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Movie Review : A Cure For Wellness !!!

After receiving funding CEO Pembroke (Harry Groener) at a Wall Street firm, the new CFO Lockhart (Dane DeHaan) will recover by the board of the company in order to rectify a lucrative merger agreement. Two weeks ago, Pembroke took a vacation at a sanatorium in Switzerland and became disillusioned with his career in New York, a mysterious and crazy letter to his colleagues about writing, as the institution has illuminated what is most important in life. Pembroke has no intention of returning to the United States, but if you do not sign the agreement your company will fall into chaos. Lockhart travels to Switzerland and plans the night to Pembroke to arrive on a red-eyed flight.

Unfortunately for Lockhart to stay in sanatarium is over if he is in a car accident and breaks his leg. Lockhart, a patient in the center is under the care facility director of Dr. Heinreich Volmer (Jason Isaacs), where they remain until she recovers. As a healthy Lockhart and waiting to see Pembroke to discuss business matters, he begins to learn more about the institution and its terrible secrets to send it on a quest to know the whole truth.

After his speech three installments of Pirates of the Caribbean and the resumption of Disney's Lone Ranger, it is a cure for Gore Verbinski's Return of Welfare to Terror / Suspense. Hope was possible a scary and moody, touching the story of the original film, but the film eventually falls short of its goals. The cure for wellness is a visually impressive work, but the abundance of style contributes to the overall experience difference is not connected.

The biggest problem with the film is the script, credited Justin Haythe (Verbinski also gets credit history), it is not a convincing narrative to provide viewers to continue investing. Healing for wellness playing with some fascinating ideas and concepts as a satire of modern life, the twenty-first century, but some of them are to achieve the maximum effect of full right. In addition, what the mysterious element that Lockhart Volmer studied is actually willing to follow a fairly predictable way without throwing unexpected curve. On a superficial level, this line is enough to carry the film, but smart viewers will be able to tell where things are going to undermine the healing to the well-being of its potential impact. Rhythm is also a big problem with the movie, in that it snakes over a running time of only 2.5 hours, and really feel its length. If the script reduces and simplifies things could have been better.

The characterization is a mixed bag, the most notorious failure Lockhart DeHaan. The actor is well-scaled as "important" greasy type of Wall Street, but the role itself is poorly written. While DeHaan did a proper job as lead, it is more of a narrative device to respond to all the events in the sanitarium instead of a single pulp production. Haythe attempt to add layers to Lockhart by flashbacks to import a troublesome young detailing, but these are very volatile and inconsistent long term. On the other hand, Isaacs is practically Volmer, to find the right balance, which requires the party with charisma and screen presence. The doctor is a trope known in this type of production, but Isaacs takes what he has to work on. The third member of the main Mia Goth of the trio, who interprets the call of a young patient, with the installation of Hannah. How not to convey Lockhart, both on paper, but Goth able to convincingly feel Hannah's feelings and is perhaps the nicest character in the film. That is, his growing friendship with Lockhart does not have the desired Verbinski effect.

A cure for the Wellness Sport a complicated and exquisite visual style, which is certainly impressive. Production designer Eve Stewart and director of photography Bojan Bazelli distinguished sanatarium in the development of the world. The film is full of interesting images that can disturb or pleasant when the story asks. Many of the outdoor shots are filmed in broad daylight, Utopia style adaptation represents Sanatorium while other levels of the building will be filmed as a place that put the viewer on the edge of a horror movie look like something. (Could and sleepless nights for frozen eel inspired) While the eye film is very comfortable, this item will not make up for the deficiencies in the plot, and most viewers are bored to see that everything is going.

The general obstacle facing the film, which is too cold and emotionally distant to actually catch. Part of the problem is, of course, of course, how a cure for Wellness aims to make people feel uncomfortable and embarrassing. However, the public never strikes because of poor setup. The first act is taken to Lockhart to reach the device, and it is difficult, really interested in the motivations of the characters in this section of the film. Healing for Wellness earns points by trying to be ambitious, but ultimately it is not much for the story in question and simply goes through the motions instead of providing an exclusive one for the genre.

At the end of a cure for well-being is fascinating on the surface, but unfortunately, each apartment is recommended. Fans of the Verbinski films certainly curious to see what he has in store, but the casual public should in no hurry to find out who. Despite some good ideas and breathtaking landscapes, the film is relatively empty due to a weak script and let a bit of a rewarding experience is lacking.

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