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How Google's search algorithm spreading false information bias law

Google's search algorithm seems to be systematically to promote information, the extreme right-bias on issues as diverse as climate change and homosexuality is wrong or biased.

Prominent neo strikes and anti-Semitic writing for third-party websites, the Guardian has a dozen other examples of biased search results discovered by a recent study of the Observer, which Google's search engine.

Prioritizing Google's search algorithm and its AutoComplete websites explain, for example, that climate change is a scam to be gay is a sin, and the massive shooting at Sandy Hook never happened.

Increased control of Google algorithms, AutoComplete anti-Semitic and sexist records by recent Observer polls looks at conservative political leaders in building support at a time of tense debate over the role of bad news cut in the specially-elected president Donald Trump,

Facebook has on the proliferation of misinformation a significant response to its opposite role, and data scientists and communications experts have argued that rights groups have found creative ways to manipulate social media trends and search algorithms.

The latest guards' findings also suggest that Google seeks to contribute to the problem.

In the past when a journalist or an academic of these algorithmic power hiccups to make people in Google manual adjustments quietly in a process that is neither transparent nor accountable.

At the same time, politically motivated third parties including the far right movement in the United States use a variety of techniques to trick the algorithm and push propaganda and misinformation about Google's search rankings.

This insidious manipulations of both Google and third-party try to influence the game system- As search engine users perceive the world, they also affect how they vote. This led some researchers to have played the role of Google in the presidential election in the same way they have counted Facebook study.

Robert Epstein, the American Institute for Research and Behavioral Technology, has spent four years trying out Google's reverse-engineered search algorithms. He believes that, based on systematic research, that Google has the power to organize elections by er something called the effect of manipulating the search engine (SEME).

Epstein took five experiments in both countries to find that the biased rankings of search results could change the opinions of undecided voters. When Google algorithm updates to show positive results for a candidate, the examiner can make a more positive attitude of this candidate.

In September 2016 Epstein publications published by the Russian news agency results Sputnik News that showed that Google had suppressed the negative results of autocomplete research related to Hillary Clinton.

"We know that if there is a complete negative self-bid on the list, five to 15 times more clicks than pulling a neutral bid," Epstein said. "If you leave a negative outlook, a current or a candidate, you have a lot of people who see positive things that any prospect supports."

To change the order in which certain keywords may appear in the AutoComplete list to make a big impact, getting the first result most clicks, he said.


At this time, Google said that the autocompletion algorithm was developed, derogatory or offensive terms to skip associated with people's names, but that it was not "an exact science."

Then there is the secret recipe of factors that feed the algorithm that Google the importance of a web page to determine bias uses embodied people who programmed. These factors include how many and which other sites link to a page, how much traffic you get and how many times a page is updated. People who are very politically active are often biased, which means that extremist visions actively sold on marginal sites and blogs rise in the search rankings.
"These platforms are structured in such a way that they allow and empower - consciously or unconsciously - that the most extreme opinions dominate," Martin said Moore of the Center for Media, Communication and Power Studies at King's London College.

A on the first page of Google search results can lead to sites with questionable editorial principles and improper authority of traffic.

"These two manipulations can work together to have a major impact on people without their knowledge that they are being manipulated, and our research shows very clearly," said Epstein. "Virtually nobody is aware of bias search suggestions or rankings."

This is added by customizing Google search results, which means different users see different results depending on their interests. "This gives companies like Google even more power, opinions influence people's attitudes, beliefs and behaviors," he said.

Epstein wants Google to be more transparent about how and when to edit the algorithm manually.

"They are constantly making these definitions. It is absurd to say that everything is automated," he said. Autocomplete manual extractions are "Jews are evil" and "bad women". Google has also changed its results, so that when someone is looking for ways to commit suicide, you can shown a suicide hotline.

Shortly after Epstein published his research, suppressing negative results, indicating to strengthen in connection with the autocomplete Clinton, he puts the relations between the Clinton campaign and Google, the search seemed to withdraw from this censorship, he said. This, he said, allowed a flood of pro-Trump, anti-Clinton content (including fake news), some of which were bubbling in retaliation applied to the tip.

"If I do it again, I would not, which the data have shared. There are some signs that they have had an impact that was detrimental to Hillary Clinton, which was never my intention."

Rhea Drysdale, CEO of Media Outspoken digital marketing company, saw no evidence of the Google Clinton transformation. However, other networks of supporters for sites observed - proportional law - techniques much better search engine optimization with, to ensure that their world was highly ranked.

Meanwhile online groups of organized Techies right and creative ways developed to control and manipulate the media negotiations through mass actions, Shane Burley said, journalist and researcher who "studied -right old."

"What happens is that basically trapped Hashtags get the closest to using multiple accounts, you can end up getting the trend," he said. "It's a great way to determine how it will be covered, what is being discussed, which has helped to reshape the immigration debate."

Burley said: "cagerservative" - that is, the conservatives were sold - is a good example of a concept that has made the "old-right" popularize effectively. Also "is feminism ..." to search on Google, you automatically complete in "Feminism is Cancer," a popular cry for Trump supporters.

"It has the effect that certain words like magic words in search algorithms."

The same groups - including members of the popular "old-right" Reddit forum The_Donald - techniques that are used by companies in reputation management and vendors to push their company in Google's search results to ensure pro-Trump highly confidential images and articles .

"Extremists have been trying to play Google's algorithm for years, with varying degrees of success," said Brittan Heller, Anti-Defamation League Technology and Society leader. "The key is to make traditional algorithm influence with a high volume of biased keywords biased."

The problem was corrected in a later era of the truth a challenge to Google has become, where white supremacist sites, the same indicator "reliability" in the eyes of Google and other high ranking sites may have.

"What does Google do when lies are not typical?" Heller said.

"In the past, there was an assumption that everything on the Internet a glimpse of truth about what it was. The phenomenon of false news and media piracy that may change."

A Google spokeswoman said in a statement: "We have received many questions about autocompletion and want to help people understand how Autocomplete predictions work in the type of algorithms generated dependent and seek users from the interests of users. A wide range of material in the network: for this reason are new, we see 15% of searches every day, the conditions in AutoComplete to be unexpected or unpleasant, we make every effort to appear to avoid terms .. offensive such as pornography and speech But it is not always good. AutoComplete is not an exact science, and we are always working to improve our algorithms. "

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