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Fifty Shades darker Movie review & some Facts About This movie:::::::::::::::::::::

Movie Review:
In 2015, Fifty Shades of Gray took a critical hit and still reflects at the world box office to have it, to the order of half a billion pounds.
For fans of the first movie, there is nothing here that you have not seen before.
It is a series of artistically photographed scenes of collision and grinding, interrupted by periods of boring useless dialogue while the actors to catch their breath.
Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are back in the harness as the dominant Christian Gray and Anastasia submissive 'Ana' Steele.
The chandelier, bonking bland, machines have a huge libido but lack personality.
Ana Christian left at the end of the first movie and now they want to return.
Ana truth without much conviction, but insists on "there are no rules, there is no punishment and there are no more secrets."
He has a distance from his good intentions.
If Christian does not whip in the cracking job, Ana is taking a masquerade or her private dungeon, the red room.
Spanking and body clamp are very strong.
They live in a world of glossy lifestyle magazine of yachts, helicopters and stylish apartments.
Everything is polished to a perfect degree except for the signature, plot and characters.
Ana's new boss chases her office, Chagrin Christian's omission.
Meanwhile, two of the former Christian sex partners have their daggers for Ana. This jealousy move along the action, from one room to another.
Neither Bella Heathcote nor Kim Basinger has much to do, but at least the latter provides some bite.
They live in a world of glossy lifestyle magazine of yachts, helicopters and stylish apartments.
Everything is polished to a perfect degree except for the signature, plot and characters.
Ana's new boss chases her office, Chagrin Christian's omission.
Meanwhile, two of the former Christian sex partners have their daggers for Ana. This jealousy move along the action, from one room to another.

Neither Bella Heathcote nor Kim Basinger has much to do, but at least the latter provides some bite.
Former director Sam Taylor-Johnson, and is James Foley, best known for directing music videos of Madonna.

Unfortunately Foley does not videos his songs Panky scarf, Erotica direct or open your heart, which at least have been a good exercise for him.
If you want to see a movie about a billionaire playboy with a penchant for darkness, inflict violence and masks, it is much better to watch for Lego Batman The Movie.
Fifty Shades Darker

With a sideways glance, Bachelor Christian Christian opens the door to his "game room," a windowless dungeon, equipped with whips, cat tails, and nine tails.

"Welcome to my world," he murmurs, and so sex education gets its latest toy.

The biggest triumph of this adaptation to the big screen of El James's novel, the fastest selling paperback in UK history, is the way it easily takes in the world of S & M and a respectable change image.
Director Sam Taylor-Johnson has achieved the equivalent of the film turn, Charles Manson at any age favorite uncle.
Not that critical opinion will affect your closet. With booked at a rate of one in this week every seven seconds tickets in advance, Fifty Shades is bulletproof.

Dakota Johnson, daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, 25, plays naive student Anastasia Steele, Christian (Jamie Dornan) meets as he interviewed for the college newspaper.
The couple could not be more different - she is a naive klutz all the fingers and thumb while he is Debonair an excess of control - but the mutual attraction is palpable.
With the looks of Brad Pitt, Bill Gates' wealth and the sexual appetite of a dozen rabbits on the first day of spring, which women resist?
But early Christian warns passionate Ana: "I do not do the novel My taste is very original are ..
You can say this again, for the inaccessible lothario is really a "dominant", who wants to turn the 21-year-old virgin into a "submissive."
Although many of the weaker section of the book and the interior monologue Ana asinino have been removed, this is not a film that can be described in every world as high art.
Ana scenes sucking her penciling moments of symbolism making the soundtrack (including the animal pack of Rolling Stones) is painfully obvious, and Christian, despite his peccadilloes, seems too perfect to be real.

With their fancy twins, Audi R8 and an ear for classical music, it seems like the idea of a rich person poor person.

Meanwhile, some stabbing stab at its bottom less, ahem to penetrate.

Not that it's too important. After all the sex scenes, then I announced that people pay their charges to see and more movie deals.

The first coming preliminaries at 40 minutes, Ana sees her cherry, shagged in silk sheets in a mist of breast and the buttocks with questions always misses raunchy, as the movie progresses.

Over 15 minutes or more, his naked body is beaten, whipped and mocked, likely to cause with strong Christian use of a vintage filing a complaint with the Jockeys Association in any other situation.

Taylor-Johnson has a movie both sexy and stylish.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson reprise their role as Christian and Anastasia.
And this time it's not a proposal, more drama and still wet sex scenes.

Since the movie hits the big screen, here are 10 fascinating facts about Fifty Shades Darker.

1. Jamie Dornan is reinforced by the first film

Christian Christian is a tanned, toned and misaligned version for which we are accustomed.
While Dornan embraced a rough and ready character as a bearded serial killer Paul Specter's fall BBC Two, Gray has never been so stubbly.

"Every day shave sucks," Dornan said. "It's also a strange psychological thing, but I feel very exposed and naked with a shaven face."

2. Wait to see more of this time Rita Ora

While the star singer who plays the adopted sister of Gray Mia, taciturn about how long she put on the screen in time in steam, it seems a little more than her cameo 90 seconds its fifty shades of gray.
We know that Ora is a crucial part of the masked ball scene, when the billionaire barely disappears and his family worries are worried that he is dead.
He also introduced a sexy song to Kiss Me Title soundtrack.

3. E. L. James was on the set all the time

British author Erika Mitchell reinforced his creative control for "some friction" on set during the last slide.
Director James Foley - who took over the role after first director Sam Taylor-Johnson rejected the second film because the taps with the author reported on the system - said the 53-year-old author, even a separate village had producer

4. There was a spy on the set

A spy from a busy super fan sneaked into the crowd as he pretended to be a PA.
Director James Foley said, "Finally someone started a conversation with her, and it seemed a little strange, and found out she was a spy for a Twitter fan."

5. Jamie's wife Amelia Warner joined him on set

Amelia was hit with her husband on the beach during filming of intimate scenes with Dakota Johnson, including rubbing on her sunscreen naked back.
Dakota appeared the couple with them between scenes for a bath to go to sea, to become famous.

6. Sex scenes were shot in private

The sex scenes were filmed in a closed set, with only Jamie, Dakota and two directors in the room.
The camera was there to interfere - it was remotely supported by a large crane.

7. Kim Basinger was repeated hit by Marcia Gay Harden

Rights Kim Basinger of Hollywood plays former lover Gray, Mrs. Robinson, in the new movie, and was "repeatedly beaten" by Marcia Gay Harden, who returns as her mother.
In a famous bust-up of the original book, the couple had to film three or four times.

8. E. L. James husband wrote the screenplay

Her husband, Niall Leonard, wrote the script for the sequel, so that the couple one more creative control over the film.

9. Jamie was going Full Frontal

Apparently Jamie was showing his genitals in the movie a few times, and it was "too close" to do so. But no full frontal nudity in the movie 15 Ratings.

10. Jamie Dakota helped with the American accent

Jamie, Belfast, worked to help with a dialect coach to perfect his American accent with Dakota, who was born in Texas.
"I would do dramatic readings of your lines," he said.
So, I have a T-shirt printed with one of its lines phonetically on it.

Enter, buckles and have an additional impact on the delightful and ridiculous sexual slave world of a billionaire curly and playboy playboy.


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