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Why the Biggest Country in the World is Struggling with Infertility ?? Chinese Herbs and Fertility........

It has been more than a year since China introduced a child management policy in 1979 to control the population. The Politburo has developed a new two-child policy and the simplified government approval process for couples seeking assisted reproductive treatment. The change has resulted in older couples having frozen sperm and ova and test tubes babies use.

So far, the baby boom does not continue as expected in China. Population data show China Association that up to 50 million men and women of childbearing age suffer from infertility. Linlin Geng, deputy director of the clinical medicine center of the National Commission for Health and Family Planning, says that infertility for couples, the biggest challenge is always to have the economic ability and desire to have more than one child.

Dr. Wang Lina, head of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at the third hospital at Beijing University, says more than 10 million infertile couples of paternity are private. In addition, 15% of pregnant women experience a miscarriage. One third of women who had a previous abortion miscarriage again. Meanwhile, in women giving birth, 5.6% of newborns with a birth defect. Older mothers are 35 years of birth defect rates from 8% to 15% in their newborns, double the rate in developed countries.

Lu Qun, chief physician and professor at the Reproductive Center of Peking University People's Hospital, said that age plays an important role in motherhood because it determines the quantity and quality of the ovaries. Not only the elderly reduces the chances of fertility, but also significantly increases the possibility of congenital deformities.

In China, women who wanted to have a second child but could because of the country's previous policy now do not try to get pregnant. Women were also delayed in pregnancy to continue their careers. These factors contributed to a decline in the fertility of Chinese couples. The function of the ovaries not only damage affects the possibility of conception, but also increases the risk of miscarriage.

According to the World Health Organization, about half of all mothers in China undergo a cesarean section, the highest rate in the world. That far exceeds the 15% mark, WHO says that alarms are triggered. Although many doctors and hospitals support cash operating to make fear of pain and in an auspicious "day" also play a role in natural childbirth delivery.

The high cesarean rate in China is bad news for couples expecting a second child. "Mothers are a face of uterine scarring are at risk of a second delivery. As the fetus grows during late pregnancy, sometimes a uterine rupture that may endanger one's life may occur," said Geng Linlin In a forum entitled "the era of two children: technology, innovation and ethics" in Beijing.

Doctors advise women who had a cesarean section at an early stage of pregnancy, implantation of the fertilized egg is not near the scar of their last operation to avoid severe vaginal bleeding and a late uterine rupture. What especially recommended for women over 35 years of age, pulling a child into consideration.

In recent years, many experts have to eliminate led government regulations on surrogacy - still illegal in China - for families who have lost their only child. "Because the current family planning policy in China, a group of people Shi-you mentioned, which means" those who only son "lost, was released," said Wang Yifang, Professor at the Institute of Health Sciences of Beijing University.

"While they have lost their reproductive capacity, their sperm and ovaries can be viable." You should emotionally still child have to be supported. "Ethics in this case, not the orderly development of services a burden, but a promotion instrument should sub -rogation, "says Wang,

It's best to get pregnant while you're still relatively young, says Dr. Wang Lina. Older couples who want to be parents, you need to shorten the time needed to conceive. This more than 38 years, doctors should consult as soon as possible, he says.

Dr. Wang Lina believes that the maintenance of underground maternity services is illegal, especially for patients who have had their uterus removed, women take their right to be parents. Moreover, he says, he takes this policy on the existence of a black market, which causes serious risks. She says the law and the strengthening of technologies that work should be monitored to focus better decisions.

Do you want your potential clients to give pregnancy a natural boost in the world of traditional Chinese medicine? Here is the natural boost of  pregnancy scoop ...

The scoop

  • At a fertility seminar in Park Slope Brooklyn's ultramodern neighborhood (Michelle Williams and Maggie Gyllenhaal are just a few of the famous moms they call home), acupuncturist and natural fertility expert Alexander Goldberg, the role of traditional medicine enhanced (TCM) and techniques Mental / body can help increase the chances of having a baby. Could not you say that? Here are the top seven tips for improving Goldberg fertility:

  • Increase blood flow to the reproductive organs: TCM doctors say that a stressful bloodstream stripes blood flow to the body and the attention of reproductive organs that produce baby and funnel, rather than their arms and legs (part of the body fight) To change course, use acupuncture to help the reproductive organs to get an ideal blood flow, or try to concentrate to relax (ie mentally your "happy place"), a massage or anti-stress yoga session.
  • Getting your hormones into balance is: The design becomes difficult when your reproductive hormones are out of balance. And how often is the culprit behind a hormonal imbalance? Stress is also: women with more overloaded approaches that can produce the hormone prolactin, which can prevent ovulation. In addition to reducing the strategies for using stress in your life, some TCM herbs can be beneficial, but easy to eat a healthy diet and exercise, two of the best ways to bring the body's hormones back to balance.
  • Improve emotional health: According to TCM addresses, two of the most common organ systems in fertility are the liver and lungs. The liver is associated with anger, frustration, stress and desire. Therefore, it is no wonder why one of the most common TCM diagnoses of liver stagnation qi infertility. The lungs are composed of sadness, pain and waiting. First fertility flows of "chi"? Be sure to find time to calm your mind through acupuncture, yoga or meditation.
  • Avoid moisture: moisture builds up in our bodies and cause blockages in the form of cysts and fibroids so difficult to do, pregnant, says TCM practitioners. If you try to get pregnant, remove moist foods such as milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, ice cream, fatty foods and alcohol. Wet clothes, wet areas and damp basements should also be avoided.
  • Box-cycle: Your basal mapping can determine when you ovulate when ovulation occurs on the optimum day and when your body is at a fertile temperature. Western medicine also believe in it! Look for special basal thermometer at your local pharmacy.
  • Make sure your body to the concept is susceptible: The perfect woman? If we follow what we see in magazines, it is very thin, muscular and very active. According to TCM, these values are not supporting the concept of fertility, which is warm and engaging, holding and support. If you always spend all your energy work or after the latest fad diet, you may not have enough strength to support a new life. In other words, all in moderation.
  • No obsess: The more emphasis we give our attempt to a baby is not in a given month, the more stress and frustration to succeed, create for us. This, in turn, can create more fertility obstacles. In TCM, it is assumed to have a passive attitude towards the outcome and to be more informed about the process, which helps to maintain the balance and eventually enter the desired results.

Your fertility
Work these tips for you? An increasing number of doctors in the US They are fans of techniques like acupuncture to treat a variety of diseases including infertility while some remain skeptical. Taking Reflecting on herbs or other medicines in the TCM world? Check with your doctor to make sure they do not interfere with other medications you are taking. But the Council to follow a healthy diet? That's something you should do it anyway!


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