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World's largest radio telescope in the world begins with foreign discovery

The world's largest radio telescope in the world, with an opening of 500 meters started in China are active. Designed to find exotic species and this huge device of foreign bodies in the universe, including UFOs (unidentified flying objects). It would also be a better understanding of the origin of the universe and the entire existence of extraterrestrial life far from our Earth in light years.

Announced the Chinese Academy of Sciences last week that its new Aperture Spherical Telescope 500 meters (FAST) is now ready to scan the sky. With a 500-meter-wide plate, the mega-machine is now the largest telescope satellite dish in the world. The main features of FAST are the universe sounding in radio pulses wavelengths weak search, mapping of neutral hydrogen in distant galaxies and to look for signs of extraterrestrial communication and living species.

With an area equivalent to 30 football fields, it requires fast silence within a radius of 5 km. To create a zone free from radio interference, China moved more than 9,000 people from the villages, while to build the telescope. In the fast production, 1.2 billion yuan, the equivalent of $ 180 million have been invested in the last 17 years in China. Satellite radio is located in the sparsely populated province of Guizhou, southwest China.

The project was first proposed in 1994 and approved in 2007 by the Chinese government and the construction of the project began "completed to run at least 10 to 20 years, the world at once Fast" in 2011. says Yan Jun Director General And Designer of telescopes from China's national astronomical observatories in a press release.

In fact, the radio telescope has about 25 September 2016 entered a period of broad introduction as proof, the FAST had made its first observation of a pulsar in 1351 light-years away last month. FAST will use also developed the next generation system (NGAS) file by the International Radio Astronomy Center (ICRAR) in Australia and the Southern European Observatory to store the large amount of data and hopes to collect to maintain. NGAS is about 3 petabytes of fast data each year, enough to handle to fill 120,000 individual layers.

However, the famous British physicist Stephen Hawking warned against the presence of people from an alien civilization, especially those who have technologically evolved more than we do. "One day we will be able to receive a signal from a Gliese 832C planet, but we have to be careful to respond. They will be much stronger and we do not see ourselves as valuable as we see the bacteria," he said,

Only time will tell, it would be revealed as aliens discovered, including traces of aliens or other life forms in the universe with the help of fast, but one thing is certain that this giant instrument shows the interest of people to learn more and more about the universe And want to establish contact with existing species that live in this cosmos. It is ready for exciting to start a new generation of radio astronomy-us being revelations known.


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