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20 Psychological Tricks That Will Help You To Communicate With Someone !!!

Sometimes we find a wrong chord with someone, or feel uncomfortable asking someone for something.
Today we will tell you the techniques that you build can help a good relationship with someone.

1.If the answer does not fit - for example, the person you're talking about something not said, was not clear, nor lie - do not ask again. Instead, you look calm and attention to your eyes. This technique is corralling, and the person will still be forced their thoughts.

2.If someone yells at you, make an effort to stay calm, stay absolutely still. The first reaction is usually anger honk may lead to their behavior, but it is fading fast. Then the following reaction will disappear - blaming your challenging and aggressive behavior. The most likely is the insulting excuse the first.

3. If you know a person you criticize (make comments or blame), muster up your courage and try to sit next to him or her or stand up. In this case, the person will turn around and say less negative about you, than when things were remote.

4.Eating meals are always associated with peace and security, so we eat at home, surrounded by our own walls, more often. So if you are really worried, chew a chewing gum. It is your brain makes fool the impression that you eat, and there is nothing to worry about, so that you feel safe and relaxed after a while.

5. An ancient and proven method that is used by many students in exams. Imagine that a teacher is your good friend and close, they feel calmer, and find it easier to find the right answers to the questions. This technique is also effective in other situations. Try before an important job interview!

6. If some beginning in a group at a time to laugh, the whole person instinctively they look, or they want to approach. Please carefully observe your eyes after a successful joke - you learn a lot.

7. Gather someone to express a little more pleasure than to the person than usual. For example, smile or sincerely try your name with softness and warmth to say. Over time you get a lot better to refer to that person, and the pleasure of meeting will be sincere.

8. If your work is connected with people, you can "force" them to behave with more courtesy and courtesy. Put a mirror behind your work, so that your partners always to see your reflexes. In general, try, people always in a mirror, look better and do not want to see themselves as bad or harmful. They will smile safer!

9. If you want to draw attention to a person you like, something directly behind the shoulders and looked. Once you realize you have spotted the person quickly look into the eye and gently smiled. It works perfectly!

10. In fact, we can control our stress. If you are very worried, it begins to deeply breathe and your heart starts to beat faster. Try to force yourself to breathe easier and balance your heart rate. Trust us - that is in your power.

11. In order to attract a person at your first meeting and get your sympathy, try to specify the color of your eyes when they meet. Eye contact always work effectively.

12. First, raise the bar when explaining all requirements or conditions. Chances are that a person is not with them disagree and refuse. He or she, however, from the supply of goods agree later. People tend to fall into smaller application when denied something higher before.

13.La people are attracted to those who have confidence in themselves and in their actions, so it shows that you know what you are talking about (although not very well).

14. Have comfort in every interaction.
Our brain is an extremely complex instrument. Our relationship with him is a relationship of love and hate. We believe we have control over it, but usually something unconscious determines our actions.
In most of our social interactions, we find it difficult to feel comfortable among strangers because our brains try to protect us from exposure.
However, this does not help us if we try to be social and meet new people, right?
For this reason, suppose comfort is so powerful. Commit to believing your brain that you know the person who is about to turn into a position to take advantage. It increases the chances that people show interest in you, and consequently how.

15. Pay attention to people's feet when they are approached.
Interrupting people when they are having an important conversation in the middle is one of the most annoying things to do. It shows you. Zero knowledge of the social dynamics that lead to unpleasant social situations
When you approach a group of people while you are in a conversation, pay attention to their bodies. If they are not just your torsos and feet, it means he's in the middle of an important conversation and does not want to interrupt you.
If you turn your upper body and feet, this means they are welcome. This is extremely important, at the right time, in such situations, be able to put beneficial
Especially when the call to both sides was annoying.

16. Every time you have a discussion with someone standing next to them and not against them.
We have everything in situations where, like. Out of nowhere, the conversation began to rise
Unless you like drama, I suggest you avoid these situations. You may have the best argument in the world, but it has irritated people generally when they feel they are wrong.
So if you feel that the argument you have with another person (especially the friends - not great fight with friends) creates tension, move with them. It will not appear as a major threat, and finally resolved.

17. If you need a favor, open with "I need your help."
I admit. We all love other things for us to do. Either because we are lazy, or because you really need help to complete a task.
Show social dynamics that, when it comes to platonic relationships, nobody likes him an idiot. So, if you need a favor, start your sentence with "I need your help."
In most cases, people accept your request and help. This is because we really do not blame would like to help someone else not, and we like to be the only one who is able to help.

18. If you want to feel right people, give them validation. Refrona what you just said.
We love validation. Most of our actions are the result of our need for validation. So what's the best way, how do people do? Give them what they need, of course. A simple example is when you are in a conversation with another person, and he says something really important to him. After you finish, repeat what you said in your own words. This makes you think you are a good listener and you are really interested in it. This makes you feel like the center of attention. This is validation.

19. If you want to get a positive response from someone who nods your head when speaking.
This is extremely strong and a bit especially if the person is suggestive manipulator. To use your own responsibility and ethically. Getting a positive response from someone is what we want. Whether you promote a sale or a point of view, we always want to get people on board. Nod in the attempt to get your message is a powerful way to reconcile the person to stay with you. People tend to imitate, so chances are they step in during the conversation. These will then inform your brains to agree with you.

20. Do you want to see if someone paying attention to what you say? Bend your arms.
Usually when we are in the middle of a conversation, and especially if we are talking about something very important to us, get lost and rarely pay attention if the other person is not in compliance or in our conversation. So instead of wasting time talking to a distracted person and may not even be interested in what you say to do it to. Bend your arms while talking and see if the other person is moving the next. If the other person who watches and watches, the chances

Our mimicry is closely associated with our emotions: We lift Our eyebrows when we touch, and set eyes when we cry. In contrast, our facial expressions affect our inner state, too. If you want a similar face to make her face to cry, tears are willing to go on your own. Use this skill to the advantage - smile! He smiles for no reason, and after a few seconds his smile will be sincere and real!

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