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Do You Know The Story Behind Valentines Day ?? Here It Is

Valentine's Day is an ancient tradition that is being created called Lupercalia in a Roman festival believed to be History
It was Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture dedicated instead of fertility festival on February 15.
During the celebrations, the boy's name would have girls from a box and his partner would be during the festival.

These parties often led to marriage.

The festival survived the initial rise of Christianity, but was banned in the late fifth century when Pope Gelasius declared February 14 Valentine's Day.
The history of Valentine's Day and the history of its protection is shrouded in mystery. We know that February has been celebrated as a month of romance and Valentine's Day, as we know it today, contains traces of both Christian tradition and ancient Roman tradition. But who was Valentine and as associated with this ancient rite?

Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales and writers have been really behind Valentine's Day. The medieval English poet has taken many liberties with history. He let his poetic characters into real-life historical facts, so that readers wonder if what really happened.

There is no real record of Valentine's Day Poem Chaucer in 1375. It is at the Parliament Foules that the tradition of courtly love connects Valentine's Party - tradition, there were just past his poem.

The poem refers to February 14 as the day when the birds gather to find a partner. "For this was sent on the day of Seynt Valentyne / Whan every fault is to choose his partners," he wrote, and perhaps invented Valentine's Day as we know it today.

Who was Valentine?

Flowers, candy, red hearts and romance. That's what all Valentine's, right? Well, maybe not.Valentine, who inspired the party may have been of a much more man.

The origin of this feast for the expression of love is not really romantic, at least not in the traditional sense. Father Frank O'Gara of Whitefriars Street Church in Dublin, Ireland, told the man the true story behind the feast-St. In love
The story describes 1400 Valentine as a priest who was beheaded by Emperor Claudius II to help Christian couples.

"It was a Roman priest at a time when there was an emperor named Claudia who chased the church in that particular moment," Father O'Gara said. "We had to ban a decree on the marriage of young people, based on the assumption that individual soldiers fought better than married soldiers because married soldiers may fear what could happen to them or their wives or families if they died are."
"I think we should remember that it was a very permissive society where Valentine lived," says Father O'Gara. "Polygamy would have been far more popular than a man and a woman living together, but some looked like tight Christian faith, but obviously the Church believes that the marriage between a man and a woman to life was sacred and should be encouraged , Thus presenting the problem immediately to the Christian church, what to do. "

"The idea to encourage them to marry within the Christian church was what was secretly married Valentine and with them because of the decree."

Valentine was finally captured, imprisoned and tortured to perform wedding ceremonies against Emperor Claudius, the second instruction. There are legends surrounding the actions of boyfriends in jail.

"One of the men who had him by the Roman law at this time would judge a man named Asterius whose daughter was blind, should have prayed and healed the girl with such a striking effect that Asterius himself became a Christian as a result,"

In 269 AD Valentine was convicted in three parts of beatings, stoning to death, and finally everything because of his location for the decapitation Christian marriage. The story says that the last words he wrote in a note to Asterius daughter had. He inspired the romantic missives now signing, "Your Valentine card."

"Valentine's Day means to me as a priest," Father O'Gara said, "is that there comes a time in your life on the line for what you believe, and the power of the Holy Spirit can even make the point of Death. "

Valentine's martyrdom did not go unnoticed by the public. In fact Whitefriars Street Church is one of three churches that claim the remains of Saint Valentine to house. Today, many people make the pilgrimage to the church to pay homage to the courage and memory of these Christian saints.

"Valentine has turned into a Christian marriage know as Patron of the lovers.First known in his life.and especially in the world the sense of God in his life want to insert a great need for modern God, can be found many people that God through His son Jesus Christ. "

"If Valentine were here today, I couples say that there comes a time when you have to suffer will not be easy your commitment and vows in the marriage I do not wonder if love" bud "a little less" well "but perhaps more mature And the question is, do you have to change for someone, is that young person ready for it? "

"So the wedding day is to have that in context," says Father O'Gara. "Love Love and human sexuality is wonderful and blessed by God, but also the shadow of the cross, which is what Valentine means to me."
The saint was officially recognized by the Roman Catholic Church a real person who died around 270 AD.

"Valentino" comes from the Latin word for dignified, strong and powerful, and was a popular name between the second and eighth centuries AD, which means that there are several martyrs of the same name. In fact, there are a dozen Valentine's on the list and there's even a Valentine Papa. The actual day we celebrate known to set it aside as Valentine of Rome.

What does it really have to do with love?

Valentine has helped couples get married in secret, which is probably very romantic. He is the patron saint of beekeepers and epilepsy, among others ... like plague, fainting and travel. This prevents people from not for those of your liiert help ask. Now he is also the patron of marriages engaged and happy.

Why did your skull in Rome perform?

Yes that's right. Valentine skulls in flowers and adorned in Rome. It is on display at the Basilica of St. Mary in Cosmedin.

It was discovered when people were catacombs near Rome to dig in the early 1800s. Skeleton remains and other relics were now buried together with Valentine. It is to be divided and distributed the norm so that the reliquaries - places to keep the remains - and the world. If you would like to see other parts of the saints, it is on display in the Czech Republic, Ireland, Scotland, England and France.

Why do we give Valentine cards?

Another idea is that if he sent to prison, a letter to a young man sent that had fallen and signed "from his Valentine".

It is assumed that the first greeting was Valentine's Day.

Why always celebrated on February 14?

Some believe that Valentine's Day is celebrated in mid-February to commemorate the anniversary of Valentine's death.

It is believed that about 270 AD half occurred.

Others argue that the Christian Church Valentine's Party at this time of year, in an effort to "Christianize", decided to put the pagan feast of Lupercalia.
Why Valentine Roses Linked?

Roses have been from the beginning of the 1700's when Charles II of Sweden brought poetic Persian art as the "language of flowers" to Europe announced the symbol of love.

During the eighteenth century, ladies will love their flowers dictionaries, listing the symbolic meanings of different flowers, such as

It was believed that the red rose, the flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love and therefore responsible for arriving, was favored.

For Cupid?
Cupid is the god of desire, erotic love, affection and attraction. He is the son of Venus, the goddess of love and the god of war Mars. Love in Latin is "love", which means love.

When was the transaction Valentine?
It was not until the eighteenth century that Valentine had been in England. Lovers started jewelry, cards and flowers to send to their loved ones. The huge amount sold for printed maps then in 1913, Hallmark Cards in Kansas City began mass certain Valentine cards. Now, more than one billion cards are sold each year and is the second largest shipping card instead.

Why did they sign cards anonymously?

In addition to the embarrassment, a real tradition, the Victorians, began. They thought it was bad luck to sign the card with their real names. Victorians were also those who sent the roses, as if they were the favorite flower of Venus.


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