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Your personality controls the immune system, according to Science

A new study shows that the personality, or more specifically, how it is processed, the emotional moments of your life together, how your immune system protects the body from disease.

How we react to stress is just a personality trait, we know that it can affect our health. For example, if you are a reactive personality type, you may suffer poor health in the form of high blood pressure. Although the link between stress and health is well known, it is the connection between our personality and our immune system something that was able to find only recent research.

YOUR IMUNE verifying your personality, new study finds
There are many personality traits that we see in the different people we know. Psychologists investigate the personality traits that are during our stable adult life, for example, we have the most introverted or outgoing, optimistic or pessimistic tendency, and open or closed mind.

Controlling personality traits of operating your immune system
Researchers say that a number of personality traits including oppression, optimism, hostility, attribution style, introversion, and extraversion have all been implicated in immune parameters or immunity. Let's look at these personality traits and why they can immune function are connected.

To deny negative feelings to oneself and others is what we call emotional suppression. The suppression of negative emotions was associated with a lower response to people who were negative emotions expressing quickly and moved immune system.

Pessimism or a negative mood with associated life events has been found with the diminished immune response of T cells an optimistic outlook showed a better immune system response are associated. In a similar hostility or reaction events of sudden and violent negative life also have a negative effect on your immune system has health.

Attribution is our perspective on whether we believe we have control over life events or lack of control over what happens to us. People who have an internal assignment type have to know that they can take action to make things better if life gives you a negative event. People with external attribution see that meaningless life capable of being made to act their mood or environment and control.

Outgoing, they tend to have a wider social support system with several friends who also have lower response to stress in the body and better resistance to the common cold virus. Introverts do not have the social support they are extroverted, the emotional support of friends in trouble to share fears and receive to improve mood can help.

Change your personality CHANGE YOUR HEALTH
"Individual differences play an important role in the relationship between environmental factors to modulate as stressors and events of the immune system and individual stable differences such as personality have a huge impact not only on immunity but on the progression of chronic problems As health cancer. However, the relationships between personality, immune system and health "especially cancer" are controversial. "

Is your personality stable over time or introverted in your youth and your extrovert as you get older? Is the same trend possible optimistic or pessimistic? If you can change some of these negative traits of your personality, you may be able to improve your immune system.

Making a choice to have a positive attitude and perspectives on the events of your life, is a habit that you can practice, which then become your usual style personality. The same applies to making work more friends and more social than you are now.

WITH SOLIDAD HANDLING affect the immune system
Another research linked personality trait such as time to deal alone with your health immune system. Do you feel lonely when you are alone or in a position to be your own best friend? Research has shown that the genes were to determine the function of immune cells and still the function of blood cells in an individual or otherwise individuals. Says that "certain genes that inflammation in the body were less effective in solitary and moist people while pro-inflammatory genes were exaggerated."

stress is a killer but the stress is in part on how to process a frustrating emotional moment and how it affects your body's fight or flight response. Chronic stress is linked to numerous health problems, such as controlling cardiovascular disease and stroke. But now we know that stress also reduce your immunity to other diseases.


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