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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

What is it!!!

It took a bit, but Infinity Ward has finally the message is played the second world war. With modern times and international affairs more and more, shall we say, interesting in recent years of 1940 simply do not have the same weight as before. This could be the reason for Call of Duty 4 has a new subtitle, Modern Warfare. Things in a fictional story that seems plausible enough, the developer has a much more difficult game. But COD 4 is much more than just updated setting. There is also an incredible multiplayer first-person shooter and a nice but short single player campaign to make visual chops super hit in an era of seemingly dozens full of great shooters.

The only real decision is the single-player is almost incredibly short. If you were in keeping with the style of the game, probably the way for loans in less than five hours. While you can increase the difficulty of giving a bigger challenge, making it the main thing is to make the frustrating mortal enemies to destroy the pleasure.


While there may be a lack of quantity of single player he is, makes the most of its quality. The game tells the story of different points of view, and you play as a new unit British SAS and US Marine. The campaign takes a rainy night at sea on a boat about to sink into a missile silo, where it is on you to save millions of unpleasant death with nuclear propulsion. On the way there are many breathtaking moments when you are looking into the room someone, you can say, "I can not believe that just happened" In a world of games completely. The war, in which good unharmed and left the world in peace, Call of Duty 4 wakes up a face like water ice.


The effect of the Very Simply Phone Usually Country. You must specify a compass at the bottom of the screen, and the direction of your screen objective and very clear in progress. Perform My from point A to point B can reach and easily design a line just to get, come the large-scale attacks in the Middle East fire is to take from house to house, what about a long and endless stream of Enemy troops seems to be the road. Also, you have the opportunity to loot the terrorist farms managed looking heads, even hide to meet the enemy, and, accordingly One, a ghillie suit and a brush to crawl through the wear of brooms, enemy troops And the tanks roll right you! , And: "A postponement to Rich momentous stunning landscapes, unfortunately, and almost half as contactors in the media, and there are many sequences in which if there were solo or be taken the cause of other Packages.


Of course, if you are looking for a lifetime, this is where the multiplayer. Up to 18 players can be online and in the game on one of 16 different cards. Many levels are taken by individual players and their games, sniper-friendly areas and confined spaces, almost cramped when grenades and shotguns agenda six game modes to choose from. Old reserve-team Deathmatch, although you can also play for free to all Deathmatch, which is not as fun as the team mode. The other mode is more targeted, and some of them have launched bombs across the board to blow up the enemy's equipment or to prevent the enemy from the air to chase their base. You have more control points. And, finally, we may want to change the rules of the game, while 'with the attitude that makes the Hardcore realistic weapons or damage to the old-school mode, met with the weapon on the floor and pick-ups and, in general, far from the simulation side of things.


As well as the gun or throw a grenade firing, winning the most interesting tactical moves for skilled play. If you can get without dying three opponents, you can call UAV drone, which is basically a modernized radar to give the enemy positions on the screen at any time, for 30 seconds display on the map. Usually enemies blip on the map, only if they shoot their weapons to their location is not known. If you can go five killings, you can call an air strike which brings together all levels of baking paper, allowing you to put the air strike, where you want. In conjunction with the analysis of the UAV, it can be very destructive. If you can up to seven murders - which is easier than it sounds - you can do to call a helicopter. Bounces around the map automatically and shoot at the enemy, but the enemy can shoot well. These additions to the first-person shooters are usual superexciting opened the game actually play a lot and do.

They always have something to work, regardless of the mode, standard, public meetings, they earn experience points for nearly everything you do. Capture to provide checkpoints for the murder, asking for support, all those things that the points that go with your rank. standings unlocks most of the game's multiplayer content.


class system in Call of Duty 4 is also very interesting. Each class has weapons and equipment, the various features, the so-called benefits. How do you rank, you will eventually unlock all five default classes and the ability to create your own class to create. This allows you to create your own main weapon, the weapon of choice for mounting both weapons, what kind of special grenades that you carry with you, and three cuts. The services are divided into three groups to keep things in balance to help, and as the highest level will open other benefits. These classes are a feature of the cleanest game tips and turn actually helps establish COD 4 apart from the pack.

Perks in the group more focused on explosives Perk 1, so that you get more deafening grenades, if you want, or that allows you to perform a rocket launcher, which is excellent for taking enemy helicopters. Two other groups have properties such as Juggernaut Perk, increasing your health. There is also the tensile strength, which is activated when you have killed and dropped go to the gun, time to kill a man before you notice you are still beating the order, and he has finished the job . Our current favorite is the martyr who makes you throw a grenade when they are killed. To add to the process a good dose of chaos. Benefits and other unlockable sense of well balanced, so that you are not likely to result in situations where a class is simply better than others. As it should, your ability to enemy red dot to align the head and pull the trigger before it does the same, is always the key factor.


Although there are many compelling reasons are Call of Duty 4 game to play, but also has a representation at a high level. Fantastic graphics in all, and they do a great job of making open fields, narrow buildings, or homes, silos that spit their smoke, and more. Some of the multiplayer maps, it seems, have seen a lot of action to be hidden from the crater burst, tanks and other things that can be destroyed or behind. It also has unusual lighting, so everything seems like it should. Everything looks good. If the battle rages in the distant heard, it seems reasonable, moderate and near cracks in the M16 or fully automatic burst are a very appropriate and angry AK-47 tone. There is also a small voice that the game works, and it is very well done. Music, which is a typical kind of blockbuster music, which could be expected from a first-person shoot, mostly from rap on loans, which also details the story of the appearance of the game, With the exception, but also to speak diss subliminal recording with a little 'oil spill, as the third part of the Infinity Ward, may include something you must ignore the contribution of all Treyarch, 3 great in Call of Duty.


COD 4 is available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC available, available and each version integrates perfectly. The differences between the two versions of the console feel partly insignificant. Both systems provide a good pace and good, user-friendly multi-user settings, most Halo 2 and system and matching playlists resemble 3 parts. The PC version of the game used to get a your traditional server browser in the game. Both systems are working properly on their platforms. The PC version has the ability to work in a higher resolution, if you have a computer to manage, but it looks pretty good. You can also create the server, allows 32 players to play on the PC, which is contrary to the limit of 18 in the console versions, but the size of the multiplayer maps, with 32 players in them, making the Things a bit cluttered. Despite the list of 1080p support at the back of the box, the COD 4 it seems that the Playstation 3. The only way to be preferred to 720p to operate in 1080p PS3 Your device supports to say, not 720p Or 1080i, but the difference seems insignificant. In any case you would be hard of it's Xbox 360 counterpart. And the version control very well that the discrimination decision as to which version to buy completely depends on what type of controller you like the most.

It is unfortunate that the only player is short, but you must miss the only Call Of Duty 4, if you know a person who does not appreciate the great FPS multiplayer. The quality of content in the top shelf countryside completely multiplayer and are among the best in the area, which in fact is really a great package.


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