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12 exercises For getting Bigger & Better Butt

Everyone likes a butt in perfect shape, especially women, but this is not an easy task and requires advanced exercises your buttocks this way and tone your butt. Keep reading to see some incredible butt exercises to know that you can include in your daily workout.


Step-ups are an incredible exercise your buttocks can afford this. A large heart and training at the same time Find a platform higher than the knees, or a lower launch pad are convenient for the first. Step on it with one foot and lift your body, then bring the other knee as high as possible, before withdrawing. If you harder exercise, take small weights in your hands want to do.

Leg raises rear

Kneel over your forearms and knees, then lift one leg off the floor and push foot toward the ceiling. Now you bring the leg down and continue with the other. Some weights on the ankle add will make the exercise more difficult.


This exercise can really work your glutes! Lie on your back with your feet on the floor and your knees pointed upwards, then lift your buttocks towards your feet, touching your shoulders and head on the floor. Push your hips as high as you can to push your buttocks and time. On the train This exercise is easy to learn, so that it is easy to straighten one leg and push one leg at a time.

Deep squats

To do deep squats, you need to keep your buttocks low. Your attitude should be broader than your shoulders, and you should keep your back straight at all times. You can do difficult squats by holding a weight in front of you, or squats a leg. Deep squats are the strengths to improve your core and your flexibility and increase.

Cossack lunges

Kosak lunges are for improving flexibility and balance while you show your toning butt. Keep your legs wider than your shoulders, you shift your weight from side to side while you squat on one leg while the other straight. Once you are at the bottom, have your fingers up and repeat with the other leg.


This great exercise is to open your hips, your mobility and strengthen your glutes improve. One leg to the side start by kneeling and raising, while a 90 degree angle to hold the knee. Make difficult rear hydrants in turn from the hip and make small circles at the launch of swooping widely followed.


Sit the use across the basin on the floor with a bench behind a weighted bar. Put down to reduce a cushion between you and the bar to relieve discomfort. Now the bar roll over the hips, then lean back against the seat so that the shoulder blades near the top are. Begin to improve circulation through the hips vertically and support your weight just by your blades and shoulder feet. Extend as much as possible then return to the original position.

Horse stance

This attitude is an integral part of various martial arts and is an excellent way to build thighs and buttocks. Stand straight, and open your standard attitude by one or two feet over shoulder width, then a squat as if you go in a chair to sit. Keep your thighs parallel to the floor - you should feel the burn now, but do not give up. Try to maintain the position as much as you can - start from 15 to 30 seconds and gradually increase the duration.

Squats plie
We intend to expand your toes upwards and your attitude then bend a knee toward your toes and get up can no longer see When to them.

Leg raises sideways
Lie on your side and lift one leg, then slowly bring it back down and change sides at the end. This is a good exercise if you want to build the smaller muscles in the legs, in addition to the glutes.

Buttocks squeezes
Lie on the floor, then raise your hips while pressing your buttocks and hold for 3 seconds. Repeat the exercise as long as possible.

Vibration kicks
This exercise is your abs and goal buttocks. Lay down on the floor then the legs of the floor at 45 degree lift and slide while pressing the other down as the alternately as long as possible.

Flutter kicks
This exercise focuses on the abdominal muscles and buttocks. Lie down on the floor and then lift your legs off the floor at 45 degrees and press up while mutually pressing down so that all the time alternately can.

Repeat exercises 3 times a week during a perfectly sculpted and toned butt

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