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Superstitions about eye vibration - attracts good or bad luck?

Involuntary spasm of the eye is called a common occurrence in medicine myoquimia or blepharospasm. A spasm of the eye is a repetitive spasm of muscles of the eyelid. Contraction in both eyes and occur in both eyelids.

Such movements occur frequently for no apparent reason, especially for a short period of their own production, but sometimes several weeks or even months can take, which can be very disturbing.

The cause of this event is usually read due to prolonged computer seats, television and a book for hours such as excessive use of cell phones, which can lead to tired and strained eyes.

Additionally tremendous eye can can be a result of stress or chronic fatigue and sometimes the result of dysfunctional nervous nerves that control the coordination of the entire body. These symptoms last longer in people who are tense and under stress. In a stressful situation, stop recording the body of vitamin B, which is very important for the eye. A recent study that the eye showed that the contracts are caused by dry eyes.

You should also know that when the tremor of the eye also persists when you then tried several relaxation techniques can come to mineral deficiency, especially magnesium. Excess caffeine or lack of sleep can cause eyes and cramps. If you feel that the warning of eye movement accompanied by some pain and redness then it may be an eye infection such as conjunctivitis or migraine. In any case, it is best to consult with your doctor. You need to find the cause and then prescribe a type of therapy accordingly.

Meaning and interpretation

Today, everything that is happening around us has its own meaning and symbols as well as the number of mediums increases. Therefore, even the trembling of the eyes has a meaning between people and many popular these occurrences are known around the world in connection with superstitious. That is, if you are experiencing eye movement in the left eye, it is a sign of good luck to see a loved one, it may cause, or he / she call back after a long time, or it may mean something to go or get Some great news for. Win In other parts of the world, eye tremor has its meaning. For example, the Chinese believe that if you cramp in the left eye is a sign of good luck while the contraction can see in the right eye means that something bad will happen, and if you are experiencing pain in the lower part of the left eyelid make sure that Someone wrong with you behind your back.

However, belief in India is in contrast to that of China. Contraction in the right eye, a sign of good luck is considered, while in the left eye a bad omen would mean. In Africa, the lower eyelid tear tremor means shedding, while the contraction means upper eyelid, you may have an unexpected encounter. Such superstition exists in Hawaii. Not letting the eye tremble means that a stranger enters the family, while the tremors of the left eye can mean a complete separation of the family. As can be seen, the interpretation is different in this fact from country to country. Superstitions about ocular spasms are widely known in many cultures, but an interesting fact is that many people in them still believe to this day. But instead of his agitated mind such an attempt treat superstitious spasms in a conventional manner.


When it comes to eye to treat seizures, first go through all possible causes. If it, rest is caused a slight tremor of the eyes caused by stress, sleep less caffeine and more recommended.

In addition it exceeds the help of a gentle massage eyes or hot and cold compresses for 10 minutes can also be useful to set. Make sure your hydrated eyes will always remain, so use artificial tears or wash with clean cold water. Try to rest your eyes a little computer and other types of canvas, and if you are exposed to the sun, than to have your sunglasses. Eye spasms may occur spontaneously after 1-3 weeks. You need to carry your diet with ingredients with magnesium such as almonds, spinach, wheat grains, dark chocolate and sea salt to enrich. If the eye tremor even after 3 weeks and has spread to other muscles of the face, then you should go to an ophthalmologist. Doctors usually recommend eye antihistamine drops or tablets and sometimes even use the Botox injection to stop contractions of muscles.


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