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What operating system used "professional" hackers??? 13 Hacker OS !!!

Use Which operating system "real" hackers?

Use Which operating system "real" hackers? The thing here is the real nature and cybercriminals hacktivist hackers and security researchers and white hat hackers die. You can hackers this "real" black or gray hat hackers call, because you, the benefits of government to die in your skills, media organizations, whether for business and profits or as a protest. This Black Hatten hackers have this type of operating system to use, not die are assigned to them while better functions and FREE hacking tools.

In addition, the operating system was formed as black hat gray hacker hat or wear?

Although blog gibt be-of thousands of articles, dying to say that the Linux operating system hackers for hacking operations prefer black hat is his, shows that it can not be. Many show high-risk hackers to hide some "real hackers" under MS Windows in normal view. Windows is dying, the intended target, but most of the hating dying hackers allows hackers only with Windows environments in Windows .NET Framework-based malware, viruses or Trojans function. Using cheap portable recorder Craigslist bought a fancy starter image easy to build and not be assigned to them. This type of USB laptops burner has and options for SD card storage. This makes it easier, self swallowing to hide, or even destroying, ideal for needed.

Many even one step to move on from them and limited to a persistent storage local read-only partitions of the second operating system recording space and work dies. Some paranoid types include a Hotkey-RAM panic button for quick washing and kittens makes a Sysop behind each trace them to avoid.
The new Ghost boot image operating system writes less than an encrypted SD card. Portable the burner and will destroy complete data dismantled. Hacker special attention to the destruction of the array drive, hard physical network card and RAM. Sometimes they use a blowtorch or even hammer can that computer-destroying.

While some of the black hat hackers prefer Windows operating system, decide many others, the following Linux distributions:

1. Kali Linux

Kali Linux Debian derived is a Linux distribution developed and forensic digital penetration testing. It is alleged, and by Mati Aharoni funded Offensive Security Ltd. Devon Kearns security and backlogging offensive development to rewrite. Linux Kali and is the most versatile extended distro penetration testing. Updated Kali and its tools for many different platforms is like VMware and ARM available.

2. Parrot sec You forensics

Parrot security is based on the Debian GNU / Linux operating system MIXED WITH Frozenbox experience Kali Linux OS and better and security to ensure penetration die. It is an operating system for IT security and penetration testing by the developed Frozenbox development team. It is a GNU / Linux distribution in potassium based on Debian and mixed with.


Skillful adaptation created is a collection of thousands of people from forensics and Ubuntu documents, teams and business program. Every can of this works under a different license. It's license policy describes the process that we follow to determine which software, and send to the default installation CD DEFT.

4. Live hacking system

Live Hacking Linux OS base hat available in a large package of tools or for Hacking Ethical penetration penetration testing useful. Includes GNOME die graphical interface built. A second alternative to elimination, only dies command line and has very few hardware Hat Exigences.

Table 5. Samurai Web Security

Samurai Web Testing Framework A is a live Linux environment, was preconfigured as a Web penetration test environment to die on the job. The CD contains the best and free open source tools, tests and attack sites that focus on dying. In developing dieser lathe we have our selection of tools that are based on the tools in our practical use of safety. We have the tools steps One out of every four web test pencils used contained.

6. Network Security Toolkit (NST)

The Network Security Toolkit (NST) is a dynamic boot CD based on Fedora Core. The toolkit was developed easy open source access to the best security applications to provide network access and should work on other x86 platforms. To develop The main purpose of this toolkit was to provide a comprehensive set of available open source network security tools, the network security administrator.

7. NodeZero

It is said that necessity is the mother of all inventions, and NodeZero Linux is no different. NodeZero team of testers and developers, who gathered this incredible Distro. Penetration testing distributions are historically the concept of "live" to have used Linux system, which really means trying to make any lasting effect on a system. Ergo, all changes are gone after the reboot and run from media such as hard drives and USB memory cards. But everything can be for occasional useful tests its usefulness can be explored if the test regularly. It is also believed that the "living system" simply does not scale well in an environment of solid evidence.

8. pentoo

Pentoo has developed a live and live USB CD for penetration testing and safety assessment. Based on Gentoo Linux, pentoo is available on a 32-bit and 64-bit installable CD. Pentoo also as an overlay of an existing Gentoo installation available. It features packaged Wi-Fi driver packet injection, GPGPU software cracks and a variety of tools for penetration testing and security assessment. The core includes pentoo Grsecurity and PAX hardening and other patches - with binaries from a set of tools hardened with the latest nightly versions of some tools together.

9. GnackTrack

GnackTrack An open and free project is to merge the penetration testing tools and the Gnome Linux desktop. GnackTrack is a live (and installable) Linux distribution designed for penetration testing and is based on Ubuntu.

GnackTrack comes with several tools that are really useful for effective penetration testing, have Metasploit, Armitage, w3af and other wonderful tools.

10. Blackbuntu

Blackbuntu is a Linux distribution designed for penetration testing, which was developed especially for the security training of students and information security professionals. Blackbuntu is the distribution of penetration tests with the GNOME desktop environment. Currently, with Ubuntu 10.10 integrated previous work | Track.

11. Knoppix STD

Knoppix STD (Distribution Security Tools) is a Linux Live CD distribution based on Knoppix, which focuses on computer security tools. Contains GPL licensed tools in the following categories: authentication, password cracking, encryption, forensics, firewalls, honeypots, intrusion detection system, network utilities, penetration, sniffers, assemblers, Vulnerability Assessment and wireless networks. Knoppix STD Version 0.1 was published on January 24, 2004, in Knoppix 3.2. Subsequently, the installed project, drivers and updated packages are missing. He announced no release date for version 0.2. The list of tools is on the official website.

12. weaker

Weakerth4n is a Debian Squeeze penetration test distribution will be built. To use Fluxbox for the desktop environment. This operating system is ideal for cutting WiFi because it contains a large amount of wireless tools. It has a very clean website and a separate council. Built with Debian Squeeze (Fluxbox inside a desktop environment), this operating system is particularly suitable for cutting WiFi, because it contains many tools and cracks wireless piracy.

The tools include: wireless hacking attacks, SQL, Cisco exploit, password cracking, internet hackers, Bluetooth, VoIP hacking, social engineering, information gathering, fuzzing Android piracy, networking and mussels.

13. Cyborg Falcon

Many hackers that this is the distribution of always modern tests, efficient and even better penetration. Aligned with the latest collection of tools for Ethical Hacker Pro and cyber security experts. It has more than 700 tools during Kali has dedicated more than 300 tools and the menu for mobile security and malware analysis. In addition, it is easy to compare it with Kali to make a better operating system than Kali. 

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