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Logan James Mangold, the third and final independent film Wolverine, is a strange contradiction: the more violent the film and the more sentimental series. If you are not taking blood baths, try to shed tears. It is much more convenient for the first than the second. The last time we saw Logan in an important role, the X-Men in 2014 was: Days of Future Past, let's take a look at our clawed acts time gauge of anti-hero route during 70 Here you have a vision of the future. And it's not a pretty picture.

The film begins in 2029, when Logan hides in sight like the gray sedan, down. We see drilling the clock drunken girls at deer parties and other household chores clearly use under their super-oriented ability. He pulls a liter bottle of alcohol and resembles Mel Gibson 2017, that is, exhausted. At least until someone makes a mistake and his shirt and shows what the film undoubtedly the best special effect: the incredibly pumped body Jackman. After 48 years, it is torn and swollen animal that looks like a party balloon. It turns out that the future of mutants like Logan is a dark time. Not many of them. And those who are still alive and kicking are in disrepair, such as Charles Xavier Patrick Stewart, who is fragile, crazed with some sort of degenerative brain disease. Logan takes care of him, keeping him hidden in the Mexican desert.

The two (along with Beanpole Albino Stephen Merchant, Caliban) is the last of a race that is dying. Or what they think until they find an evil scientist Dr. Rice (Richard E. Grant), the increase as killing machines of the future, a new generation of preteens mutants in a laboratory. One of them, a wild looking girl with bows is not very different from Logan adamantium our heroes that Rice's henchman (Boyd Holbrook, very good is very bad) and take her to a mutant amnesty protect meeting used in near the Canadian border. All of this is a tricky way to achieve a very familiar environment: There is an impromptu family movie on the hill, with Xavier as a sick grandfather and a little annoying; Logan as the reluctant hero son; And Daphne Laura Keen as a vulnerable child both need to protect, give life meaning and atone for past sins. It's a formula that anyone who has seen Sigourney Weaver in Aliens or Newt Arnold Schwarzenegger and Edward Furlong in Terminator 2, White, a high octane action movie with an emotional subtext is, to protect the puppy.

Logan is essentially a road movie, but it's a dark (and very long) one. More than ever, Logan Jackman seems to be on a dead existential exit and was never exactly a barrel of laughter, to begin with. Mangold filmstrip on a dirty Peckinpah palette south of the border. There is not much hope for the film. The stakes are not great, no one to save the world. Save this particular and very, very violent child (although there are others like them). Since physical talents mutants, Laura is so identical to Logan, there is a melancholy relationship. She is the daughter who has never been stopped enough to pay. The ground must learn to put someone first. It's as manipulative and tacky as it sounds, but sometimes it works well enough for you to be stuck against your best judgment.

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