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Some Horrifying Things Which Do Exist In This Modern World !!!!!
Tired of classic sculptures, impressionist paintings and ancient relics that you walk past your past art museum !!!!We have recently spoken cursed by the many jewels of the world but you do not have a glowing stone, so that your life is destroyed by an evil from another world. Many articles have terrible curses on them, they can hurt, assault or kill people. Here are the elements that do not want to play.

 Maybe you'd like to look cursed at a glass box in a Raggedy Ann doll that could judge you instead of killing.
Under the Connecticut home of one of the most prominent experts in the country in supernatural aloofness through a hallway property course, there is a place called "hidden museum." The museum is not only known as the only museum of its kind, but unnecessary, even the oldest, Swagger has "followed the greatest arsenal of artifacts and items used in occult practices in the world." The family that owns voodoo with scary dolls, satanic altars, mummies, magic mirror, Shadow Books and a very prominent cloth doll under a cross with bold bolded letters filled floor to ceiling that issued a warning window: "Not open Positive ".
This is the heart of the museum. Named Annabelle the doll said, be followed by the mind of a child. Fans of the 2013 horror film The Conjuring may be familiar with the doll, which plays a central role. Despite being exorcised and now kept in cages, apparently he still moved and the visitors grunted.

It is believed that the doll is responsible for the death of a person who came in contact with it, the museum says. The last person he touched apparently died in a motorcycle accident after leaving the museum. After that the museum had the doll challenged to get worse, before they left.
The Museum of the Occult is the home of the famous Ghostbusters Ed Warren, founder of the New England Psychic Society for Psychical Research, which began with the goal of investigating supernatural attacks in 1952 Ten years later they were called to a disturbing event and decided to devote themselves. To eliminate the ghosts of the belongings of people and families. They say that they have worked more than 10,000 cases, and that their method of casting out evil spirits "is based on religion, but also uses science."

For 60 years the Warren relics of concern have gathered they have studied. "Many of the objects in this room here have an adverse impact on people had," Ed said on a tour in the mid-nineties. "The people were mutilated and killed." The museum got to the hour from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., when after Ed, nighttime waves could be heard a few stories up in his room occasionally.
The couple at the age of 17 married after Ed survived a shipwreck during his WWII tour and remained together until his death in 2006. Ed described himself as a Demonologist while Lorraine, who is called a trance media 87 years. "But you never know if you knew the street," says his flicker site with a sparkle mix candles and dancing skeletons. "You are not occultists, they are not strangers, they are essentially ordinary people to do the extraordinary work."
In the second half of the twentieth century, they were involved in a number of notorious criminals and get ghost incidents and even attracted the attention of Hollywood. She gained prominence during the haunting Amityville investigating and haunting Perron's home - later the basis for the suggestive one, in which the two main characters are based on the ghost-hunting pair. IMDB, Ed is listed under the remarkable position of "demonology consultant" for Amityville II: The Possession.

"They can not tell us that their house is haunted and to go with it because I am the greatest skeptic.Maybe I have to see it, I need to hear it, and I have it The physique makes sense, "said Ed, quoting page Museum on Facebook.

Now, with the help of Lorraine, the company is led by Warren's son, managed. The museum is only open for tours at official "Warrenology" events, which according to the site's schedule, occur weekly and are sold out during the last month. These are "intimate nights, you go to the mysterious and sometimes frightening realm of the supernatural and the supernatural." In the occult museum everything Annabelle does not offend.

Now  Annabelle the Doll story in short ...........

Bought at an antique store in 1970, it was a woman. A doll for her daughter, Donna, who was in nursing school Donna and Angie followed roommate back home to find her wrist in different positions and in different locations. Then the pulse began to read the live "help". And then they found the bloody pulse. The psychic told them that the doll was possessed by the ghost of a girl named Annabelle, who had died at the place where the apartment complex was built. But the friend Lou girls thought it was something terrifying Annabelle, and told his friends to get him going. It was when Annabelle's visit was Lou, she lifted her body and strangled him until he fainted. The next night he heard the roommate who seemed to be someone in the next room; Lou studied; The screaming girl heard and passed to Lou with two claw marks on her chest to see if there was anyone else in the room ... except Annabelle. The girl named Ed and Lorraine Warren, the people who investigated the house Amityville - that was decided the doll actually a channel to hell a used demon. Two exorcism did not work, and now the doll is located behind a glass box in the Warrens hidden museum where still moving.

With this we also have some other horrifying story which are given below ...... 

Thomas Busby's Chair

Do you have a favorite chair at home? Look at it after the death curse so that no one else in it can sit down to die. This is what Thomas Busby did in 1702, just before he was executed for strangling his father to death - he succeeded - sitting in his chair. Supposedly 63 people who sat premature deaths in the chair found sometimes only a few hours after their keister in the beloved chair Busby chape. In 1972, the Thirsk Museum had suspended in the ceiling to prevent people from committing suicide of the president.

The Crying Boy Paintings

Here are the facts: Italian artist Giovanni Bragolin an image of a crying painted boy, who became popular in the 50's inexplicably and had made a lot of impressions. In 1985, the UK's always trustworthy newspaper A Sun reported that a firefighter destroyed those prints in several homes in a fire ... but the prints were claiming to have met perfectly well. Apparently the British fire service were so frightened by this phenomenon that none of them allow copies of the painting in their own homes. More incidents of impressions that were in the house did not suffer fire, reported both before and after the articles, and suddenly there was a story that the image was an orphan whose house burning. What I want to know is why so many people wanted a picture of a child to hang first to sob on the walls.

The Basano Vase

Suppose you are around your garden to dig and discover 15th century Italian silver vase. Inside the vase a note says that it is. "Caution brings in itself ... this vase death" put them back immediately, piling earth on them, and go drunk, eh? Well, whoever found the vase in 1988 was kind of an idiot because he threw the note and sold the vase to the auction house. The vase was purchased by a pharmacist who died naturally
Three months later. A surgeon bought the vessel and died two months later, though only 37 years old. Then he bought an archaeologist, died two months later. The next owner died in a month. After several Italian newspapers, police seized the vase and buried it in a lead box in an unknown location.

James Dean's Car

The actor James Dean loved his Porsche Spyder of 1955. He had very specific, affectionately called "little bastard". Apparently, the car was so transparent that Sir Alec Guinness found it bad with Dean for lunch called "When you get in this car, you will find yourself by this time next week dead. "And Dean was in. He still did not finish, as the mechanic tried to repair the destroyed car, fell into one of them, smashing two new car owners legnas.El the motor and driving two runners sold, a lost check, jumped into a tree and Died on the spot and another was injured when his car was blocked and rolled two thieves who tried to parts of the car were to take injured donated the car to a security exposure California Highway Patrol the first exposure was burned and the car crashed on a student in the second , Breaking his hip and still managed to destroy a truck driver and kill that the car was gone for transport, which is probably the best.

The Dybbuk Box

In Jewish folklore, dybbuk is an evil spirit. Reportedly, a Holocaust survivor accidentally called the devil by using a homemade Ouija board, but managed to catch him in the wine cabinet. Kevin Mannis bought the box on the sale of goods in 2001 and immediately began to have nightmares about a bad witch who - like the friends who were with him. Mannis gave the box to his mother, who suffered a stroke on the same day. Subsequent owners of the box also claimed that Dybbuk be published in his nightmares. The last owner was Jason Haxton, the director of the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine, who not only had nightmares, but developed a strange skin disease and began to cough blood. At this point Haxton contacted his local rabbi, sealed in the box back the Dybbuk and then hid the world. Thank you my friend!

Correction: Apparently Woman Statue LEMB is not as much condemned as nonexistent. Despite many visibility on the Internet. The statue is known as Lady Lemba in general and has a safe part of Cyprus in Nicosia Museum, since it was discovered in 1970, did not kill anyone (so far). I apologize for the mistake.


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