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A brief but totally fascinating story of pornography

The Company's relationship with sex is not exactly what you would call an open and healthy person. Of course, we want to, but we like to stay away. We like other people have sex to see, but sometimes do not really want to see it. Pornography is always allowed control over measure, when we see, and if we do not have sex it.

In 2009, researchers Simon Louis Lajeunesse Montreal was forced to leave their study on how pornography affects men because it could do without group control identify. That is, he is not a single man of about 20 who had not seen pornography found. So, yes, pornography is out there. Porn is very popular. And it's been that way for a long time.

Willendorf's Venus is one of the first appearances of people made naked body. 4-inch statue, which was discovered on the banks of the Danube in Austria, to date more than 25,000 years. The Greeks and Romans have many descriptions of heterosexual sex, homosexual sex, oral sex, orgy, and more. And the Kamasutra, a text of the third century, still enjoys its status as the cultural cornerstone of sensual life. Translation title: "A treatise on pleasure."

But perhaps the largest collection of ancient erotica left the ancient city of Pompeii. The diggers found hundreds of sexually explicit images, sculptures and frescoes on the walls of brothels, baths and common houses. Won one of the most popular products was a sculpture of God making sex Pan with a goat. If the sexual act makes people scruples caused bestiality a full-on freakout. The piece, along with hundreds of other frescoes and sculptures were exhibited at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. But it stopped after King Francis I of Naples for a visit, he ordered the explicit material in place, which would eventually be called the Secret Museum. The artifacts remained hidden for over a century.

New technologies bring new opportunities for storytelling. And sex is always a worthwhile story. As he writes once told Playboy writer Damon Brown: "If we have a machine, the first thing to invent, we do - to make an advantage is to use it to see pornography."

If the Gutenberg Press was founded in 1440, pornography quickly found a home in literature. In 1524 the first book of erotic engravings was published. And in 1749, John Cleland wrote the erotic novels Memories of a Pleasure Woman, which later became known Fanny Hill. But still the material was not easy. Cleland and his original editor were arrested and detained immediately after the book was published. The Boston Globe reports that a bishop denounced the book as "the most indecent thing I've ever seen." The novel deals with issues such as bisexuality, voyeurism, group sex and masochism. The book was "obscene," as it was and remained under the ground in the United States until 1966

In 1839, the daguerreotype was introduced (an initial version of the photo). In fact found some entrepreneurs quickly to serve a way to technology for more pornographic effects. A 2006 article by Professor Joseph Slade suggests that the first pornographic daguerreotype depicted in 1846. The image was "a very serious man who is carefully inserted his penis into the vagina of an equally grave middle-aged woman." Eleven years later, the word "pornography" was officially added to the English language. At that time it was defined as "writing about prostitutes".

Finally, the movie comes into play. Thomas Edison Kiss became available in 1896 in the trade, as the title suggests, the film represented the first kiss on the screen. It may sound a bit of vanilla these days, but it created something of a scandal at the time. In addition, filmmakers do not take the dirtiest long produced material to get started.

The early 1900s marked the era of "macho film." These films were illegally shot, consumed and distributed and were representative of the raw porn industry, though America's growth. Deer often leave disjointed filmmakers stories and vivid descriptions of raw sexuality. Joseph Slade suggests that the "confirmed the authenticity of human sexuality." "Beloved" These films Movies that were often smuggled from street sellers often seen exclusively male during stag parties, fraternity events and other meetings. Researchers at the Kinsey Institute believe about 2,000 films from 1915-1968 were male produces.

Despite the complications arising from the production and distribution of pornographic material, the material was very popular. So much so that, in 1951, the classification of X was formally presented. Two years later, Hugh Hefner, 27, founded Playboy magazine.

But it still was not without incident. In 1957, Samuel Roth was sending obscene material found guilty of his bookstores in New York. Finally, the case reached the Supreme Court. In a 6-3 decision, the court ruled that "obscenity" is language is not protected, and that Congress had the material could prohibit "totally unimportant social redemption." The batch of pornography in jeopardy. Roth was arrested on a charge of obscenity several times. One such case involved the banned novel Fanny Hill.

In 1966 Lasse Braun came on the scene. Brown eventually became one of the most famous names in pornography. He started quiet 8mm short underground sex movies like Golden Butterfly, Blow-Up '70 ySex on the highway. In 1968, Brown (formally known as AGF) had several criminal cases against him, as editor, producer and distributor of "obscene" or "material against common morality." (Has Denmark to legalize the first European country, all forms of pornography in 1969)

Some have cited Brown as "original porn crusader" and a leader in the struggle to legalize adult material. His film company AB Beta was to produce the first unconditional colored films. Brown is also the first European film director to be included in the AVN Hall of Fame of Adult Video News. (His son was Axel Braun second).

Brauns business partner Reuben Sturman, controlled things on the American front. For the most affordable films Sturman Braun started working on his show "Peep Show Booths". Designed slot machine to cinema ties in enclosed cabins. When the money is over, stop the movie. Sturman, made sure that each cabin to fit in with a box of wipes, which became known as "pay and spray booths" later. Where 60,000 cabins in the United States and Canada between 1971 and 1974, Sturman.

It was around this time that pornography was finally commercially. The '70s are often referred to as the "Golden Age of Pornography," and this is partially offset by a landmark US Supreme Court ruling. For Miller Vs. California, the court decided to redefine its understanding of "obscenity." The ruling has led to a dramatic decline in obscenity trials in the country.

In these years, Ron Jeremy, Nina Hartley, Peter North and other known faces of the scene occurred. In 1972, the first international adult film was released Behind the Green Door. In the same year Deep Throat Theater met with Linda Lovelace as the sexually frustrated woman who discovers that the clitoris is in the back of the throat.

But as you are conventional films so popular, the audience does not have the opportunity to enjoy them in a single sexual context. This has changed with the advent of video technology. In 1976 he released JVC HCV, a format that would make "video art" a term. The analytical PornHub team found that in 1978, it had less than 1% of US home video cassettes, but "a huge 75% of VHS cassettes sold" pornographic.

Did we take for granted now, but the ability to stop forward, rewind, and again the video completely changed the experience. Fans of pornography on the internet. When it comes to the pursuit of pleasure, as an experience is often better. The home video allows people to continue to take a step and record their own sexual experiences (we now know why the term "homemade" sounds so dirty). This type of entertainment would make it great in a few years. Kim Kardashian tape, released in 2007, was the most watched video of all time with over 93 million hits.

1991 blows the Web world, and changed the world of pornography forever. The first porn site until 1994. By 2012, Xvideos had become a month, with 4.4 billion page views the largest pornography site on the web. At that time ExtremeTech reported that the site was three times as big as CNN or ESPN, and twice as big as Reddit, adding "Viva Jasmin not much less is YouPorn, Tube8 and Pornhub - they are all large and very large quasi-dwarf sites All except the Google and Facebooks of the Internet. "Today is Xvideos from popular world site 43 ..

Most adult entertainment companies have found a home on the Internet. But they also fan sites, streaming sites, fetish sites and more. Now that interactive platforms gain strength, porn is a new phase, and it's more accessible than ever.

Of course, pornography has never without the desire to eradicate what existed. Groups like NoFap and fighting the New Drug argue that Internet pornography begins to overload our brains and that addiction is inevitable. Anti-porn activist Robert Jensen, author of Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity, makes articulate arguments that deserve our attention.

Not everyone agrees. Relationships with pornography will be different. Some choose not to participate. Others do. But what we all agree on is that sex sells. Particularly nonprocreative diversity.

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