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Surprising Facts About Valentine Day You should Know !!!!!

Did you know that about 150 million cards are exchanged for each Valentine? Or that more than 40,000 Americans employed in the chocolate business? Discover these and dozens of other facts about Valentine's Day on greeting cards, chocolates, flowers and sweets, unique Valentine's.

Looking for love
141 million Valentine cards are exchanged annually for Valentine's Day is the second most popular occasion for greeting cards. (This total does not include kids kid valentines for classroom interchange.) (Source: Hallmark Research)

More than 50 percent of all Valentine cards are purchased in the last six days of greeting to make Valentine's Day a procrastinating joy. (Source: Hallmark Research)

Research shows that more than half of the US population celebrates Valentine to acquire through a card. (Source: Hallmark Research)

There are 119 single men (ie unmarried, widowed or divorced) who are for every 100 unmarried women of the same age in their twenties. The corresponding values for the following races and ethnic groups are:

  • Hispanic: 153 men per 100 women
  • Asian (single race): (This proportion of white Hispanics or non-Hispanics is not significantly different.) 132 men for every 100 women
  • Non-Hispanic whites (one race): 120 men per 100 women
  • Black (single race): 92 men for every 100 women (the number of black men and women in this age group is not significantly different from the other.

There are 34 single men (ie never married, widowed or divorced) 65 years or more for every 100 single women of the same age. The corresponding values for the following races and ethnic groups are:

  • Hispanics: 38 men for every 100 women
  • Non-Hispanic whites (one race): 33 men for every 100 women
  • Black (single race): 33 men for every 100 women
  • Asian (one run): 28 men for every 100 women

(Note: None of the indicators for each group differ significantly from each other, or the proportion of people 65 or older).

904: The number of dating establishments nationwide as of 2002. These establishments include Internet dating services, employs about 4,300 people and has an annual turnover of 489 million US dollars.

Be Mine

Take 2.2 million marriages annually in the United States. That breaks to more than 6,000 per day down.

112,185 weddings were in Nevada So many couples "tying the knot" in the Silver State held in 2008, the place, even if it is the total population this year was in the fourth weddings nationwide among the 35th states.

The estimated average age at first marriage for women and men is 25.9 and 27.6, respectively, in 2008. The increase in the age of women by 4.2 years over the last three decades. The age of men in the first marriage is 3.6 years.

Men and women in the Northeastern States generally have a higher average age at first marriage than the national average. In Massachusetts, for example, they were women with a mean age of 27.4 years and men 29.1 years of age in the first marriage. The states where people marry young generally include Utah, where women average 21.9 years and men 23.9 years.

57% and 60% of American women and men who are married are both 15 years of age and older (including those who are separated).

70%: The percentage of men and women aged 30 to 34 in 2008 who was married at a certain point in their life - now or sooner.

4.9 million couples with partners of both sexes lived in families in 2005. These counted couples performed 4.3 percent of all households.


1241: The number of local chocolate manufacturers and cocoa products in 2004. These establishments employed 43,322 people. California led the nation's number of such establishments with 136, followed by Pennsylvania with 122 (source: http: //

515 local products not chocolate products in 2004. These establishments employed 22,234 people.

The total value of shipments in 2004 for companies producing chocolate and cocoa products was $ 13.9 million. The production of candy without chocolate was now an industry of 5.7 billion US dollars.

3467 Number of confectionery and walnut stores in the United States in 2004 often referred to as candy stores that are for Valentine's Day among the best candy sources.

Per capita consumption of sweets by Americans by, in 2005, was 25.7 pounds. Sugar consumption has declined in recent years; In 1997, every American ate or tasted more than 27 pounds of candy per year.


The combined wholesale cut value of domestic production in 2005 for all flower production, with $ 100,000 or more in sales was $ 397 million of flowers. Among the states, California was the major producer, accounting for only about three-quarters of that amount ($ 289,000,000).

The combined wholesale value of domestically produced cut roses in 2005 for all operations with $ 100,000 or more in revenue was $ 39 million. Among all kinds of cut flowers, roses were sales of the third ($ 39 million) lilies ($ 76.9 million) and tulips ($ 39.1 million).

There were 21,667 florists nationwide in 2004. These companies employed 109,915 employees.

There were 28,772 jewelry stores in the United States in 2004. Jewelry stores offer engagement, wedding and other rings of lovers of all ages. In February 2006, these stores sold $ 2600000000 of merchandise. (This number is for seasonal variations, holiday differences or day trading or unadjusted price changes). The products for such places in one of the 1864 establishments manufacturing jewelry produced in the country has. For jewelery was an industry of $ 900,000,000 a year in 2004.

Although overshadowed by all the cards, roses and chocolates Valentine's Day is full of history, such as the execution of Valentine around 270 AD, and the infamous battle in 1929 Valentine, explore other historical events on February 14.

Captain James Cook dead: 1779

Among the most successful explorers from Britain, Cook-mapped Newfoundland to New Zealand to Alaska. In 1778, on his third trip to the Pacific, he was the first to be in record-Europe received the Hawaiian Islands and visit with honor. However, he found a very different reception when he the next year. After a bit of the crew boats stolen, the captain decided to retaliate, not a boat itself, but the Kalaniopuu Hawaiian King hostage to keep in place. A hostile crowd surrounded Cook and his men when they reached Kealakekua Bay with the king. If the message that the foreigners had a local shooting guide, through the bay arrived, attacked the crowd. Cook played a dead man, but before he could be charged the captain one more time, he was hit in the head and stabbed several times in the knee waters before his death.

Battle of Kettle Creek: 1779

Koch fighting during the war amount in Hawaii, his fellow citizens were involved in others, thousands of miles away struggling. In a combat episode in Georgia during the American Revolution, 400 Patriots launched a surprise attack on a band of about 800 supporters from North Carolina and South Carolina camped along the flooded Kettle Creek in Wilkes Forest County. Although in smaller numbers, the patriotic militia obtained a decisive victory and helped the British strategy to end the colonies of the south of the Mid-Atlantic and New England to cut.

Patent Applications Alexander Graham Bell Phone: 1876

In the United States anniversary year, a lawyer who buzzes his application filed on the phone patent at the United States Patent Office in Washington, DC, hours before the lawyer filed with Elisha Gray a reservation his intention announced a patent application For your version of a phone send. Presented with two applications, the Patent Office finally decided on March 7, 1876 granted the first patent for a telephone, US Patent No. 174465, Bell. Three days later, in Boston, Sino hit speech delivered over phone lines, if these words told his assistant: "Mr. Watson, come here, I want the dispute between Bell and gray that took years to see ..

Jacqueline Kennedy shows the White House: 1962

The 32-year-old first lady, wearing a triple pearl strand and a red fleece dress that belonged to Valentine's Day, led a large national television audience on CBS and NBC on a virtual tour of the White House rooms. Accompanied by CBS reporter Charles Collingwood, Ms. Kennedy showed her knowledge of the fine arts in portraying the historic portraits, antiques and furniture of the presidential villa. Although President John F. Kennedy appeared for the last five minutes of the broadcast, his wife was the star of the show, won critical acclaim and an Emmy Award.

The bombing of Dresden: 1945

In the final months of World War II, British and American bombers unleashed a devastating air strike on the historic capital of Saxony in eastern Germany. The storm past the first round of high-explosive bombs and incendiary devices that were launched minutes after midnight was so intense that the bombers' pilots could see in the second wave the brightness of 500 miles. The massive air strike two days wiped out 90 percent of the center, destroyed cultural treasures and killed 35,000-135,000, a powerful estimate because many refugees in the city were not at that time known. The bombing was controversial, because Dresden was not important for German war production or for a large industrial center.


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