor to be, and enhance the credibility of the franchise after the difficult reception Strange Tides.

This is the first movie of a reboot with a "definitive"

But let's face it - Disney knows millions of lines this time you can. And Depp and Orlando Bloom on board, it is highly unlikely to bring everything to an end soon.

We know that Bloom was initially (in 2014 anyway) with the impression that this movie the beginning of a restart would be.

The fact that it "begins," he also said, referring to the fact that it may be the first - presumably - three.

HitFix had an "exclusive report" in 2010, movies 5 and 6 would be filmed back-to-back ... which is not naturally happen. But the fact that it was an idea for 6 makes it clear that something is at work. It is also hard to believe that the movie would stop at 6 and not go to 7. It is making almost a rule of studio movies in three.

The addition of Kaya Scodelario and Brenton Thwaites also makes it highly unlikely that the saga would bring to an end here. With the character of Thwaites still an unknown identity, if this is a continuation of the Turner family story still in the air. When Henry Henry Turner, then you can not stories Dead Men begins the story of a new generation to make pirate in a saga between generations.

If so, conveyed by the trailer on purpose, it is likely that in the next two or three films to follow an arc of a single story, a constant supply of money to make sure Disney would allow this because the public does not want to miss the end of Which to know definitively, is once for ever.

There are still a lot of them covered in the universe of pirates, speaking historically. While the fact that the pirate has an endangered race had to be explored during the first trilogy, he was never directed all over the dispute over Davy Jones and Calypso ending up in the world. The history of East India Trading Company's departure and the slow decline of piracy in the New World is very complex, with great potential for more movies.

While the end of the world tries to pull our hearts to the last position of the sibling's court, in the Stranger Tides before, unfortunately, caused much of their emotional weight not to show how the world is changing as a result of the film. Maybe Disney wants to, this time to learn from their mistakes, and actually do the final finishing.

So why not post, that this will be a trilogy? Maybe they expect the theater seating seats fill tension.

This is not the last movie, but it's the end of Jack Sparrow

Perhaps Disney is riding on our guess even more money in this series of surprising us about Jack Sparrow with death.

This would certainly be a surprise - and to pack the latest emotional blow. Do they dare to kill Jack?

Dead men do not tell tales, following allegations of domestic violence comes against Depp that many have led to Disney not take the abuse to seriously accuse and continue to give determined actors unknown functions. This could be a reason to want to perpetuate his best he and away from any charge Depp killing Disney Jack Sparrow.

But to continue to play with promising Jack Depp, Disney is unlikely to the ability to give, to continue to win from the actor's personal life, money character. It is likely, therefore, that Jack's death will be decided by maximum emotional impact. After all, it would be that the only way to permanently end the Pirates of the Caribbean permanently (until, inevitably, a spin-off of the boy! Jack do).

We have from the beginning, following the story of Jack, and although the addition of new characters to interact with him, certainly a new freshness to make the film, the plot of the film falls exclusively on Jack's journey. He is, after all, the backbone of the franchise.

However, it is also possible that Disney brings new characters along with Will Turner to change Jack's weight, and let the story go on without him.

If they were to kill Jack, but it would be natural to expect a dark trailer; No one is like this last, all adventure and comedy had Curse of the Black Pearl. It may be that while the dead men Jack is meant not to tell stories, adventures and covers a number of films in order to survive, it is "finally" because it is Jack's last. Jack is more likely to die at the end of this trilogy, or at least to withdraw in a defined way.

Shortly after the launch of the last trailer, asked Cinema Blends Dead Men's Co-director Tell No Tales, Joachim Rønning, whether this is really the end. He had a very cryptic answer, either to be modest about the future potential, or is deliberately careful to hide the awful truth from us.

It is hard to say. I think it's always ... this is the beginning of the end. [Laughs] That depends on how you look. But I never take anything for granted, and I love the franchise. These films remind me of the kind of movies I grew up with these kind of adventure films that make me want to be a filmmaker. So for me being able to be a part of it and running a Pirates of the Caribbean is a dream come true. But I do not know if it's the last, or if they'll make ten more - I do not know! But I hope so!

Unfortunately, we will not know until May 26 when the movie is released in theaters.

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