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Near to Animal (Far Cry 4)

Far Cry is a Primal action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows in 2016a The game is a prequel to the series Far Cry; It is the first game of the Stone Age. It revolves around the story of Takkar, who begins as unarmed hunters and rises to become the leader of a tribe.

Far Cry Primal received a generally positive reception from critics who praised the whole concept and frame as well as mechanical animal dressage and world view. Some critics believe that he used the lack of weapons for the player, resulting in repetitive game design, while others believe that the story and characters are not to the previous Far Cry games.

It difficult What any other Imagine art line first sea-person shooter able to make a trip 12,000 years ago in Time and get there with about identity still intact but Far Cry Primal you've done What works. The now known Sentence of a man in front of the wild border shtick has survived excellent and continues Primal full the many great selves Jeu 's ties What' s been here defines the franchise with a single primitive tower to Transition.

Thanks totally to the measurement of the jeu (simple dialogue when it transmits entirely with subtitles), great to convince and surroundings And its high character design. It is full by satisfactory Fights are brutal in the vicinity, and the new one for the Skill Taming Wild Beasts Also Adds A Head Tactic Important choice to assault the enemy. Nevertheless,Is undermined to plot Basica amazing, Some Villains small charismatic Ya Menudo targets of boring Mission disappointingly. The result UN jeu and much off Practiced with discovering this government there but What unfortunately the Less their moments Memorable tree contains.


10,000 BC put away the age of Primal Cry Stone brings us back to human history and there throws as named Takkar hunter, part of a broken trunk, known as Wenja. We also know that he has a beard, because you can see the little icon on the screen card game. Unfortunately, that's all you learn Takkar and as such is not a particularly interesting or appealing protagonist.Of course, one of is its ability farthest Crys true Fortes (especially in small sections) with its real rivals, like flying scenic Far Cry 4 sadistic Pagan Min, or better yet, to reconcile Far Cry 3 Vaas terribly unpredictable. 

Unfortunately it falls flat here as primitive; None of the major criminals of Primal is a patch on a character like Vaas. Very disappointing for a series that is a fascinating and rich in nuances bad reputation.


Far Cry Primal is an open-world action adventure. While the game is set in prehistoric times, it is the traditional launch vehicle to rest and play Far Cry series has been eliminated,and players can not access melee weapons such as spears, sticks, axes, and ranged weapons such as bows and snares.Players can not buy weapons, and boats are won in the world, such as wood and stone materials. As a player advances, they can use most lethal weapons with a greater variety of resources. In addition to natural enemies, players must also compete with other hostile tribes occupy the region. Attack and benefit from fire and fields will move Wenja tribes and begin to patrol the neighboring region, and the player points quickly shoot and earn in other areas. Non-player characters (NPCs) also invite players to rescue other tribes and other activities that enhance the people and the free provision of craft materials. The game also has a day-night cycle that affects the gameplay.At night, most predators are present, and many become more aggressive and dangerous, all in one day, players can collect food and other clean resources, such as hunting tools. Players can also use fire as a tool for personal protection or night hunting

Players can attract other wild animals in the game pulling the bait, and can even dominate the robbers who eat on the bait. These animals serve as companions for the players and help in fighting the enemies after being tamed and can be 

invoked from afar and basic commands issued. Larger animals can be used as carriers. Takkar has an owl, his animal spirit, which can be directly controlled. Owl Vision allows players to explore the enemy ahead and move enemies. With improvements in skills, the owl can be upgraded to add different abilities, such as diving, killing an enemy, or bombs. In a post-launch a survival mode to upgrade, which greatly increased the difficulty of the game was introduced.

So the world of Primal. In fact, most of the conflicts in the work of nature arise. Primal continues to use part of an open world, based on a traditional game Far Cry with a cascading series of outposts to decipher weapons and upgrades for the job. But the establishment of the Stone Age is much worse than the games Far Cry.

These are wild animals come in packages that struggle as any class, while sneaking through the brush in the enemy camps. A day / night cycle adds more excitement around the world: the predators are more abundant and aggressive in the dark. Even now, after dozens of hours of this valley, I still worry, as the sun sets, with the hope that I animal fat enough to turn my club and large carnivore service.

This emphasis on survival permeates the entire encryption. Waste to the north, the cold is a factor, so that each light safety light of the fire, as you struggle to keep warm. In the lush swamps Primal, avoiding risk is to avoid water where pirates are rich submarine.

As a lone hunter with simple tools, but also have less ability to defend the protagonists of Far Cry 3 and 4. Fig No more guns and grenades -. You have spears, clubs and bowling. They not only slow, measured pace to fight, but also the source of identity and tone of the first cause. You are a lone hiker here, is not a large arsenal. 

Far Cry more ways to die than in early Primal never too difficult - there is a good balance between emotion and fun that triggers the whole experience.

In one of the nights of Primal threats in the valley a challenge that tested my knowledge of the game of life support systems were summarized. It was made of wooden spears. It was healthy meat. It was hundreds of feet in the heat of the fire next door. They jumped on another shrine on my card - the wood gathering for torches on the road, and stealth trust and my few remaining arrows to defend - walked through one of the most stressful scenarios that game had to offer. But it was exciting. This was the best from the beginning.

Stone Age can also be a disadvantage. Games use simple tools of beautiful songs, but with time, it becomes clear how the download is actually limited. In the secret scenes I trust my bow calm. In an open battle, I swing my wild club. When grizzly bears and elk Make my spears. There are several creative tools, but overall, I think I rely quite the same simplified options. The main function of the Stone Age affects emerging battle scenarios that occur elsewhere.

There are also powerful enemies, whose armor exaggerated pleasure. I had the best improvements javelin, but at this point in the last hours of playback of these armored Rossies I can take about 30 seconds to lower. This is not fun - it's boring.But then there are the trees Beastmaster skills, and is the most striking change of formula Far Cry. It allows you to tame the creatures in these ancient environments, to hunt, to fight and to travel with you.

Jaguares kill enemies without alerting large groups. Lobos fall on Archer distant, to bridge the gap. You can also use the bears and baby, scraping mammoths and kick your way through groups of warriors with little resistance. You can use the owl to explore the land before you, to highlight the dangerous fighters and improvised bombs to launch in groups of enemies.

Learn to take the unique capabilities of each animal and the time to experiment with them is critical to survival. After a while 'predators are an extension of themselves. They will be the powerful weapons that are not found in the desert otherwise deleted.These skills are the embodiment of primal force. If the attitude Stone Age is used to carry the fight and strengthen the brutality of nature, which thrives. It promotes a donation report and receive in the desert, giving the means of survival, but also threats to overcome. This approach at first may become an obstacle for some points, with the instruments of struggle limited and repetitive, but in the end, the radiation Far Cry Primal each layer of the fascinating world that art remains true to its tough attitude.


The game is set in 10,000 BC during the early Mesolithic Europe.It is located in the fictional valley in Central Europe, an open world filled with different species of flora and fauna. Unlike previous games, there are the prehistoric fauna, such as the mammoth, black wolves, cave bear, cave lions, woolnashorn, Irish elk and cat saber along with modern forms of creatures such as brown bear, and deer. Survival is a daily challenge, the tribes are in conflict with each other and 

The player slips into the role of a tribe named Wenja Takkar, who blocked Oros after his hunting trip ambushed.Takkar disarmed his new ability with animals to tame, finally climb climbing and make their own tribes.


Takkar, a hunter from the Wenja tribe, barely survived after his hunting expedition was killed by a saber-toothed tiger when they were heading in the Oros country. Takkar meets Sayla, a woman also from Wenja, and Sayla reported that Takkar 

Wenja after Oros arrived, note that Wenja scattered and homeless are in the country after their locality of Ull, the head of the Neanderthal, was destroyed tribes Udam who live in the northern mountains, and hunting for Wenja kanibalisieren her. Takkar then begins to collect Wenja meets his cave, who finally met the shaman Tensay who helps him, the ability to learn how to tame the animals in the area.

After repelling an attack from Ull to be newly incorporated village Takkar had the help of three other Wenja experts: Jayma, a veteran hunter, Wogah, an artisan with an arm and Karoosh, a warrior with an eye on his own revenge against Udam. 

Using Tensay Takkar found that Udam Wenja eat meat hoping to obtain immunity from a terminal illness, to eliminate their tribe, then follow up and commanders Udam Dah learns more about the techniques Udam, The Wenja reject decision on the Takkars concession before That a member of the Dah enemy protection tribe and try to run behind the back up Takkar will also arrive in time to save Dah and punish the trunk to carry out the execution without his permission and Dah to merit recognition and help. If the agricultural and Aztec Izila, another, more advanced tribe living in the marshes south of Oros, begins to earn some Wenja prisoners to slavery and human sacrifices to his sun god, Takkar penetrates into their areas in order to Save the Batari its leader. After refusing to be Batari's slave, a war between the Wenja and Izila begins. Takkar then infiltrated the field commander named Izila Roshani intercepts him, so he can live in exchange for Izila technology in both war and agriculture.

Having prepared enough to deal with Ull and Batari, Takkar storms the main strongholds of Udam and Izila who pass in front of all the opposing comparison and kill their commanders. While Batari is burned alive during an eclipse, urges Ull Takkar, watch out for his mortal breaths from his two sons who accepted Takkar and she took it with the safety of her people. Roshani agrees to live with Wenja and teach them how to grow food, while Takkar according to reluctance Dah pity kill and end their suffering from Udam disease. Takkar then celebrate his victory with the other villagers.

The daughter Nachkrediten ulls seems to dominate a cave bear, meaning that it has acquired the same ability to domesticate 
animals as Takkar.


The development of Far Cry Primal was conducted by Ubisoft Montreal, with the help of Ubisoft Toronto and Ubisoft Shanghai 
Ubisoft Kiev. On the question of whether Far Cry 4 independent content such as Far Cry 3 Dragon Blood, creative director Alex Hutchinson said a suite would not be successful if you could design something that can "capture" the players. On January 5 here at 2015 Ubisoft released a survey and asked players their favorite Far Cry configuration. The survey covers topics such as vampires, zombies, dinosaurs, a post-apocalyptic World War II historical and modern sites like Peru and Alaska.

It is the first time added to the steam database code name Sigma Far Cry 2 October here to 2015 caused confusion for fans and the press. However, on October 6, 2015, Ubisoft had a power that his next project unveiled.It was announced the following day, but was disclosed by IGN Turkey several hours before the official announcement.Creative Director Jean-Christophe Guyot game that has worked on several series of Prince of Persia. On December 3, Maxime Beland here at 2015. creative director stated that Far Cry Primal so great that Far Cry 4.The game lacks a multiplayer mode. The decision was made in the early stages of game development because, but wanted to focus on the gameplay of the game.

Far Cry Primal for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One released on February 23, 2016. Version Microsoft Windows was released shortly after March 1, 2016.The game has two different special editions that cost more the game based. The Collector Edition includes additional physical items such as a steel book, carrying a collector, an Oros card, the original soundtrack of the game and a Wenja phrase book that serves as a guide for players to learn the language in the game Apex Digital Edition, you can only in the digital collector edition and includes additional digital content, such as missions in the game, buy additional weapons and packages.


The characters speak defines a fictitious language with syntax and structure. It is based on the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European language, which is the common ancestor of most modern European language assumptions and some languages from Asia and the Middle East. Linguists built three dialects - Wenja, Udam and Izila - one for each of the three leading tribes. Each dialect has been designed to have a different sound, which transmits the culture of their tribe.Lead author 

Kevin Shortt said that Wenja vocabulary players must be understood in a position and complete the game with "a true sense 
of it." The Mexican singer and composer Malukah was one of the speakers who gave war cries and other vocal effects for the game.


The Primal Soundtrack Far Cry was created with percussion instruments, stone, clay and whistling Aztec death. The soundtrack was composed by Jason Graves. The strains belonging to the player find their musical profiles. The tribe has horn and flute solo of Wenja ram then Izilia death whistle Aztec ritual has female voice and percussion.


According to Metacritic, the Microsoft Windows version of Far Cry has received criticism "mixed or average", while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions were "generally favorable" criticized.
Kyle MacGregor Destructoid spoke positively about the way the game is violence towards animals and aspects of overall survival, which were developed taking into account the realism. It also found that the mechanical animal company one of the strongest elements of the game is to say that he has "unlimited potential." In the Far Cry series.However, in the case of the United States of America,

Matt Buchholz of Electronic Gaming Monthly, wrote: "The graphics are incredible - Ubisoft has really learned the animation and lighting effects of the face, adding." The game looks like a full price Live Far Cry 4, without giving ground, "he ends with" Far Cry Primal. Unfortunately, as you can not make one of them.

Jeff Cork Game Informer has developed a game for the younger players in the world. He called the visual and the world of design "beautiful," and said that the decision, a primitive language, the use made specifically for the game was "effective." "Finding the players that explosions Far Cry and mass shootings combine disappointing decor, but it's one of my favorite voices of the series yet." Finally wrote Cork

Matt Utley Revolution game called Far Cry Primal a "breath of fresh air for the franchise games and first-person action in general." This is a game that is more like a game of a game called "impressive" and "exuberant". Utley critics were low; Formula away.

Mike Mahardy GameSpot gave the game a mostly positive review, calling it his greatest strength environment. Cooperative "and" feel "appreciates the emphasis on the" tense "in terms of survival, and called the mechanics Domestication" creative. "Mahdiy does not know what to do with the game.

Joe Skrebels of GamesRadar was critical of the game, a summary of his thoughts with "Primal takes great structure of the series Far Cry, but little of his character ..." Skrebels praised mechanics and dressage open the world of design,Luke Reilly of IGN summed up his comments with: "Far Cry Primal to the table with ideas ordered quiver, but forgot to bring a lot of history with it." Reilly was the first of a new series exploring the history of mechanical animals. 

However, Reilly felt a radical change of the series was not without its flaws, said that the characters, missions, and were usually step back memorable moments previous games.

Polygon Justin McElroy is the absorption of the series. He summarized his written statement: "I do not want any games Far Cry now on the balls for motorcycles Arrows for the tiger trade, but Primal is a refreshing example of how to keep a weary deductible revisiting intact its soul.

Simon Miller is a director, producer and director of the film "Simon Miller." All this is radically new "for the series.It 'was the praise of the mechanical animal domestication and the visual.


The commercial version of the game was the best selling in the UK version of the game,The game was also the best selling game in the US in 2016. In February According to Ubisoft, run the game the best of what they expected, and the market should be in February, the biggest launch of the game.

Far Cry Primal formula can lead to Far Cry in time and comes to the table with an emotion of own ideas and a dangerous and fascinating world open. The visceral combat is fun and varied, based on the game of the beast is a winner, and the attractiveness of rural support, machining gear, hunting the beast, and the resources of the harvest remains irresistible. And "weakened, however, by a disappointing lack of investment in its history, often mediocre missions, and bad vanilla, which unfortunately combine to make you feel like Primal a momentary memorable moments of Far Cry 3 and 4.


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