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Proof of aliens? Tourists pop the hotspot near area 51 to contact and capture Martian UFOs
"There are aliens and it would be arrogant to think we were alone," a NASA boffin said earlier this week. Leroy Chiao former astronaut who records nearly 230 days in space, believes the beings of the universe.
The 56-year-old said: "My opinion on extraterrestrial life for the most part to be surprised.?
"I think there is life throughout our universe, as is the height of arrogance could think that we are alone."
And if the number of sightings of aliens in the United States is something that happens, it looks like he's right.
Tens of thousands of UFO sightings have occurred all over the world. Most of them appear in the US and there are certain particular states happen which boils with extraterrestrial life will claim.
While California has most of the recorded sightings - 11,896 to be exact - Nevada could have the most convincing evidence that we are in the universe is not alone.
The western United States is known for its vast expanse of desert and 24 hour Las Vegas casinos.
But there are more tourists to lure in the area. Nevada is home to the Mysterious Area 51, a base of the US Air Force, which is home UFOs rumored.
Even more surprising is perhaps claiming to have informed local people with foreigners about "The Black Box".
Here are the top foreign attractions in the state of Nevada:
1. The Extraterrestrial Highway
We have all air points, rail owned spots, and even celebrity spots, but if in southern Nevada to recognize everything we experience foreigners and foreigners are often seen difficult in this mysterious condition.
Travelers can begin their heavenly adventure 147 miles north of Las Vegas on the Extraterrestrial Highway (Highway 375) in Sand Spring Valley.
The road stretches for 98 miles through the Nevada desert to earn its title in April 1996, thanks to hundreds of UFO sightings claims along the road's only stretch, and proximity to the former 51 Area 51 nuclear test
While traveling along the ET highway will cross the small town of Rachel, the world's capital of the UFOs, an old mining town that buzz among visitors and foreigners because of frequent UFO sightings is now the area.
2. Rachel, the UFO capital of the world
Along the Extraterrestrial Road, about 150 miles north of Las Vegas, this small town with only 100 inhabitants, is regularly UFO buffs, stopping to meet the unique Air Force testing facility.
Like many of Nevada's cities, Rachel was once a mining town that closed more than 20 years ago. The first UFO coloring was in 1989, and since then the town has been filled with visitors.
The popular stop is the little A'Le'Inn- (read "Alien") where people seen to gather around the state photos on the walls of UFO and foreigners try out their famous burgers, for a chat with the residents All previous observations.
3. The Black Box
Go find out the Black Box hunt (now painted in white) where aliens are supplying correspondence with the locals before camp set up for the night and look for one of the darkest night sky in the United States. Beware of alien life!
4. Area 51
The former facility of mysterious nuclear tests, Area 51 is located in the heart of the Nevada desert, for the first time last year, is was publicly recognized by the CIA when they were published documents recognize the site.
Although you can not enter the site, take a walk in the absolute extent of area 51, to see the sinister character reading "Top Secret military facility, hold out, use of authorized mortal force" and the guards watching quietly watching through the desert.
Many people claim to have been abducted by aliens, and their stories are often the same, to waste them include time, and dream as experience.
Chris Augustin hosts UFO conferences around the world, giving the shocking story amidst claims, time lost due to alien abductions and began after his unhappiness at the USAF base in the Nevada desert.
Area 51 is a secret military base in the United States, where UFO conspiracy theorists say the authorities hide evidence that aliens have gained to visit the land of the public and even create new secret spaceships based on ET technology.
The Government of the United States of America is only allowed to exist in 2013, and is armed contractors, known as "cammo dudes" were heavily guarded filmed in order to launch their people arms that venture near the base,
Chris Augustin says that this caused the interest in the phenomenon led him to try to enter Area 51 on August 15, 2001.
He said, "I've already crossed the border and lived to tell the story."
Augustin said he parked the car and climbed a hill near the site, which was not fenced all over.
He says that a Black Hawk helicopter came when he went to it before diving.
But he says, leaving the helicopter to the field after turning.
He said he was then crossed the border to the base and made of any person in question before departure.
Augustine says it was six months later, then followed before his first foreigner by many kidnappings.
It was at 10.00 in February 2002, when he came home by his girlfriend and lost three and a half minutes while the wheel.
He said he made a high point in mental experiences, suffered more hijackings, woke up with blood in his bed, and left his left leg with a strange metallic implant was given by aliens.
Augustine said at the conference exactly what happened before people woke up with inexplicable gaps in time.
He said: "I had three minutes and 40 seconds in my car.
"My hands are on the wheel, a racing whirlwind - and after three and a half minutes away I was scared afraid of what I do not understand .."
He said he could feel a strange object under his skin, and an object appeared on his leg scans.
Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Handbook investigations, said: "The ufologist Budd Hopkins and artist rated many of the key elements of the abduction experience.
"He found that witnessing UFOs, without bending an abduction experience, often does not explain the lack of time ranging from minutes to hours.


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